Japanese Flashcards for Beginners: 5+ Resources Inside

Flashcards a popular way to learn pretty much anything.

So, if you’re looking for Japanese flashcards to learn the language, good on you. These are a tried and tested learning method.

And this in this guide, I’ll share 5+ flashcard resources. Many are free. And there’s a variety. Vocabulary flashcards. Physical ones. Japanese kanji flashcards. And more. So, keep reading.

Japanese Flashcards: Pictures You Can Save

The easiest way to start learning with “flashcards” without needing special apps or programs is with pictures. (Yes, you can learn Japanese with pictures.)

The internet is full of tons of images/infographics that contain Japanese words, phrases, and grammar rules. All you have to do is save them to your phone… and then, swipe around while learning and reviewing Japanese.

One great place to get Japanese flashcards with multiple useful words/phrases on every card is JapanesePod101. JapanesePod101 is a learning program but they also offer FREE resources like 100+ downloadable flashcards.

  • Good points: vocabulary, phrase & grammar acquisition, reading practice, writing practice (if you want to write the words out elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for Japanese flashcards with pictures, this is it.

Click here to get 100+ Japanese images/flashcards.

How to use images/flashcards:

  • Save the images to your phone or computer
  • Create a specific album or folder for the images
  • Swipe through for 5-10 minutes a day every day to review the phrases.
  • Bonus suggestions: Print them out as physical material. Write out the words in a notebook for writing practice

Printable Japanese Flashcards

JapanesePod101 also has something called Visual Flashcards.

This is a collection of Japanese flashcards PDF files that you can cut out and use as physical flashcards.

What’s even better is… there’s a ton in there… and this free product will teach you over 1,500 Japanese words.

Sounds like it should be a paid product, but hey, it’s free.

  • Good points: These are printable Japanese flashcards. Teach you 1500 words. Can be taped around the house for immersion.
japanese flashcards

Click here to get these Visual Flashcards.

How to use these Japanese flashcards:

  1. Download the PDFs.
  2. Print them out.
  3. Cut out the cards.
  4. Review through them.
  5. Stick the cards on the objects they represent (for example, 冷蔵庫, the word for “refrigerator” goes on the fridge.)

Physical Flashcards

You can also get yourself some actual flashcards on Amazon.

They have Kanji, vocabulary, and even basic ones like Japanese hiragana flashcards.

While obviously these aren’t free, I think they’d be a good investment. If I could suggest getting any, I’d suggest… 1) Japanese kanji flashcards and 2) vocabulary flashcards.

click to learn moreclick to learn moreclick to learn

I wouldn’t recommend Japanese hiragana flashcards because… you can learn the alphabet in a week or less… without the flashcards. However, mastering words and Kanji takes more effort.

  • Good points: Good for memorization. Good for learning words, phrases, grammar, kanji. Good for testing yourself. Nice to hold something physical. You’re more likely to use it… unlike an app that’s somewhere on your phone.

How to use:

  1. Spend time learning the words on the flashcards.
  2. Then, test yourself: try to remember the meaning.
    1. The testing is what will help you improve.
  3. Swipe through for casual review when you’re not in the mood to learn or to test yourself.
  4. Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day on the cards.
  5. Come back daily.

Hiragana & Katakana Flashcards

Want to learn the Japanese Alphabet (Hiragana and Katakana) through Flashcards?

For free?

I’m talking PDF Flashcards you can print, cut out, and drill until you know all the Hiragana and Katakana. Well, you’re in luck because I, the one and only Linguajunkie, have just the thing for you.

There’s nothing complicated to these Flashcards. Just review until they’re all stuck in yoru head.

A) Hiragana Flashcards – Click here to download.

B) Katakana Flashcards – Click here to download.

100 Kanji for Beginners PDF Flashcards

Similar to the Hiragana and Katakana Flashcards above…

Here are the top 100 Kanji flashcards for beginners. Top 100 meaning, the very first 100 that a beginner should learn in that order… so you can write and read Japanese.

Your job? Print out the PDF, cut out the cards and master Kanji fast.

Click to download the Flashcards -> Click here to Download

japanese kanji flashcards pdf

Japanese Flashcards Anki App

Anki is a popular spaced repetition flashcard app/program.

What’s spaced repetition? It’s a learning method where…

…your learning gets spaced over time. Meaning, if you learn a Japanese word today, you’ll see it again in 2 days, then 4 days and so on. Every time you revisit that word and test yourself on it, your memory improves. As opposed to seeing it just once and forgetting it.

And Anki is probably the #1, most popular app for it. It’s free for your computer or Android, but costs money for iOS devices. (You can read about it on my list of best Japanese learning apps.)

And with Anki, you can discover pre-made Japanese decks for vocabulary, phrases, grammar and whatnot.

If this sounds like a serious study tool, well, that’s because it is. Medical students, for example, heavily rely on Anki to prepare for tests.

That can also be a downside though. It’s a serious tool… so if you were looking for a FUN way to learn a language or… something shiny with fun sounds and neon colors, Anki is not it. And I know because for the longest time, I disliked it and hard to grow to like it. Anki is more of something you use to “drill” or “push through” rather than do for enjoyment. But, it does help you learn and is a good Japanese flashcards app.

  • Good points: Good for memorization. Good for learning words, phrases, grammar, kanji. Good for testing yourself.


Be careful if searching for the App via the app stores. There are knockoffs.

How to use Anki:

  1. Create or find a pre-made deck.
  2. Spend a few minutes a day drilling the deck.
  3. Come back daily. The app introduces new words as you master the existing one.


Quizlet is another app that can be used as a Japanese flashcards app.

Same process as Anki. You can find pre-made deck or make your own.

japanese flashcards quizlet

So, it’s really a tossup between which you like more — Anki or Quizlet. Both operate in very similar ways.

  • Good points: Good for memorization.


How to use:

  1. Create or find a pre-made deck.
  2. Spend a few minutes a day drilling the deck.
  3. Come back daily. The app introduces new words as you master the existing one.

The End: What You Need to Know

Whichever resource you go with…

…you can rest assured that you’re learning with an effective method.

Flashcards — whether physical, images on your phone, or app flashcards — allow you to repeatedly review Japanese. And mastery comes from… guess what… yes, repetition. The more you see, read, or hear that grammar rule, the easier it becomes.

Personally, I’m  a BIG fan of well physical flashcards that I can sort through with my hands. I also like Japanese flashcards with pictures — like the one I mentioned above in point #1.

How about you?

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