20+ Free Japanese PDF Lessons: Vocab, Grammar & More

Looking for Japanese PDF lessons?

Here you will find a growing collection of PDF lessons on vocabulary, grammar, hiragana, katakana, kanji, motivation, and more.

How does it work? Easy.

PDFs are like the books and workbooks of the digital world. Meaning, you can save these Japanese PDF lessons forever and learn with them. For free.

Just click on images to download the PDFs for free or right click & save as to save to your computer.

  • Download PDFs clicking on the images
  • These PDF lessons are best if printed

1. How to Learn Japanese: A Guide for BEGINNERS ONLY.

This is a BEGINNER’S guide to learning Japanese. More so, advice, best practices, how NOT to fail and everything you will understand WHEN you’re fluent… and wish you knew earlier. Best if reviewed as much as possible. These rules need to be drilled into your head.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf lesson

2. 30+ Japanese PDF Lesson Bundle.

Here, you will find tons of 1-2 page Japanese PDF lessons and cheat sheets…

And these PDFs cover ll topics. Business. Travel. Romance. Anime. There are over 30 PDF lessons inside by JapanesePod101, an online learning program. You can download them for free with a free membership.

— Click image to download.

3. 101 Japanese Exercises Workbook for Beginners

Looking for something a bit more interactive? Like Japanese worksheets or workbooks? Well, this workbook gives you 101+ beginner level questions. Don’t worry, the questions are easy if you follow the lessons that I introduce on in the inside. There are plenty of exercises: matching, translation, multiple choice, grammar, plus a lot of repeated questions for extra review. Download it and print it.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf workbook

4. Japanese Greetings PDF Lesson

If you’re going to speak the language, knowing all the ways to say hi and bye is a must. So that’s where this Japanese PDF lesson comes in – teaching you the must know Japanese greetings.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf lesson greetings

5. Top 500 Japanese Verbs List.

Okay kids, this is a big lesson. 500 verbs inside this free PDF. This is a GOLDMINE for TRUE Japanese learners or anyone interested… and a waste of time for anyone that doesn’t want to learn. You get the verbs, the translations, the romaji and sample sentences.

— Click image to download.

japanese verb list

6. 101 Ways on How to Say Thank You in Japanese.

This is a crazy lesson. Honestly, you only need… like 4 phrases to know how to thank. But here, you get TONS of examples and variations for many situations. Great for beginners and anyone that wants to SPEAK more Japanese.

— Click image to download.

how to say thank you in japanese

7. Learn Hiragana Part 1.

This will teach you the Japanese Alphabet called Hiragana in under 1 hour. This is just the first part. Be sure to grab the second part below.

— Click image to download.

Hiragana by Linguajunkie.com Part 1

8. Learn Hiragana Part 2.

Part 2 of the Hiragana in Under 1 Hour guide. Master this and you master Hiragana and you can now read & understand basic Japanese.

— Click image to download.

Hiragana by Linguajunkie.com Part 2

9. Learn to Write Hiragana – Printable Worksheets.

This is a PDF printable worksheet for you to print and practice Hiragana. Made by our friends at pdf-language-lessons.com. Feel free to use this in conjunction with the lessons above.

— Click image to download.

hiragana pdf

10. Learn Katakana Part 1.

Katakana is a Japanese alphabet, reads like Hiragana, except the characters are different. It’s used for foreign words and scientific terms.

— Click image to download.

Katakana Guide by Linguajunkie.com Part 1

11. Learn Katakana Part 2.

This is the second half. Finish the Katakana guide and now you’ve mastered 2 of the 3 Japanese Alphabets.

Katakana Guide by Linguajunkie.com Part 2

12. Learn How to Write Katakana

This lesson was given to us by our friends at PDF-Language-Lessons.com. Inside are 10 exercises that will help you master Katakana. These are printable, exercise writing sheets.

— Click image to download.


13. Japanese Adjectives List PDF Part 1.

This is part 1 of the the most common Japanese adjectives. A really nice way to boost your vocabulary. Only for beginners. Most students should know these.

— Click image to download.

Japanese Verbs List

14. Top 50 Japanese Kanji PDF.

Which Kanji should you know as a beginner?

