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How to Learn Words Easily

Want to learn a little bit of language a day, every day?

Without getting overwhelmed?

Picture this. You wake up. Check your phone. And voila! There’s a notification, “your new word is here.” You check it. Hear the word. Read it. Say it out loud. And that’s it. You learned a new word in… what… a minute or less?

Why you’ll want the Word of the Day

  • Available for 34 languages.
  • Free and easy way to learn a bit of language a day.
  • Takes a minute or less. Great for learners that are just starting out or are busy.
  • Build a learning routine – if you can stick with spending a moment to learn a new language, you’ll be able to master a language eventually too.
  • Save words – copy/paste out words for future review. I use anki.
  • Hear native pronunciation of each word.

innovative language word of the dayHow it works:

  1. Scroll down and pick a language.
  2. Sign up for the free word of the day emails
  3. Get 1 new word a day
  4. Check the translation, listen to the audio, review the examples
  5. Boost your vocabulary a bit every day. Done!

Popular Languages

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Other Languages

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