8+ Spanish Workbooks: Free PDFs & Physical Workbooks

Hi there,

Looking for Spanish workbooks?

Good! Workbooks are a great resource that lets you actually practice and … do work! Which means… you get to use and improve your Spanish and instead of learning about it.

And in this guide, you’ll get some Spanish workbooks — my recommendations. There will be free ones and paid ones that I really like.

How to download these Spanish workbooks.

  • Click on the images below to download the PDFs.
    • Or to go check them out on Amazon.

So, take a look!

1. Spanish Alphabet Workbook for the Alphabet

If you’re a beginner…

Then you need to learn the Spanish alphabet so you can read and write in Spanish. So, here’s a free Spanish workbook that teaches you the alphabet, the pronunciation, gives you a chance to practice writing.

spanish alphabet worksheet

2. Bundle of 16+ Spanish Workbooks

Want vocabulary and phrase related workbooks?

Here’s a bundle made by SpanishPod101, a popular Spanish learning system. Inside, you’ll find 16+ printable Spanish workbooks that teach you words and phrases, plus let you write them out.

For example, there’s a workbook on greetings, common verbs, talking about weather, and more. You’ll have to download each of them one by one.

By the way, these are writing workbooks where the goal is to copy out the words.

spanish worksheets bundle

3. 1000 Most Common Spanish Words

How much words is too much for you?

If 1,000 doesn’t sound like too much… well then, maybe you’ll want this workbook. It covers the 1,000 most common Spanish words and phrases.

Your job is to write them out in the empty lines provided next to each one. You can also print this out multiple times for multiple practice sessions. I imagine if you do this workbook like 9 or 10 times, a lot of these words will be stuck in your head.

1000 spanish words worbook

4. Spanish Greetings Workbook

If 1,000 words is too much and you want some super common phrases to start with…

Why not start wish Spanish greetings — like how to say hello in Spanish or how to say bye in Spanish. This Spanish worksheet/workbook will help you master these greetings. By the time you’re done writing them out, you’ll know them like the back of your hand.

spanish greetings workbook

5. Spanish Numbers & Number Phrases Workbook

Do you know how to count in Spanish?


This Spanish workbook teaches you Spanish numbers AND Spanish number-related phrases. Phrases like, what time is it,” “it’s 5PM,” “I am __ years old,” “My phone number is…” and so on. And of course, you will learn Spanish numbers while practicing writing them out. Check it out.

spanish numbers worksheet

Heads up…

The next few Spanish workbooks you’ll see my recommendations from Amazon.

If you’re going to get any, please don’t make the mistake of buying the Kindle version.

Obviously, you can’t write in a Kindle book and the Kindle is generally not good when reading for learning… since you’d have to go back and forth a lot – which is way easier with a physical book.

6.Complete Spanish Workbook For Adult Beginners

As someone in the reviews wrote, “Work books are the way to go because it makes you think harder & is much easier to remember.”

And I agree.

Doing “work” makes you remember things better.

This 172-page workbook which you can check out on Amazon comes with tons of quizzes and activities to help you master the most common words and phrases. And it also includes plenty of explanations to help you along the way. And it’s only about $9, which isn’t bad considering you have textbooks that go for 5 or 10 times the price.

click here to learn more on Amazon.

7. No Nonsense Spanish Workbook

This is another great Spanish workbook with 300+ pages of learning material and quizzes for learners from upper beginner to advanced. And at $11, it’s a pretty good deal.  There are plenty of matching exercises, end-of-chapter quizzes, writing activities, and such… as well as explanations. But, the book is more so about exercises and doesn’t overwhelm you with lots to read.

Oh, and answers are included of course, too.

I wouldn’t say it’s for 100% beginners because you’re going to jump into verbs and tenses. So, if you get it, make sure you’ve already have a foundation or are learning Spanish elsewhere.

click here to learn more.

8. Spanish Language Learning Workbook: 900+ Exercises

Warning: This book isn’t for beginners. More so for intermediate and advanced learners.

And for a workbook, it sure will put you to work.

No explanations, just pure exercises. In total 900+ exercises will surely boost your Spanish. And these are mostly multiple choice questions (answers included) across 230 pages. So, if you have experience and just want more opportunity to practice and solidify your Spanish, then check it out.

click here to learn more.

Why Learn with Spanish Workbooks?

I hope you found some of these workbooks useful.

And if you’re wondering why it’s great to learn with a workbook, well, the reasons are simple.

  • You can practice Spanish.
  • You remember Spanish better through practice
  • You get to speak fluently later… because you’ve practiced.

The fact is… you can read and listen to things all day long…

But, you will NEVER learn Spanish…

And you will NEVER learn to use it freely and speak it freely like your very own language… if you don’t actually do work — practice writing and speaking.

So, workbooks give you a good opportunity to remember what you’ve learned and write things out. Doing this — using the words and writing them — will help you remember them better. So that later, you can freely use them while you’re speaking Spanish.

– The Main Junkie

P.S. If you want something a little more than a “worksheet,” then I recommend SpanishPod101.

SpanishPod101 is a Spanish learning program. You get audio/video lessons made by real teachers. The lessons get you speaking in minutes and are just 3-15 minutes in length. Just press the play button below to check out a lesson.

So, if you want to HEAR real Spanish and learn faster with a program, I recommend them.

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