Japanese Phrases: Top 10 Japanese Love Phrases For Fuzzy Wuzziness

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Ah, love. You’re looking to express some Japanese fuzzy-wuzziness arent you? Maybe you want to get the japanese symbol, translation, kanji, or just be able to write it to your Japanese love of your life.

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Well, I make no guarantees. But I can give you the Top 10 Japanese love phrases. Read ’em out loud so you can properly pronounce your love confessions.

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1) I love you in Japanese

Japanese people don’t make their feelings known much. So, throwing around “loves” like Americans do is something they don’t do. Their equivalent of “love” is more of a “like.” However, I’ll cover both:

  • 愛してるよ – あいしてる (very rarely used)
  • ai shiteruyo
    • 愛 – ai – love
  • あなたが大好きです。(I like you a lot. More commonly used.)
  • Anata ga daisuki desu.
    • 大好き – daisuki – like a lot
  • あなたのことが大好きです。(Similar but more polite.)
  • Anata no koto ga daisuki desu.

2) I love you very much in Japanese

Calm down there, Romeo or Juliet. Wasn’t 大好き enough? Well, we can put some emphasis on it but I’m sure your Japanese counterpart will get the point.

  • あなたが本当に大好きです。
  • Anata ga hontou ni daisuki desu.
    • 本当に – Hontou ni – Really
  • あなたがマジ大好きだよ。
  • Anata ga maji daisuki da yo.
    • マジ – Maji – Seriously
  • あなたがとても大好きです。
  • Anata ga totemo daisuki desu.
    • Totemo – Very much or Really

In any case, we’re going a little overboard here. If you really like her, then put a ring on it.

3) I love you too in Japanese

This one’s easy. All you got to do is change the が to も。

  • あなたもだいすきです。
  • Anata mo daisuki desu.

4) I miss you in Japanese

Oh! You miss them, huh? Well, bad news playa, there’s no “I miss you” in Japanese. Japanese people do not say this in natural conversation. Guess you can’t miss them, huh? Well, there are some substitute phrases that carry over the same meaning.

  • 会いたい (this is the most natural phrase to use.)
  • Aitai
  • I want to meet you.

However, if we were going down the literal route that Japanese people never use, you’d say…

  • あなたがいないと寂しい
  • Anata ga inaito, sabishii
  • When you’re not around, I’m lonely. (desperate sounding, eh?)
  • あなたが恋しいです
  • Anata ga koishii desu.
  • I miss you. (Literally means “yearn for you” so don’t be surprised if you creep someone out.)

5) I hate you in Japanese

What’s love without hate? Surely amidst your lovey doveyness, there’ll be some smashed chopsticks and broken tea cups. Here’s how you say it:

  • あんたが大嫌い!
  • お前が大嫌い!
    • あんた – anta – (similar to anata but skipping one “a”) rude way of saying “you”
    • お前 – omae – a rude way of saying “you”
    • 嫌い – kirai – dislike
    • 大嫌い – daikirai- hate
    • You can even skip the が and just say お前大嫌い!

6) I like you in Japanese

Ah, this is simple. A lot better than the psycho “I love you” phrases and probably won’t scare your person of interest away. After-all, who’d want to get loved right away? Ugh. Creep.

  • あなたが好きです。
  • Anata ga suki desu.

What more do you need?

7) I want a Japanese girlfriend

Do you? We can argue about this later… but I think American girls are better. But, I’m not here to stop you. Here’s how you say it.

  • 私は日本人の彼女が欲しいです。
  • Watashi wa nihonjin no kanajo ga hoshii desu.
    • 日本人 – Nihonjin – Japanese (person)
    • 彼女 – Kanojo – girlfriend
    • 欲しい – Hoshii – Want

8) I’m recruiting a Japanese girlfriend

In fact, you may may consider advertising your desires with this shirt. If we were to translate it, it means…

  • 日本人彼女募集中(にほんじんのかのじょぼしゅうちゅう)
  • Nihonjin Kanojo Boshuuchuu
  • Recruiting (a) Japanese Girlfriend
    • 募集 – Boshuu – Recruiting or taking applications
    • 募集中 – Currently recruiting or in the middle of recruiting


9) “I like you. Please go out with me!” in Japanese.

Ok, of all the phrases up above, you’ll probably need this. Telling a girl you like her and all is nice… but what’s next? You’re the one she’s waiting on to make the next move. Ask her out, player.

  • 好きです。付き合ってください。
  • Suki desu. Tsukiatte kudasai.
  • I like you. Please go out with me!

By the way, this is called a 告白 (kokuhaku) or “a confession” that most Japanese people make to their lovers to be. Want to go to make her yours? Kokuhaku that booty.

10)Can I have your number?” in Japanese.

I’m going to end this article on this note because I’m all out of fuzzi-wuzziness. None of the aforementioned phrases will happen if you don’t get their phone number. It’s all part of the game. Here’s how you ask.

  • 電話番号教えてください
  • Denwa bangou oshiete kudasai
  • Please tell me your phone number.

Or, if you’re on the braver side, pull out your phone and tell them to enter their number.

  • あなたの電話番号入れて下さい
  • Anata no denwa bangou irete kudasai.
  • Enter your number please.

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So, you love seekers. What other love/relationship phrases am I missing?

Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list.

– The Main Junkie

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