6 Best German TextBooks – Must-Have List for Beginners

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Know what I love about textbooks?!

German textbooks gives you structure – a CLEAR path, from Page 1 to 200. It teaches you the grammar, writing, reading  and everything that you won’t learn from reading articles online. I know you’ve read TOO many internet articles. So, let’s get to the books.

Here’s my list of 6 best German textbooks for Beginners.

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1. The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time 

I don’t recommend the Kindle version (ugly formatting) but this book is AMAZING for beginners. This book simplifies the tricky points of German – grammar, declensions, cases and more. As the title says, it’s BASIC so it’s perfect for Beginners. You learn everything – speaking, reading, writing, grammar and lots of words. It’s well structured and has exercises at the end of each chapter. At 304 pages and a bonus CD, it’s definitely a good place to start.

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2. German Made Simple: Learn to Speak and Understand German Quickly and Easily

The second best book. Easy. To the Point. Well organized. Has everything you’d need. This is the way a Beginner should learn German. Not only do you learn grammar, but you also learn so much vocabulary in a way that’s not overwhelming. In the first 10 sections alone, you learn 300 words. Each chapter also has dialogues that use the grammar and words you’ve just learned. Great starting point for beginners – 309 pages long.

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3. Living Language German, Complete Edition: Beginner to Advanced course

You get 3 coursebooks (288 pages in all) and 9 CDs with this big German language bundle. And likewise, this is split into 3 sections: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. The first few chapters start you off with the Basic (not overwhelming, so that’s good) words and phrases. Grammar is also evenly spread, again, so you’re not overwhelmed. Overall, good for grammar, vocab and reading. Very well designed and great reviews on Amazon too. Good if you want the whole package – Beginner to Advanced.

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4. Deutsch Aktuell: Level 1 (German Edition)

Schools use this in their German classes… as you can tell by the ugly cover. Expect this to be somewhat academic. But, that’s not a bad thing. Great for anyone who is just starting to learn German. It takes you through the language teaching you how to talk with others. You also get easy assignments that you can do. Simple. Easy. Not intimidating.

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5. Learn German the Fast and Fun Way with MP3 CD

This will give you confidence to read and pronounce German – the CD is helpful. However, as you can tell by the title (Fast & Fun), this is not a SERIOUS German textbook and it’s not used in classes. In 304 pages, you’ll learn grammar, vocab, culture and get exercises as well. Good for casual self learners or as a supplement; not for classes. I’d get it just for the extra German practice.

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6. Mastering German Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach

The BEST book to learn German vocab. Typically, to learn words, you dig through a dictionary. Well, this is different. It’s 40 chapters and 448 pages long and it breaks down each chapter by theme – Eating, Clothing, Actions, Behaviors, Feelings, Instincts. However, be warned – building vocabulary is the book’s only goal. You won’t learn too much grammar here. But that’s what’s so great about it, it does what it promises – you learn more words and speak more German.

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These are some of the best German textbooks and books I’ve found so far.

But, if you want something a little more than a “book,” then I recommend GermanPod101.

GermanPod101 is a German learning program. You get audio/video lessons made by real teachers. The lessons get you speaking in minutes and are just 3-15 minutes in length. Just press the play button below to check out a lesson.

Click here to get a Free Lifetime Account at GermanPod101.com.

Do you have any best German textbooks that you swear by and recommend? I’ll need to write about that.

I’ll add more as I go along.

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