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If you want to learn a language through native conversations…

Everyone knows that being around native speakers…

…and being immersed in daily conversations is the fastest way to pick up a language.

Except there are a few problems:

  • You can’t easily fly across the world to hang out with native speakers.
  • No native speakers will be interested in teaching you after 5 minutes (unless  you’re a baby and they’re your parents)
  • Plus, native speaking teachers cost money and their time is limited too.
  • And the conversations you’ll find online in tv shows and podcasts…. are just way too hard and there’s no teaching or explanation – you won’t learn anything.

But there is a learning program that does teach via this very method.

Where you can press play and absorb practical conversations by native speakers at your pace…

Meaning you can learn directly from native speakers… without actually having to talk or find anyone just yet.

The program that does this is Innovative Language — known for the Pod101/Class101 websites.  So, if you want to learn, pick your desired language below.

  • Languages? 34 Languages. See below & click.
  • Type of Learning Program?
    • “At your pace” conversation (audio/video) lessons combined with study tools
    • Lessons are made by real teachers and native speakers.
    • Just press play and follow along.
      • first, you’ll hear a dialogue
      • then, the teachers explain everything
      • and you understand it all by the end
    • Lessons are just 3-15 minutes with read-along lesson notes and transcripts
    • Structured learning – you’re guided from lesson 1, to 2, to 3, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.
    • They have the biggest library of native conversations and lessons online.
  • For who? Absolute Beginners to Advanced. Good for any age.
  • Learn on? Any iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Computer or Laptop. Learn on any device in just a few minutes a day.

Click on the languages below to get started.

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Innovative Language (known for the Pod101/Class101 sites, like JapanesePod101) is my recommended language learning tool.

Give them a try.

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