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Here you’ll find a nice, juicy, growing collection of Audio Lessons that language lovers will love. These are especially perfect for complete beginners. So listen up – here’s what you should do:

  • Press the play button on the black player to listen
  • Listen and repeat out loud to practice speaking
  • Email/Share this page with friends that want to learn Japanese

These lessons are provided by JapanesePod101 (a popular Japanese learning program).

Start Learning Here – Free Japanese MP3 Lessons

1) Introduction to Japanese and Top 5 Reasons to Study

japanese mp3 lessons

This is a 9 minute Japanese mp3 lesson for ABSOLUTE Beginners with no knowledge of Japanese or its workings.

You learn all about the history of the language.

And you learn the top 5 reasons.

2) What’s your name in Japanese?

In this Japanese mp3 lesson, you’ll learn how to ask and answer the question “What’s your name?” in Japanese.

This is part of a bigger series called the Top 25 Questions You Need to Know. This is an 8 minute long lesson.

Here are the phrases you need to know from this lesson:

  • Namae wa nan desu ka?
  • Watashi no namae wa ____.

3) How to Say Thank You in Japanese

This is a quick 7 minute lesson, you’ll learn how to say thank you in Japanese.

You’ll hear casual versions and polite versions.

Words from this mp3 lesson:

  • doumo arigatou gozaimasu
  • doumou
  • arigatou

4) How to Say You’re Welcome in Japanese

Done with the lesson above? This is the next lesson in line.

Here, you’ll learn how to say “You’re Welcome” in casual and formal ways.

As you can tell, these lessons are part of a BIGGER, more awesome series of lessons.

Text from this Japanese audio lesson:

  • douitashimashite
  • iie, iie
  • tondemo nai desu
  • kochira koso

5) How to Say Hello in Japanese No Matter What Time of Day

Here you will learn to say “hello” in Japanese.

In the morning, noon and evening. Great little lesson to get you acquainted with greetings.

Again, if you want to read along with these lessons, be sure to visit JapanesePod101 for more transcripts, lessons and explanations.

Text from the lesson:

  • Ohayou
  • Ohayou gozaimasu
  • Konnichiwa
  • Konbanwa

6) How to Talk About Your Morning in Japanese

You will learn how to talk about your morning routine.

I think this is a great lesson because it explains everything we do in the morning. From waking up and washing up to leaving for work. So, if someone asked you about what your mornings are, this lesson would help. This lesson is just one of the many Japanese audio lessons inside this JapanesePod101 series.

  • Asa shichiji ni okimasu.
    • I wake up at 7 AM

7) Where are you from? in Japanese

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to ask and answer the question “Where are you from?” in Japanese.

  • Shusshin wa doko desu ka.
    • Where are you from?
  • _____ desu.
    • I’m from _____.

8) Where do you live in Japanese?

This is another good lesson from the “top 25 questions” series on JapanesePod101.

Here, you will learn to talk about where you live.

  • Doko ni sunde imasu ka.
    • Where do you live?
  • ____ ni sunde imasu.
    • I live in _____.

9) Learn about the Top 5 Most Popular foods in Japan

Now, this is one of their culture Japanese audio lessons.

Words from this lesson:

  • tori no karaage
  • unajū
  • rāmen
  • sukiyaki
  • sushi

10) How to Talk on Japanese Social Media – Food

This is one of my favorite Japanese audio lessons. You learn modern, internet Japanese and how to respond to other’s posts. This one is about going out for food. Take a listen.

Key-text from the lesson:

  • tomodachi to shabushabu tabehoudai nau.

japanese mp3 lessons

Now, the best thing about Japanese MP3 Lessons is that you can…

  • listen and re-listen as many times as you want to master the language
  • learn anywhere on your phone – on the train, in the car, on the go
  • learn on your computer without downloading/buying complicated computer programs
  • and best of all, you hear the native Japanese language in its proper form
More Japanese lessons coming soon!

Did you like any these Japanese MP3 Lessons? Want to see something else? What helped you the most? Give me your feedback.

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P.S. I highly recommend this for Japanese learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with 2,000+ Audio/Video Courses by Japanese teachers – Sign up for free at JapanesePod101 (click here) and start learning!

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