8+ Best Romanian Textbooks & Phrasebooks for Beginners

Looking for the best Romanian textbooks?

See, some people like learning with courses.

Others want language apps. And some people like learning with textbooks.

And Romanian textbooks are a simple way to learn Romanian. Why?

Books guide you from page 0, to page 1, to page 3… to page 100. From your first words to your first conversation. You learn tons of words and grammar rules along the way.

So, in this guide, you get… the 8+ best Romanian Textbooks and phrasebooks.

best romanian textbooks


  • Be careful about getting books on Kindle. The formatting may differ from the print version.

1. Discover Romanian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture

  • Pages: 408
  • By Ohio State University Press

This may be one of the best Textbooks for learning Romanian.

The book covers it all and… includes exercises. It’s designed for classroom use but can work for self-study.

At 408 pages though, make no mistake – this book is big and not something you can easily pull out when you have a few spare minutes. If you’re serious about Romanian, check it out. If not, check the other options.

  • Strength: Good, well-rounded textbook with exercises.

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2. Colloquial Romanian: The Complete Course for Beginners

This is another solid, well-rounded textbook for learning Romanian,.

  • By Colloquial/Routledge
  • Pages: 368

If you want another comprehensive approach to Romanian — speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, exercises, and more — this is a valuable resource.

If you’re wondering which book to choose, both this book (by Colloquial/Routledge) and the books above and below (Teach Yourself) are good enough. So you can get either one and be well set for learning Romanian.

  • Strength: Good, well-rounded textbook.

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3. Complete Romanian Beginner to Intermediate Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language

This may be one of the best Romanian textbooks out there.

  • Pages: 352
  • By: Teach Yourself

Like most, you learn dialogues, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, but that’s not all. The book includes exercises and tests inside the book to force you to practice what you’ve learned. On top of it all, it promises to get you to the B2 level of Romanian.

  • Strength: Good, well-rounded textbook with exercises.

Also, you can get a CD for the dialogues to practice your listening skills.

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4. Romanian: An Essential Grammar

Want to speak Romanian and express yourself fluently?  Then, you’ll need grammar.

Grammar rules give you all the ways to express yourself. So, that’s where this Romanian learning book comes in.

  • Pages: 232
  • By Routledge

Not a book for absolute beginners, but once you’ve picked up the basics from any of the textbooks here, you’d also want to get this… and start learning grammar rules.

  • Strength: Grammar.

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5. First Romanian Reader for beginners: bilingual for speakers of English 

This book assumes you can read some Romanian already.

  • Pages: 132
  • By Language Practice Publishing

Here’s how it works —there are 30 chapters and stories. At the start, you get a quick vocabulary list of key words you’ll encounter in the story. Then, you read the story. The stories build upon each other and slowly introduce new words while repeating words you’ve learned before. And your job is to read, re-read and read some more.

  • Strength: Reading and vocabulary acquisition.

And of course, you get the stories — in Romanian and in English — side by side.

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6. Learn Romanian – Quick / Easy / Efficient: 2000 Key Vocabularies

You know what you need to speak a lot of Romanian?

A lot of words.

  • Pages: 84
  • By Createspace/Independently published

So, if you’re looking for a book that will load your brain up with words… try this one. Just 84 pages long.

  • Strength: Vocabulary acquisition.

The one thing to remember is… vocabulary teaching books are not fun to read for long periods of time. So, pace yourself. Otherwise, you’ll get tired.

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7. Romanian-English/English-Romanian Practical Dictionary

And if you are interested in learning Romanian for the long term, you’ll need a dictionary.

This 450-page whopper of a dictionary contains 20,000+ entries which is why it makes the list.

If you’re learning with a textbook, this will be a wonderful companion to help you improve your vocabulary and learn more Romanian.

The one downside of this book is… the print is small, so if you have vision problems, it may not be for you.

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8. Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Romanian

Phrasebooks are another valuable way to learn Romanian.

  • Pages: 224 pages
  • By Berlitz Publishing

Why? Because instead of learning words one by one, you learn phrases. Phrases that you can use immediately.

  • Strength: Vocabulary acquisition and speaking.

So, if you’re looking to travel or simply add more Romanian to your brain, this is a good way to do so.

click here to learn more.

These are some of the best Romanian textbooks I’ve found so far.

But, if you want something a little more than a “book,” then I recommend RomanianPod101.

RomanianPod101 is a Romanian learning program. You get audio/video lessons made by real teachers. The lessons get you speaking in minutes and are just 3-15 minutes in length. Just press the play button below to check out a lesson.

So, if you want to HEAR real Romanian and learn faster with a program, I recommend them.

Click here to get a Free Lifetime Account at RomanianPod101.com.

– The Main Junkie

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