How To Introduce Yourself in Russian in 6 Easy Lines (AUDIO)


The first thing any beginner Russian learner needs is an introduction.

As in, who are you? Where are you from?

Why are you learning Russian and why should anyone care? You should be able to say that in Russian.

You will learn how to introduce yourself in Russian easily and learn TONS here.

introduce yourself in russian

Here’s how you introduce yourself in Russian.

We’ll go from lines 1 to 6 and translate it so you can easily have something to say in Russian and start talking ASAP.

1. Здравствуйте, Меня зовут (name). A как вас зовут?

  • Meaning: Hello, My name is (name). What’s your name?” in Russian
  • Pronunciation: Zdrastvuyte, menya zavut (name). A kak vas zavut?
  • Example: Zdrastvuyte, menya zavut Bob. A kak vas zavut?

Don’t worry too much about saying your name in Russian pronunciation.

By the way, you’ll also want to HEAR Russian as you read this. So, check out this FREE Russian Audio Lesson by Press play below.

So, all you really need to know is “menya zavut (name).”

That’s how to introduce yourself in Russian.

If you listened to the audio lesson above, then you’ve heard how it pronounced. Please go ahead and listen to it, if you haven’t.

Now, let’s move onto more lines.

2. Я из (country or city)

  • Meaning:  “I am from …….”
  • Pronunciation: Ya iz (country or city)
  • Example: Я из США. Ya iz Sa-Shi-Ah. I am from America.

США is the Russian abbreviation for the United States of America. So, go ahead and stick in your country if you’re from somewhere. You don’t need to pronounce it precisely. Natives will likely understand.

3. Мне (age #) лет.

  • Meaning: “I am …. years old” in Russian
  • Pronunciation: Mne (age #) let.
  • Example. Мне двадцать пять лет. Mne dvadsat pyat let. I am 25 years old.

If you want to say your age in Russian, this is it.

4. Я – (occupation)

  • Meaning: I am (occupation).
  • Pronunciation: Ya – (occupation)
  • Example: Я – студент. Ya stoo-dent. I am a student.

Yes, you just say “ya” right before your occupation – whether you’re a student or a lawyer. “Ya” means “I.” No verb necessary.

5. Я изучаю русский потому что (reason).

  • Meaning: I am learning Russian because (reason)
  • Pronunciation: Ya izuchayu russkiy potomu shto (reason).
  • Example: Я изучаю русский потому что мне язык
    нравится. Ya izuchayu russkiy potomu shto mne yazik nravitsa. I’m learning Russian because I like the language.

Russians may want to know why you’re learning. So, if you’re getting to a person for the first time, they’ll definitely ask why you are learning Russian.

6.  Я изучаю русский язык уже (duration).

  • Meaning: I’ve been learning Russian for (duration).
  • Я изучаю русский язык уже (duration).
  • Ya izuchayu russkiy yazik uzhe (duration).
  • Example: Я изучаю русский язык уже 2 года. Ya izuchayu russkiy yazik uzhe dva goda. I’ve been learning Russian for 2 years already.

And of course, they’ll also want to know how long you’ve been learning. Here’s your answer.

A Russian Introduction Script for You.

Now, I combined all the 6 lines above.

Here’s your Russian self introduction script you might want to use. 

Zdrastvuyte, menya zavut Bob. Mne dvadsat pyat let. Ya stoo-dent. Ya izuchayu russkiy potomu shto mne yazik nravitsa. Ya izuchayu russkiy yazik uzhe dva goda.

Just substitute the red parts with your details. This is a simple and easy way to introduce yourself in Russian.

Russian Audio Lesson on Introductions.

Here is that same audio lesson again. Also, here is the text from the audio lesson. That way, you can hear some other examples.

  • Как тебя зовут?
    • Kak tebya zavoot?
    • What’s your name? (Literally: How are you called?)
  • Меня зовут Ольга.
    • Menya Zavoot Olga.
    • My name is Olga.
  • Меня зовут Катя.
    • Menya zavoot Katya.
    • My name is Katya.
  • Mеня зовут Иван.
    • Menya zavoot Ivan.
    • My name is Ivan.
  • Меня зовут Александр.
    • Menya zavoot Aleksandr.
    • My name is Alexander.

Below is the most important phrase of the audio lesson. Remember it.

  • Меня зовут (insert your name here).
    • Menya zavoot (insert your name here).
    • My name is (insert your name here).

More Examples of Introductions

This next section is super useful if you’re a bit more advanced.

If you’re just starting out, this may be too much for you, so feel free to skip.

