Best Afrikaans Textbooks & Phrasebooks – For Beginners

Looking for the best Afrikaans textbooks?

See, some people like learning with courses.

Others want language apps. And some people like learning with textbooks.

And Afrikaans textbooks are a simple way to learn Afrikaans. Why?

Books guide you from page 0, to page 1, to page 3… to page 100. From your first words to your first conversation. You learn tons of words and grammar rules along the way.

So, in this guide, you get… the 9+ best Afrikaans Textbooks and phrasebooks.


  • Be careful about getting books on Kindle. The formatting may differ from the print version.
  • Afrikaans isn’t as big of a language, so there aren’t as many resources as there are for others like Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and more.

1. Colloquial Afrikaans: The Complete Course for Beginners

If you want a comprehensive approach to Afrikaans — speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, exercises, and more — this is a valuable resource. Yes, it also also comes with audio.

  • By Colloquial/Routledge
  • Pages: 284

2. Complete Afrikaans (Teach Yourself Complete Courses)

This is another sold Afrikaans textbook and it promises to take you to B2 level (lower Beginner level).

  • By Teach Yourself
  • Pages: 368

Both Teach Yourself and Routledge (book above) are well known language teaching publishers so you’ll be fine with either one.

3. Afrikaans vocabulary for English speakers – 9000 words

Yes, this post should be about the best Afrikaans textbooks but…

…dictionaries are important too. Which is where this unique Afrikaans dictionary comes in. What makes it unique? Well, words are organized by “categories” like Clothing, Time, Numbers, Emotions, etc. rather than in alphabetical order.

This book also has 9000 words. See, language experts “claim” you need about 1,500 words for fluency and so, this book is worth it’s weight in gold… if not more. You get more than enough.

However, remember that this is a vocabulary book…which means it won’t be a fun or hilarious read. Nor something you can sit and read for hours. This is for reviewing every now and then, and testing yourself.

4. Afrikaans Language: The Afrikaans Phrasebook

You know what’s better than learning just words…?


Yes, words and dictionaries are important and serve their own role, but phrases get you speaking immediately. So, that’s where this phrasebook comes in. I’m a big fan of phrasebooks just for the sake of boosting my range of expression

Downside: Does not include a pronunciation guide and is on the formal side.

Overall, it’d be good for tourists and anyone just looking to add more Afrikaans to their brain.

As with dictionaries and vocabulary books, this is pretty much a big list of phrases in book form; a reference tool.

These are some of the best Afrikaans textbooks and books I’ve found so far.

But, if you want something a little more than a “book,” then I recommend AfrikaansPod101.

AfrikaansPod101 is an Afrikaans learning program. You get audio/video lessons made by real teachers. The lessons get you speaking in minutes and are just 3-15 minutes in length. Just press the play button below to check out a lesson.

So, if you want to HEAR real Afrikaans and learn faster with a program, I recommend them.

Click here to get a Free Lifetime Account

– The Main Junkie

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