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Introduce yourself in German by

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How to Introduce Yourself in German

The first thing any beginner German learner needs is an introduction. Why? Well, who are you? Why are you learning German and why should anyone care? When will you finally start speaking German?

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An introduction gives you something to say right now!

So, here’s what you’ll need for a self German self introduction. This lesson is based on so be sure to check them out for tons of more German lessons.

  1. My name is …… Nice to meet you.
  2. I am from ……
  3. I am …… years old.
  4. I am a (student/occupation).
  5. I am learning German by/in..

Introduce yourself in German by

Here’s how you introduce yourself in German. We’ll go from 1-6 and translate it so you can easily have something to say in German and start talking ASAP.

1. “Hello. My name is _____.  Nice to meet you.” in German

  • Hello, My name is (name).
  • Hallo, Mein name ist (name).
    • example: Mein name ist Bob.
    • example: Mein name ist Jane.
    • example: Mein name ist Tom.
  • Nice to meet you.
    • Schön, dich kennenzulernen.

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2. “I am from …….” in German.

  • I am from (place).
  • Ich komme aus den (place).
    • example: Ich komme aus den USA.
      • I’m from America.
    • example: Ich komme aus Deutschland.
      • I’m from Germany.
    • example: Ich komme aus Frankreich.
      • I’m from France.

3. “I am …. years old” in German

Here’s how you say how old you are in German.

  • Ich bin (age #) alt.
  • I am (age #) years old.
    • example: Ich bin 18 Jahre alt.
      • I am 18 years old.

4. “I am a (student/occupation)” in German

  • Ich bin (occupation).
  • I am (a/an occupation).
    • example: Ich bin Lehrer.
      • I am a teacher.
    • example: Ich bin Student.
      • I am a student.

5. “I am learning German in/by (method of learning)… ” in German

How are you learning or how did you learn German?

  • Ich habe es in der Universität gelernt.
    • I learned it at university
  • Ich habe es zuhause gelernt.
    • I learned it at home.

So, here’s your German self introduction script you might want to use.

Hallo, Mein name ist (name). Schön, dich kennenzulernen. Ich komme aus den (place). Ich bin (age #) alt. Ich bin (occupation). Ich habe es zuhause gelernt.

You are learning to speak and understand German, right? And you want to be understood by Germans, right? Good. And just like you, most learners out there, above all, want to speak and be understood in German. So the easy way to start speaking is…

  • It’s to talk about yourself. Get that introduction.
  • It’s to have a set introduction you’ll repeat again and again. Why?
  • Because who doesn’t start with introducing themselves? Everyone does.

Learn to introduce yourself in German and you’ve got 1/3rd of a German conversation squared away. The rest are topics of interest and closing greetings.

Now, leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Better, yet, introduce yourself!

The Main Junkie

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