You will learn the many ways to introduce and greet in Russian with “example conversations.” Please feel free to print this so that you can use it later.

In the example below, two friends, Andrey and Max, greet each other in Russian.

A: Hi, Max! How are you! What are you doing? Want to to the movies with us today? You will meet my friend, Alena.

M: What’s up, Andrey! Today I have a day off, so I’ll go with pleasure! I already know Alena. We met at the institute.

A: Excellent! Now you can get to know each other better. See you!

А: Привет, Макс! Как дела! Что делаешь? Пойдешь сегодня с нами в кино? Познакомишься с моей подругой, Аленой.

М: Здарова, Андрей! Сегодня у меня выходной, с удовольствием пойду! Я уже знаком с Аленой. Мы виделись в институте.

А: Отлично! Теперь Вы сможете узнать друга получше. До встречи!

A: Privet, Maks! Kak dela! Chto delayesh? Poydesh sevodnya s nami v kino? Poznakomishsya s moyey podrugoy, Alenoy.
M: Zdarova, Andrey! Segodnya u menya vykhodnoy, s udovol’stviyem poydu! Ya uzhe znakom s Alenoy. My videlis’ v institute.A: Otlichno! Teper’ Vi smozhete uznat’ druga poluchshe. Do vstrechi!

Below, you will see a guy named Andrey introduce himself to a lady named Evgeniya.

Evgeniya: Hello, what’s your name?

Andrey: Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Andrey. I am 25 years old. I am a student!

Evgeniya: Nice to meet you, Andrew! Where are you from?

Andrey: I’m from Moscow! What’s your name? Is this your first time here?


Evgeniya: My name is Evgeniya! I’m a journalist. Yes, here for the first time!

Andrey: Where did you stay?

Evgeniya: I stayed at the hotel “Russia”. Tell me about yourself, Andrew!

Andrey: I’m a very cheerful person. I like to do sports! Now I’m studying and working as a fitness trainer! In the future I plan to open my own fitness center. I love to read books. I believe that the most important thing in life is a positive attitude!

Evgeniya: You are very nice to talk to, Andrey! Thank you!

Евгения: Здравствуйте, как вас зовут?

Андрей: Здравствуйте, позвольте мне представиться. Меня зовут Андрей. Мне 25 лет. Я студент!

Евгения: Очень приятно, Андрей! Откуда вы?

Андрей: Я из Москвы! А Вас как зовут? А Вы здесь в первый раз?

Евгения: Моё имя Евгения! Я журналистка. Да, я здесь впервые!

Андрей: Где Вы остановились?

Евгения: Я остановилась в отеле Россия. Расскажите лучше о себе, Андрей!

Андрей: Я очень веселый человек. Люблю заниматься спортом! Сейчас я учусь и работаю фитнесс тренером! В будущем планирую открыть свой собственный фитнес центр. Очень люблю читать книги. Я считаю, что главное в жизни – это позитивный настрой!

Евгения: Вы очень милый собеседник, Андрей! Спасибо Вам!

Evgeniya: Zdravstvuyte, kak vas zavut?
Andrey: Zdravstvuyte, pozvol’te mne predstavit’sya. Menya zavut Andrey. Mne 25 let. Ya student!
Evgeniya: Ochen priyatno, Andrey! Otkuda vi?
Andrey: Ya iz Moskvi! A Vas kak zavut? A Vi zdes’ v perviy raz?
Evgeniya: Moyo imya Evgeniya! Ya zhurnalistka. Da, ya zdes’ vperviye!
Andrey: Gde Vi ostanovilis’?Evgeniya: Ya ostanovilas’ v otele Rossiya. Rasskazhite luchshe o sebe, Andrey!
Andrey: Ya ochen’ veseliy chelovek. Lyublyu zanimat’sya sportom! Seychas ya uchus’ i rabotayu fitness trenerom! V budushchem planiruyu otkrit’ svoy sobstvenniy fitnes tsentr. Ochen’ lyublyu chitat’ knigi. YA schitayu, chto glavnoye v zhizni – eto pozitivniy nastroy!
Evgeniya: Vi ochen’ miliy sobesednik, Andrey! Spasibo Vam!

Below is a formal Russian introduction between a businessman that wants to learn English and an English teacher. See if you can spot any Russian phrases.

A: Good day! My name is Andrew! I am thirty-five years old. I’m a businessman, I want to learn English! What is the price of your services?

M: Hello, Andrew! My name is Maxim. I’m an English teacher. I have been translating for more than 20 years. I can help you! The price depends on the level of your knowledge: from 1000 to 3000 dollars per course.