Well, you can always start here. This guide contains the 50 most common Kanji along with the readings and the meanings. It’s only 2 pages long so print it double-sided and use it as a Kanji cheat sheet.

— Click image to download.

kanji pdf lesson

15. The Big Fat List of Japanese Particles Ebook.

Okay, this is one one of those Japanese PDF Lessons meant for more… advanced or grammar minded learners. Inside you get the particles, their uses plus example sentences.

— Click image to download.

japanese PDF lessons

16. The Big Fat Japanese Picture Book

With this big 93-page Japanese PDF book, you will learn beginner words, phrases and grammar rules. Basically, it’s a big collection of “Japanese-learning” pictures.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf lesson

How should you learn Japanese with this? Simply review and read through. Remember, it’s repetition and practice, NOT “brains” or “smarts” that will help you master Japanese.

17. 10 Japanese Conversations

Want to learn some basic conversations and dialogs? And all the words inside? This Japanese PDF lesson gives you 10, including translations. Review it as much as possible for fluency.

— Click image to download.

japanese conversation PDF

18. Free Japanese Kana PDF by JapanesePod101.

Kana means Hiragana and Katakana. This is another fantastic resource for learning to write Hiragana and Katakana. Just print it out and write out the characters.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf lesson

19. Japanese Travel Phrases PDF

In this Japanese PDF lesson, you learn 25+ most common travel phrases that you 100% will definitely need to say on a trip to Japan.
— Click image to download.
japanese travel phrases pdf

20. Japanese Numbers 1-100 in 5 Minutes

Need to learn Japanese numbers?

This PDF will teach you to count in Japanese 1-100 through a few simple rules that will help you come up with the numbers on the spot. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and get this PDF.

— Click image to download.

japanese pdf lesson numbers

21. PDF Flashcards for Hiragana & Katakana

If you prefer Japanese Flashcards

Then you can check out the PDF Hiragana and Katakana Flashcards and learn the characters by drilling the cards. Just print them out, cut them out, and drill the cards until you know ’em all. Easy enough.

A) Hiragana Flashcards – Click here to download.

B) Katakana Flashcards – Click here to download.

22. Asking Questions in Japanese

Want to know how to ask questions in Japanese?

It’s easy. This Japanese PDF lesson teaches you the basics of Japanese questions. You can also practice writing the lines out if you want.

— Click image to download.

How to Learn with Japanese PDF Lessons

The beauty of PDFs is that you can print them and use and re-use them as physical study material.

So, here are some ways you can learn with these PDF lessons.

1. Print out the PDFs. Having them on your device is cool but at that point, you will only be able to read through and not take full advantage. So, if you can, print. If not, no worries… but physical is better and you can see for yourself below as to how I use PDFs (whether lessons or workbooks).

2. Keep the PDFs somewhere nearby. The beauty of physical material is that if it’s near you and in your field of vision, you will use it. Unlike an App that’s somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page of your homescreen. I like to keep my PDFs and study material in my daily notebook that I use for general writing.

3. Read through the PDFs. You’ll become better at Japanese the more you interact with it and get used to it. So, the more you review the PDFs the better. You can do this with the printed version or if  you keep the PDF on your phone.

4. Write on it! Assuming you printed the Japanese PDF lessons, you can also practice writing out the words and phrases on that very same sheet. Or, you can write it out in a notebook. Actually, you can copy out words if you have the PDF on your phone… but again, I prefer physical. But, writing things out will help the Japanese stick in your brain.

5. Re-use it. The other beauty of PDFs is that you can print them out as many times as you want. If you wrote on a sheet… print out a new one and practice some more!


I hope you enjoyed these PDFs.

Please let me know which ones you liked best, so I can make more.

And in the meantime, stay tuned. Nore Japanese PDF lessons are coming soon.

Other helpful links:

– The Junkie

P.S. Want a FREE Japanese Course?

JapanesePod101 made one of their Absolute Beginner level Courses free for 3 months. So, if you want to learn and speak the language… this is a great place to start — I highly recommend it. It’s meant for English speakers age 20+ who want to learn Japanese. Click the image below to get a FREE Lifetime Account.

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