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Top Russian Language Software in 2018 for New Russian Learners

Hello there!

Some people like to learn with Russian textbooks. Some like learning with 5-minute lessons. And then, there are people that just want a FULL, complete Russian language software. Something that will teach you from the ground up.

In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the most popular Russian language software…

  • you’ll learn what makes them unique
  • what’s free and what’s expensive

If you’re interested in any of them, just click through the links and try them for yourself. Some are my affiliate (like Amazon) links. Ready? Let’s go.

Top Russian Language Software in 2018 for New Russian Learners

russian language software

1. RussianPod101

When you start, RussianPod101 asks for your learning level. From Beginner to Advanced.

Based on that, you start getting lessons which are audio/video based for your level. So, if you’re a beginner, you’ll start learning beginner level conversations like how to say hello, how are you and more. You will be speaking your first Russian words with them.

t russian language software

Actually, their entire program is based around 3-15 minute audio/video lessons, and study tools to master those lessons. So, what you need to do is press play and they teach you Russian.

And yes, you can access them on an app (iOS and Android).

RussianPod101 is my first choice for Russian language software.

Now, if you want free stuff, pay attention. With them, you can get the following resources for free:

  • Word of the Day (daily lessons emailed to you)
  • All new audio/video lessons (they release 3-4 a week).
    • This is may be the BEST thing ever. You can sit back and get new lessons that help you speak Russian every week. Remember, most Russian language software ask you to pay “for more lessons,” but here you get them free.
  • Russian Vocabulary & Phrase lists
  • PDF eBooks & Cheatsheets
  • Top 100 words list
  • Russian Vocabulary Slideshows (inside vocab lists)

2. Transparent Language

Before starting, Transparent allows you to take their proficiency test to know your current Russian level, in such a way you would get a better understanding of what exactly you should focus on and what you have to improve.

They are aimed at improving your vocabulary span, pronunciation, speaking, writing and grammar skills.

Here they allow you whether to follow their structured learning program or to learn the language your way by letting you choose the lessons’ order yourself.

t russian language software

Transparent have got a wide range of activities, like multiple choice questions and typing activities. One big advantage of Transparent is that they offer a lot of free language learning resources, some of them are: language blogs, their YouTube channel, eBooks and social media pages.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone was founded in 1999, it has been used by educational institutions and corporate clients such as NASA and the US State Department. This software uses immersion (no English) as a key instrument to help you learn Russian in an entertaining way just like you learned your own native language. So, you have to guess.

They have developed a speech-recognition tool that is claimed to recognize what you say, correct it and help you develop a real Russian accent.

You can choose stories and literary works out of their library and read them in the Russian language.

You can download Rosetta Stone Russian language software to your PC and your mobile device as well, the lessons will automatically sync across all your devices.

This Russian language software ranges from $7.49 to $19.99 per month, depending on the plan you choose to buy.

t russian language software

4. Living Language

This one is a good fit for both beginners and advanced Russian learners.  The learning process is accompanied by interactive games, puzzles, flashcards, grammar and culture notes and audio material. The course comprises a total of 46 lessons using the Living Language method.

One unique feature they have is that they provide you with the Russian text and its transliteration as well, this will help you learn reading Russian easier.

5. Unforgettable Languages

You can download the Unforgettable Languages course to your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

This is not another dull and boring learning course; they make everything fun and easy by using the Linkword method, which is based on stimulating your brain to create some associations and link them to certain words and phenomena. Here is a fun example they provide:

  • The Russian for JUICE is SOK
  • Imagine drinking JUICE through a SOCK

Rather easy and fun, isn’t it?

After learning new vocabulary through the Linkword method you would be redirected to focus on some important grammar points in simple steps followed by sentence translations.

6. Michel Thomas

With the help of this simple software you would be able to learn the Russian language without books, homework or having to memorize a large amount of complicated material. This is all becomes real with the Michel Thomas Method, which simply breaks the language into its component parts.

t russian language software

They claim that after a couple of lessons you would be capable of forming your own Russian sentences.

Michel Thomas software offers 4 courses for you to choose from:

  • Start – one hour of audio (Introductory Course)
  • Total – up to 12 hours of audio, visual review course and interactive exercises for PC or Mac and over 2 hours of vocabulary help (Foundation Course)
  • Perfect – Up to 9 hours of audio, visual review course and interactive exercises for PC or Mac and over 3 hours of vocab help (Advanced Course)
  • Masterclass – 2 hours of audio (Language Builder)

7. Mango Languages

This Russian language learning software has been designed by linguists and native Russian speaking instructors to create an ultimate tool for learning Russian and understanding its culture. All the new phrases and sentences come along with English transcriptions to make it super easy for you to read, without even knowing the Russian alphabet. Just after a few lessons you are supposed to be able to create your own simple sentences from the language structures you learn.

t russian language software

Other unique features they have are their memory-building exercises and their slang words and phrases lessons. Knowing them is extremely important especially when you travel to Russian. Without knowing some of the most common slang expressions, you might end up feeling awkward or misunderstood by the locals.

You can also discover the Russian pop culture with videos from one of Russia’s most popular television channels.

8. Professor Higgins. Russian without accent!

It is a complete phonetical and lexical multimedia training software which it there to help you understand spoken Russian and to speak without accent.

This program is good for everyone – for beginners and advanced learners, too. If any questions rise, there are some theoretical materials (rules, schemes, explaining examples), dictionaries and the user’s manual for you to refer to.

t russian language software

You would be able to compare your own pronunciation with standard Russian pronunciation recorded by a native speaker. The learner could also see a 2D or 3D diagram of his/her pronunciation.

This learning tool is organized based on difficulty criteria – from easy to difficult. 

If you’re interested in learning Russian, then yes, Russian language software can help you.

What about textbooks or audio lessons?

Sure, they will help too.

But the truth, that you will soon learn for yourself, is… everything works (to an extent). Everything is good enough as long as you put in the work.

Sure, it’s easier and more efficient to listen to an audio lesson than to drill flashcards or play matching games. But, everything works to some extent.

See, whether you’re learning with Russian language software or a book, it’s like using a dumbbell to work out. If you do zero work, you get zero results. If you put in 5 minutes, you will get some results.

I’ll be sure to add new software as they come out.

Or, you can let me know what you use!

– The Main Junkie

P.S. Want to learn Russian in 5 Minutes a Day?

Check out my guide here: https://www.linguajunkie.com/learn-russian-in-5-minutes

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