A: It suits me. Tomorrow I’ll call you and we’ll discuss all the details, thanks!

M: See you, Andrew1

А: Доброго времени суток! Меня зовут Андрей! Мне тридцать пять лет. Я бизнесмен, я хочу выучить английский! Какова цена Ваших услуг?

М: Здравствуйте, Андрей! Мое имя Максим. Я учитель английского языка. Я занимаюсь переводом более 20 лет. Я могу Вам помочь! Цена зависит от уровня Ваших знаний: от 1000 до 3000 долларов за курс обучения.

А: Мне подходит. Завтра я позвоню Вам и мы обсудим все детали, спасибо!

М: До встречи, Андрей!

A: Dobrogo vremeni sutok! Menya zavut Andrey! Mne tridtsat’ pyat’ let. Ya biznesmen, ya hochu vyuchit’ angliyskiy! Kakova cena Vashih uslug?
M: Zdravstvuyte, Andrey! Moye imya Maksim. Ya uchitel’ angliyskogo yazyka. Ya zanimayus’ perevodom boleye 20 let. Ya mogu Vam pomoch’! Tsena zavisit ot urovnya Vashih znaniy: ot 1000 do 3000 dollarov za kurs obucheniya.A: Mne podhodit. Zavtra ya pozvonyu Vam i mi obsudim vse detali, spasibo!M: Do vstrechi, Andrey!

In this next example, you will learn a “professional Russian introduction.” In other words, this is formal and is used in a business email.

D: Hello, Andrey! My name is Dmitry. I’m a professional translator. Have you received a letter from Catherine? Please write when we can get started!

Yours faithfully,


A: Hello, Dmitry! Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I received an email! I got acquainted with the details. We can start tomorrow.

Looking forward to your reply!


Д: Доброго времени суток, Андрей! Меня зовут Дмитрий. Я профессиональный переводчик. Вы получили письмо от Екатерины? Напишите, пожалуйста, когда мы сможем начать работу!

С уважением,


А: Здравствуйте, Дмитрий! Спасибо за быстрый ответ! Да, я получил письмо по электронной почте! Я ознакомился с деталями. Мы можем начать завтра.

С нетерпением жду Вашего ответа!


D: Dobrogo vremeni sutok, Andrey! Menya zovut Dmitriy. Ya professional’nyy perevodchik. Vy poluchili pis’mo ot Yekateriny? Napishite, pozhaluysta, kogda my smozhem nachat’ rabotu!
S uvazheniyem,

A: Zdravstvuyte, Dmitriy! Spasibo za bystryi otvet! Da, ya poluchil pis’mo po elektronnoi pochte! Ya oznakomilsya s detalyami. My mozhem nachat’ zavtra.S neterpeniyem zhdu Vashego otveta!

Reviewing Phrases for Introducing Yourself in Russian

Ready for a review?

Here are some Russian phrases that will be useful for Russian introductions.

  • My name is …
    • Меня зовут…
    • Menya zavut
  • My last name is …
    • Моя фамилия…
    • Moya familiya…
  • You can call me …
    • Можете меня называть…
    • Mozhete menya nazyvat’…]

  • My hobby is …
    • Мое хобби…
    • Moyo hobbi…..
  • In my free time I like …
    • В свободное время я люблю…
    • V svobodnoye vremya ya lyublyu…
  • I do … (work or education)
    • Я занимаюсь…
    • Ya zanimayus’…
  • I work in…
    • Я работаю в…
    • Ya rabotayu v…
  • I’m learning …
    • Я изучаю..
    • Ya izuchayu…
  • I’m studying at …
    • Я учусь в…
    • Ya uchus’ v…
  • I do not like
    • Я не люблю…
      • Ya ne lyublyu…
    • Мне не нравится…
      • Mne ne nravitsya..


You are learning to speak and understand Russian, right? And you want to be understood by Russians, right? Good.

Just like you, most learners out there, above all, want to speak and be understood in Russian.

So the easy way to start speaking is…

  • It’s to have a set introduction you’ll repeat again and again. Why?
  • Because who doesn’t start with introducing themselves? Everyone does.

Learn to introduce yourself in Russian and you’ve got 1/3rd of a Russian conversation squared away. The rest are topics of interest and closing greetings. Now, you know how to introduce yourself in Russian!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Or better, yet, introduce yourself!

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– by the Main Junkie

P.S. Want to learn to Russian with effective lessons? Sign up for free at RussianPod101 and start learning and speaking Russian. I recommend them as a teacher and a learner.

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