Why I Buy: Learning Language for Free vs. Paying

Hello Junkie, Shut up – sit down for a second. Yes, I’m sorry. I just want your full attention and focus. This isn’t an argument being thrown at you. Don’t worry. It’s something I’ve noticed from… reading other blogs reading language product reviews …and overall emails I get from random non-Junkie visitors It’s about learning language for free. Rather, I’m […]

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Listening To Learn Language: The Listen & Read Method

“Listening” is one great way to approach a language. Especially if you want to speak and understand a language. That’s what most learners want to do. But, ever notice how most beginners are awful at speaking & understanding a foreign language? Why? Because they focus mostly on reading. So, why listening? There was an interesting audio experiment done. It shows […]

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Understand Hebrew Conversation: Listen, Read, Repeat with Playlists

There’s a really good tactic to learning to speak and understand modern Hebrew conversation. And it consists of four things… Hearing real Hebrew conversation examples – audio or podcasts – first. Reading  the translation/transliteration after to understand what you’ve heard Re-listening now that you know the meaning. Creating a playlist of the these conversations ’til you master them. (I’ll cover […]

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