How to Learn Japanese in 5 Minutes (Study Tools Inside)

You’re here because you want to learn Japanese in 5 minutes.

In other words, you want to learn the fast and easy way, huh? Hey, I don’t judge. There’s nothing wrong with looking for shortcuts. If they existed, we’d all take advantage.

So, are there ways to learn Japanese in 5 minutes?

Yes. Yes, there are.

Now, you and I know that you can’t learn 2,000 new words, master pronunciation and tons of grammar rules in 5 minutes.

But, there ARE ways for you to learn without spending much time.

Let’s get into them.

learn japanese in 5 minutes

1. Learn with the Japanese Word of the Day

  • Time required: 1 minute a day

Actually, this takes less than 5 minutes.

You can learn a new word in a minute or two simply by reading and listening to the pronunciation. How? JapanesePod101 offers a free Japanese Word of the Day email.

Basically, every day, you get a new email with a new word. Open it. Review it.


How to get it:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. They will offer the word of the day on the second screen
  4. Say yes.

learn japanese in 5 minutes

What you get every day:

learn japanese in 5 minutes - Word of the day

2. Play Japanese Audio Lessons

  • Time required: from 3 minutes up to 20 minutes

You know what you can do in 5 minutes or less?

You can learn Japanese with a 5-minute (or less) lesson.

Here’s one example of a 3 minute long audio lesson by JapanesePod101, a Japanese learning website. Just press the play button to listen.

  • 3-Minute Japanese #2 – Greetings
  • Ohayou gozaimasu.
    • Good morning
  • Konnichiwa
    • Hello
  • Mata ne
    • Later or Bye
  • Sayounara
    • Good bye

Or, if you have a bit more time, you can try out a 5 or 10 minute lesson. Here’s another JapanesePod101 lesson that’s a tad longer and meatier. It’s 8 minutes to be exact.

  • Absolute Beginner #1 – Say Hello in Japanese No Matter the Time of Day

This lesson also covers greetings and parting greetings. But, it goes to show you how much you can learn n 8 minutes if you have some time.

Now, I know we’re pushing the 5 minute claim but if you realize you can learn more… here’s a 14 minute lesson.

  • Making Substitutions at a Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Key text from this lesson:

  • Sumimasen. Kono setto ni uni wa haitte imasu ka.
  • Excuse me, is there sea urchin in this (sushi) set?

How to get the lessons:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for your account.
  3. Visit the lesson library to start learning
  4. Visit the newest lessons section too.

Note: They are a Japanese learning program with free and paid options. They release 3-4 new lessons a week which are FREE to access. You can also get the Vocab Lessons for free, that I mention below, as well.

3. Review Japanese PDF Lessons & Worksheets

  • Time required: 3 to 5 minutes

PDFs are the ebooks of the internet.

Meaning you can save one to your phone (or computer) and read through Japanese when you have a few spare minutes. And you can also print them out and write in them like workbooks or worksheets.


All of this can take you just a few minutes a day.

Where can you get PDF lessons and worksheets? Well, I have a growing collection on the site. So, check out the links below.

How to get them:

4. Daily Dose of Japanese Lessons 

  • Time required: 1 minute a day

There’s an App called the “Daily Dose of Language.”

Just like its name suggests, you get a daily dose; a daily Japanese lesson. Lessons cover words, grammar, phrases and even cultural insights. It’s fun and keeps you on your toes because every day is something new.

You can find it for both, Android and iOS devices.

How to get this app:

  1. Get the App for iOS or Android (click on either one)
  2. Choose your platform
  3. Download the app for free

This app does not come with any “buy now” advertisements.
learn japanese in 5 minutes - word lists

5. Japanese Vocabulary & Phrase Lessons

  • Time required: up to 5 minutes or more

Wait, I know.

Learning words and phrases, and especially memorizing, takes longer than 5 minutes.

But, not if you have the words on loop and on a slideshow. With these special vocabulary and phrases lists (that you can only get here), you can put the words on loop and immerse yourself.

learn japanese in 5 minutes
Slideshow with Audio

6. Japanese Video Lessons

  • Time required: from 3 minutes up to 20 minutes

Video is another powerful way to learn Japanese. And yes, you can find lessons that are around 5 minutes in length.

I have one BIG warning about learning with YouTube however.


Youtube, like all Social Media Apps, is designed to SUCK and STEAL your attention. They pour in millions of dollars to keep you watching and watching and then jumping to an unrelated video. Why? Ads. Money.

But the point is, if you want a strict, 5-minute learning experience, you probably will not get it on YouTube. That is, unless you have self control made of steel. And you don’t. That’s why YouTube makes the big bucks!

7. Put in 5 Minutes with Duolingo

  • Time required: 5 minutes

Duolingo is a free flashcard-type app.

It’s not a HUGE, complete learning program, but like the Daily Dose, it’s powerful because it’s simple and it keeps you going.

And speaking of 5 minutes, when I first opened the app… they asked me how much time I wanted to invest in Japanese!

5 minutes!

Afterwards, you can learn words or phrases with their flashcards and quizzes.

learn japanese in 5 minutes

Click here to visit Duolingo & get the app


And that’s it!

These are some easy ways for you to learn Japanese in 5 minutes… a day!

Why learn Japanese in 5 minutes a day?

Easy. The reason you should learn 5 minutes a day is because this is easy to do. It is easy to spend 5 easily minutes and take in some Japanese. Do you know why that is so powerful?

Things that are easy to do are easy to continue. This means that you will continue tomorrow. You will continue the day after. You’ll continue 2 years from now. Do you know why that is so powerful?

That’s how you get fluent. When you stick with things long enough, consistently, you get really, really good.

Other “non 5-minute” resources:

Written by the Main Junkie

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[…] How to Learn Japanese in 5 Minutes (Study Tools Inside) […]

[…] How to Learn Japanese in 5 Minutes (Study Tools Inside) […]

[…] How to Learn Japanese in 5 Minutes (Study Tools Inside) […]

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