8+ Free Korean Workbook PDFs for Beginners: Hangul & More.


Here, you will find a growing collection of the Korean worksheets and workbooks for beginners.

Yes, these are 100% free.

If you’re interested in learning Korean, I do suggest getting a Korean language program later, but first let’s do workbooks.

How to download and use these Korean workbook PDFs.

  • Click on the images below to open up the PDFs.
    • You can also right click and “save as” to save the PDFs to your device
  • Print the workbooks. If you don’t print and write in them, you’re getting NOTHING out of this. You have to practice and put in work to learn Korean.

1. How to Write the Korean Alphabet (Hangul) Workbook

  • Goal: Teaches you to read and write Hangul
  • Target: Absolute Beginners (start here)

This is one of the most important Korean workbooks here.

If you’re a beginner learning Korean, the very first thing you need to learn is the Korean alphabet, also known as Hangul. And this is where this Korean PDF workbook comes in — made by KoreanClass101. You get to learn… and how to write the Hangul. Plus, there are plenty of quiz questions at the end to test you on your Hangul.

korean hangul pdf workbook

2. 30 Greetings Korean PDF Worksheet

  • Goal: Teaches you the most common greetings and how to write them.
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

Do you know how to say hello in Korean?

You should. And this is where this Korean Greetings Worksheet/Workbook comes in. You learn all greetings – “hello,” “hi,” and “how are you” – as well as parting greetings like “bye.” And of course, you can practice writing out the phrases in the provided lines below.

korean greetings pdf workbook

3. Korean Writing Workbook Bundle

  • Goal: Teaches you words and phrases & helps with writing
  • Target: Absolute Beginners who are learning with a program or textbook already but need exercise. Anyone who wants to practice writing.

If you’re looking for Korean workbook PDFs that you can print and write in… here’s a nice collection also from KoreanClass101. The workbooks are based around various topics: greetings, nouns, adjectives, time-related phrases and more.

Each Korean workbook contains a number of words and phrases along with the translations. Your job is to write out the Korean words in the blank spaces.

korean workbooks

4. 50 Conversational Phrases PDF Korean Workbook 

  • Goal: Teaches you the most common phrases for basic conversations.
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

Let’s say you want to start speaking in Korean. What do you do?

You learn some conversational phrases like “what’s your name,” “my name is…,” “what’s up,” and much more. Also. practicing writing them out will help lodge these phrases into your brain and allow you to use them whenever you want. So, download this Korean workbook and practice away.

korean conversational phrases workbook pdf

5. Learn with K-POP Korean Worksheets

  • Goal: Teaches you about Korean pop stars.
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

If you’re here and wanting to learn Korean…

…there’s a 98.9% chance that you’re into K-POP. And if you’re not, you’re one of the few rare people out there.

Anyway, this collection of Korean Worksheets is for K-Pop lovers who want to learn more about their stars. It’s less so learning Korean, and more so learning culture – modern pop culture.

Korean Kpop Ebooks

6. Korean Numbers & Number Phrases Workbook 

  • Goal: Teaches you Korean numbers
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

Maybe you know how to count in Korean...

But can you write the numbers?

And do you know number-related phrases and questions? No? Well, download, print, and write in this Korean workbook. You’ll also learn how to talk about time, your age, ask for phone-numbers and other number-related Korean.

korean numbers pdf workbook

7.  50 Most Common Verbs Korean Workbook

  • Goal: Teaches you Korean verbs.
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

This is another good workbook that helps you learn, read, and write the most common verbs. Nothing to figure out here. Just write out the Korean words on the provided lines below each verb. And, you can write the words more than once for extra practice.

This is a good way to boost your vocabulary and speak more Korean.

korean verbs workbook

8.  Cute Korean Phrases & Words Workbook

  • Goal: Teaches you cute Korean phrases and words.
  • Target: Absolute Beginners and Beginners.

How well do you know your cute Korean phrases?

Well enough to write them?

If not, then this workbook is for you. If you want to say cute things, give compliments, and say I love you in Korean, feel free to download this one. There are just 25+ words and phrases so this one won’t take you long.

korean cute words & love phrases pdf workbook

9. Korean Learning Checklist for Beginners

New to the language?

Unsure about where to start and what to do? Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly how one feels as a beginner. Learning Korean’s isn’t so simple when you get over the excited and get started.

Luckily, there are basic things you absolutely must do when you start. And that’s where this PDF Checklist worksheet comes in.

pdf checklist korean

Why Learn with Korean Workbook PDF:

  • Get a chance to practice your Korean
  • Remember Korean better through practice (writing in the workbooks)
  • Speak fluently later… because you’ve practiced
  • You’ll never learn simply by “listening” or “reading about things.”
  • You have to DO things.

The fact is… you can read and listen to things all day long…

But, you will NEVER learn Korean…

And you will NEVER learn to use it freely and speak it freely like your very own language… if you don’t actually do work — practice writing and speaking.

Hence, these Korean worksheets and workbooks give you a good opportunity to remember what you’ve learned and write things out. Doing this — using the words and writing them — will help you remember them better. So that later, you can freely use them while you’re speaking Korean.

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