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This page contains a collection of language learning resources. Books. Apps. Programs. Websites. Find your language of interest and pick a language resource that looks good to you.

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General Language Resources

  • The Complete and Detailed Innovative Language Review. One of the best ways to learn a language online with Audio & Video lessons made by real teachers. Great start for language learners that want to learn online.
  • Free Word of the Day Lessons: Learn a little bit of language with free, daily vocabulary lessons. For languages like Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, German Chinese, and much more — 34 languages in total.



  • Arabic textbooks: Looking to learn Arabic with a textbook? Check out this recommendation list.




  • Chinese textbooks: Collection of textbooks, phrasebooks and more for Chinese learners.


  • Czech textbooks: List of suggested textbooks, phrasebooks, and other learning books.






  • Finnish textbooks & phrasebooks: A collection of Thai textbooks for learners. Check out the recommendations.



  • GermanPod101 Review.  GermanPod101 is a learning program for beginners.
  • Best German TextBooks for Beginners. If you’re looking for a textbook to learn with, check it out.
  • German Alphabet Guide: Guide includes a PDF to help you practice writing out the alphabet.
  • German Worksheets: A collection of printable worksheets where you can practice writing the alphabet and must-know words.


  • Greek textbooks: If you want to learn Greek, check out my list of recommended textbooks.


  • HebrewPod101 Review: Learn modern Hebrew conversation with Audio & Video Lessons – on your computer or on their app.
  • Hebrew Textbooks List: A list of suggested Hebrew learning textbooks for beginners.
  • Hebrew Worksheets: Here, you will find 9+ printable Hebrew worksheets covering the alphabet and common words. The goal is to learn words and practice writing them out.
  • Hebrew PDF Lessons: My collection of PDF lessons that you can save and print like PDF eBooks.



  • Best Italian Textbooks: Recommended Italian books and phrasebooks for beginners.
  • Italian Worksheets PDF: Want to practice your Italian? Write out the must-know words and phrases with this collection of printable workbooks and worksheets.


  • KoreanClass101 Review. KoreanClass101 is a Korean learning website by use of podcasts and videos starting from Beginner all the way to Advanced lessons.
  • Best Korean Textbooks. Want to know which textbooks are good for beginners? Check out this list.
  • Korean PDF Lessons: A growing collection on PDF lessons – vocabulary, grammar, phrases and more.
  • Free Korean Audio Lessons: This is a growing collection of Korean Audio Lessons.
  • PDF Korean workbooks: Growing collection of printable worksheets and workbooks that teach you words and help you write in Korean.




  • review: An online learning system for all of you rare people that are learning Polish. (source:
  • Best Polish Textbooks – A List For Beginners who want a book to learn with.
  • Polish Worksheets & Workbooks: My collection of FREE Polish worksheets for Beginners. These are printable and help you learn and write the most common Polish words and phrases.




  • Russian PDF Lessons: This is a collection of free PDF lessons for beginners. Always new content being added here. Download the Russian guides for free.
  • Review. RussianPod101’s goal is to get you speaking practical Russian conversation you’ll need if you were living in Russia.
  • Russian Textbooks: Here’s my review of Russian textbooks, if you’re looking to get one.
  • Russian Worksheets: A collection of 9+ printable workbooks and worksheets so you can write out Russian words and practice writing


  • SpanishPod101 – Online Spanish Learning Program Review: A popular Spanish program with lessons by real teachers that you can take at your pace. Check it out.
  • Spanish PDF Lessons: Looking for printable PDFs you can save and review as much as you want? Check out my free collection.
  • Spanish Textbooks: Textbooks are a safe and reliable way to learn. And unlike language blogs written by amateurs (Yes, I’m being honest and shooting myself in the foot here. As much as I like languages, you should learn from sources made by teachers), textbooks written by real teachers who know how to teach you Spanish. So, check out the guide if you want to buy a textbook.
  • Spanish Alphabet: New to Spanish? Start here with the alphabet guide.
  • Spanish Worksheets: A collection of printable worksheets where you can practice writing the alphabet and must-know words.
  • Spanish workbooks: Looking for workbook recommendations? Here, you get collection of 8+ Spanish workbooks that you can get from Amazon, including some free ones.



  • Thai Textbooks: A collection of Thai textbooks for learners. Check out the recommendations.



Other Resources Great site for Free PDF lessons. You can print these, write on them, read these as e-books and more. Highly recommended.

Language Learning Couple. A married couple that’s on a quest to learn languages. They focus on Japanese and Chinese and provide tips, strategies and fun videos in between to make learning easier. Consistently updated. Follow their progress to see how they learn. No single people allowed. (Kidding!) This is a massive online directory for language courses and learning courses in general. They list resources for over 48 languages. Titled “The best free cultural & educational media on the web.” If you’re an overall language lover, you’ll like this one. Omniglot is a guide to all major alphabets and other writing systems. It also includes information on languages and links to other online language resources. You’re going to find some languages that you’ve never heard of here.

AJATT: All Japanese All The Time: A Japanese learning blog by the infamous Khatz. I think I saw him one time in Harajuku. But that’s about it. He mastered Japanese and outlines his language learning philosophies and gives advice that you can use for yourself. Well written blog and a great source of motivation as well.

Memrise: This is a great little site with tons of languages to learn. Basically, it’s a flashcard style learning system where you can learn words, phrases and so on. Anything that can be put into flashcard form, you can learn here. People can also make their own lists and study decks.

Anki: This the love of every serious language nerd’s life. It’s a spaced repetition learning system – meaning flashcards – where you’re fed new words and phrases and see them again as needed. So, a great way to build vocab and phrases. Scientifically backed. Great for power users.

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  1. I have decided to learn Russian and Spanish at the same time. Will I be at risk of mixing them? The best book to learn Spanish is -A Good Spanish Book- according to the rankings, but which book should I pick for Russian? I haven’t seen any rankings for those.

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