Beginner? Start With Your Elevator Pitch or Self-Introduction.

This really isn’t a language learning hack. It’s damn good advice. When you start learning a language, any language, one of the first few things you need to do is, not run out and buy yourself a book, but…

“Prepare Your Elevator Pitch or Self Introduction”

Why is this so important? Because who are you? What is that you want in life and out of this language? When are you even going to speak this new language?

Someday…in the future…maybe?

An introduction gives you something to say right now.

You introduce yourself when you meet new people right? You’re able to describe your life, hobbies etc. well, right? Well, you may as well do that in other languages.


Here are a few reasons to grab a pen & paper and start your elevator pitch.

  • Everyone, everywhere, introduces themselves & talks about themselves.
  • It’s the introduction to any conversation.
  • It’s fun… because you’re talking about yourself!
  • People get to know you and you make friends.
  • It gets you speaking right now.
  • And above all, most learners are learning just to be able to speak & understand.
But wait, there’s one more major reason you need this.

A self-introduction is a talking point. A talking point is something to talk about and is the essence of all conversations. Talking points are themes which include…

  • your topics of interest
  • your friend’s topics of interest
  • current events
  • complaints and gossip
  • that story you keep telling everyone
  • your favorite movies
  • etc.

In short, it is conversation itself. However, this is where beginners absolutely suck, so talking about yourself is a quick and easy start.

Most beginners lack the words and grammar to talk about whatever they want to talk about. Here, you develop a quick script that gets you started and gets you speaking the language.

Now, I don’t know about you, because you’re a special snowflake, but when it comes to me – there are several phrases I’d want to translate for my introduction. I’ve listed them below and use them as a script for any time I need to introduce myself.

This can be your set script for your target language.

  1. Hello,nice to meet you.
  2. My name is <name>
  3. I am from <some country>
  4. I am <age> years old.
  5. I am a <student/occupation>.
  6. I’ve been learning <language> for <time>
  7. I am learning <language> because <reason>

But Junkie… conversations can’t be scripted! How could you do that?

I’m sorry, but many of our daily conversations are scripted and set to some extent. What do you say when someone says “Thank you?”You’re welcome.” And when someone asks for your name? You say “My name is (Slim Shady).”

Keep in mind that this is just a foundation for you to start from. You can always change your introductions later. But first…

Your task:

  • Take these and translate them to your language.
  • Use the translations as a set script for your introductions.

Or, see my examples below. I’ll be adding more soon.

Are there any other things you usually include in your introductions? Leave me a comment below. Now, the next step is taking these answers and translate them into your target language and start talking about yourself.

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Hello.. what is the different between the word “neoro” and “mal” tq.

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