Free Japanese Beginner Worksheets for Practice (Printable)

Looking for free Japanese worksheets?

Here at the linguajunkie blog, you’ll find a nice collection of Japanese worksheets that are meant for beginners. They’re free as a good starting step in your language journey.

Of course, I do suggest getting a Japanese language program later, but first let’s do worksheets.

How to download these worksheets.

  • Click on the images to open up the PDFs.
  • You can also right click and “save as” to save the PDFs to your device
  • Print them out and write in the Japanese practice sheets

Remember, since these are Japanese practice sheets, you need to print out and write on them to do the “practice” and get the most out of these.

If you download but don’t use them, you’re never going to learn any Japanese.

So, keep that in mind — nothing happens if nothing is done. And you want to speak Japanese one day, right?

1. Hiragana and Katakana Worksheets

Here are some nice Japanese practice sheets for the Japanese alphabet — namely the kana (hiragana and katakana.) Of course, you’ll need to print this out for maximum effect… and to actually write on them. Also, this worksheet is made by JapanesePod101, a popular Japanese learning program.

japanese pdf lesson

2. 101 Exercises for Beginners

This is a bit more than just a “worksheet.” It’s more of a workbook since it has 101+ beginner level questions. Don’t worry, the questions are easy if you follow the lessons that I introduce on in the inside. There are plenty of exercises: matching, translation, multiple choice, grammar, plus a lot of repeated questions for extra review.

japanese pdf workbook

3. A Bundle of 16+ Japanese Practice Sheets

If you’re looking for Japanese practice sheets and worksheets you can print and write in… here’s a nice collection also from JapanesePod101.

The practice sheets are based around various topics: greetings, nouns, adjectives, time-related phrases and more. 

Each one contains a number of words and phrases along with the translations. Your job is to write out the Japanese words in the blank spaces. There’s also a section where you’re given the English meanings and have to write in the Japanese — a good way to test yourself.

free japanese workbooks

4. 25 Phrases for Beginners – Japanese Worksheet

If you’re a brand new learner, then you’ll need to know some common Japanese phrases like Japanese greetings, “how are you,” “thank you” and more. So this worksheet will have you learn and practice writing them out. 

5. Kanji N4 & N5 Japanese PSD Worksheets

Once you’re done with Hiragana and Katakana, you should move onto Kanji.

So, here are 2 worksheets that were designed for the N4 and N5 Japanese Proficiency tests. In total, you’ll pick up 280+ kanji if you print out and fill out these worksheets. If you’re a brand new beginner, start with N5, and then move down to N4. N5 is considered the test that beginners should take and N4 is harder than N5.

6. Japanese Numbers 1-100 Worksheet

Want to learn Japanese numbers?

This worksheet will 1) teach you all the numbers — from 1 to 100, 2) give you special rules to help learn them fast, and 3) get you to practice writing the numbers in Japanese.

japanese numbers worksheet

7. Japanese Quiz Sheets for Beginners

This is a printable worksheet with 35+ beginner-level questions about Japanese grammar and basic phrases. If you started learning and want to test yourself against something, try this one out. Print it out for maximum effect.

8. Japanese Learning Routine Worksheet & Guide

Want to succeed with Japanese? Well, success is a product of one thing and thing only – your routines. In other words, your ability to stick with learning the language for a long period of time. If you’re interested in learning how to self study Japanese alone, click the link to the left to learn more. But, if you already understand the importance of sticking with things and just want a worksheet to fill out, then download this one. It’s pretty simple. Just write in your schedule, duration, your goals, cross out the days you’ve completed, and… do NOT miss a day.

routine worksheet

9. Japanese Learning Checklist for Beginners

New to Japanese?

Wondering where and how to start? And what exact things you need to do? Fear not. This PDF worksheet/checklist lays out all the steps you need to take as a beginner. Some are simple ones. Others you’ll need to continue doing well until you’re fluent. But, they’re all important.

japanese pdf checklist

10. Japanese Wa vs Ga Worksheet

The Japanese Wa and Ga particles can be tricky.

Unless you practice them and get confident in how to use them correctly. Which is where this Japanese Wa vs Ga PDF worksheet comes in. You get 40 exercises where you have to fill in wa or ga. And yes, answers are provided. So, go and take a look.

wa vs ga pdf japanese worksheet

Why Learn with Japanese Practice Sheets?

  • Free at
  • Get a chance to practice with Japanese practice sheets.
  • Remember Japanese better through practice (filling out the worksheets)
  • Speak fluently later… because you’ve practiced
  • You’ll never learn simply by “listening” or “reading about things.” You have to DO things. It’s like learning to dance without actually trying to dance.

The fact is… you can read and listen to things all day long…

But, you will NEVER learn Japanese…

And you will NEVER learn to use it freely and speak it freely like your very own language… if you don’t actually do work — practice writing and speaking.

Hence, worksheets give you a good opportunity to remember what you’ve learned and write things out. Doing this — using the words and writing them — will help you remember them better. So that later, you can freely use them while you’re speaking Japanese.

– The Main Junkie

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