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Looking for Korean Audio Lessons? Good! Here you’ll find a growing collection of FUN, easy-to-learn, Korean MP3 Lessons.

These are perfect for Korean beginners.

 Here’s what you should do:

  • Press the play button on the black player to listen
  • Listen and repeat out loud to practice speaking
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  • Note: These lessons are made by Koreanclass101.com. All thanks to them.

For Learners & Beginners: Free Korean Audio Lessons

korean audio lessons

1) Introduction to Korean Language

This is a great lesson for complete Korean beginners.

korean audio lessons

You’ll hear a native Korean teacher and a Korean-American teacher introduce you to the language. Sounds good, right?

So, press play below. By the way, this free Lesson is from KoreanClass101.com (click here to visit for more. You can get even more Korean audio lessons there.

2) How to Say Thank You in Korean

korean audio lessons

Everyone needs to know how to say thank you in Korean.

Listen to this lesson!

These Survival Phrases Korean Audio lessons (this is just the 1st lesson out of 50!) are great because you learn just the survival phrases.

  • Thank you
  • 감사합니다
  • Gamsahamnida

Imagine you woke up in South Korea tomorrow… these are the obvious, common-sense phrases to know.

3) How to Say You’re Welcome in Korean

korean audio lessons

And this is lesson #2 of the Korean Survival Phrases.

Now you know how to say you’re welcome in Korean.

  • You’re welcome.
  • 천만에요.
  • Cheonmaneyo

Now, the next lesson…

4) What’s Your Name in Korean?

korean audio lessons

Here you’ll learn how to ask for someone’s name. I like this series – the Top 25 Questions You Must Know – because you learn how to ask the most common Korean questions and how to answer them.

  • 이름이 무엇입니까?
    • What’s your name?
    • ireumi mueosimnikka

5) Absolute Beginner #1 – What Should We Watch in Korea?

korean audio lessons

Great 11 minute lesson on how to say what you “should” do.

What I love most about this one is – the teachers have fun as they teach you. It makes it very fun to listen to and learn.

Here’s an example of the lesson:

  • 무슨 영화 볼까?
    • What kind of movie should we watch?
    • museun yeonghwa bolkka?

6) Learn Korean in 3 Minutes – Self Introduction

korean audio lessons

This is a great KoreanClass101 lesson series.

Why? All of the Korean audio lessons are 3 minutes long. But in that short time, you learn important phrases.

Here, you learn how to introduce yourself in Korean.

  • 안녕하세요. 에이미입니다.
    • annyeonghaseyo. eimiimnida.
    • Hello. I am Amy.

7) Learn Korean in 3 Minutes – Korean Greetings

korean audio lessons

This is the second lesson in the 3-Minute series.

And it’s all about greetings. Here’s an example of what you’ll hear in the lesson.

  • 안녕.
    • annyeong
    • Hi
  • 안녕하세요.
    • annyeonghaseyo
    • Good day.

8) Talking about your Day – The Morning

Want to talk about your day in Korean?

Then this is the lesson for you. Actually, this Korean Audio Lesson only covers morning. The others cover the rest of the day.

  • 아침 7시에 일어납니다.
  • I wake up at 7 a.m.
  • achim ilgopsie ireonamnida.

9) Korean Slang Audio Lesson

This is one of many Korean Audio Lessons at KoreanClass101. Here, you learn a bunch of young-people-only Korean slang words.

  • studying hard
  • 열공
  • yeolgong

10) Korean Social Media Phrases Lesson

Want to write Korean messages on Social Media?

This lesson (and all the lessons in this series) will teach you how.

Here’s an example phrase:

  • It’s so delicious! Thumbs-up!
  • 너무 맛있어! 완추!
  • neomu massisseo. wanchu!

Want to know the BEST thing about Korean Audio Lessons? You can…

  • listen & re-listen as many times as you want to learn perfect Korean
  • learn anywhere on your phone – work, train, car, walking the cat
  • or learn on your computer without downloading/buying complicated computer programs
  • you hear the real Korean from real speakers & teachers

But, I think the best part is… you don’t need to find “extra” time to learn Korean.

Korean Audio lessons let you learn passively, without making MORE time.

Did you like any these lessons?

Want to see something else? What helped you the most? Give me your feedback.

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P.S. I highly recommend this for Korean learners. If you REALLY want to learn Korean with 1,000s of easy Audio/Video courses & lessons by Korean teachers – Sign up for free at KoreanClass101 (click here) and start learning!