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Top 10+ Russian Learning Podcasts for Beginners

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Hey you!

Some people want to learn Russian with audio lessons. Some want courses. Some want the 5-minute method. And you want some Russian learning podcasts.

And, I can’t blame you. Podcasts are easy to listen to when you’re at work or going somewhere.

So, you want some podcasts that will teach you Russian.

Top 10 Russian Learning Podcasts for Beginners

Click on the links to learn more about each one.

russian learning podcasts

1.  RussianPod101 – The Fastest, Easiest & Most Fun Way to Learn Russian

Yes, the slogan is: the fastest, easiest and most fun way.

Is it? Well, with their 3-15 minute lessons, they are pretty fast and easy.

russian learning podcasts

As such, this is one of my favorite Russian learning podcasts. Here, you get a bunch of short audio and video lessons. The levels range from Beginner to Advanced, so you can get the lessons that fit your needs and skill level best.

russian learning podcasts

They also offer vocabulary learning tools, spaced repetition flashcards, detailed PDF lesson notes, a community forum and a mobile app for you to download and learn Russian anywhere.

  • What’s great?
    • Clear and short audio and video lessons
    • Printable
    • Short 3 to 15 minutes lessons
    • PDF eBooks & lesson notes
    • You can go from Beginner to Advanced
  • Examples of lessons:
  • 3-Minute Russian: Greetings and Useful Phrases
  • Before You Travel: Survival Russian
  • Learn Russian Conversations with Animation — Absolute Beginner

So, click here to visit RussianPod101 and listen to their lessons.

Okay, what’s next on the list of Russian learning podcasts?

2. https://russianpodcast.eu/podcasts/

This Russian learning podcast is a real bargain if you want to learn reading Russian the easy way. The podcasts come with dialogues, audio and related vocabulary, while each of them is dedicated to a different theme. However you will have to pay some money to get the full transcription of these podcasts.

russian learning podcasts

You can print each podcast and refer to it whenever you need.

  • What’s great?
    • Quick and easy
    • Full Russian transcription
    • You get useful vocabulary under each dialogue
    • Printable
  • Examples of lessons:
  • Visiting the Hairdresser (“Идём к парикмахеру”)
  • Music (“Музыка”)
  • A Business agreement (“Деловой договор”)
  • Russian anecdotes (“Русские анекдоты”)

3. https://ochenporusski.com/

This Russian learning podcast teaches you Russian slang, idioms and common expressions.

russian learning podcasts

And, you won’t find these expressions and phrases in most dictionaries and Russian learning programs. It will help you sound natural and rather native in Russia.

  • What’s great?
    • Learn phrases, slang, expressions and idioms
    • A fun approach to language learning
  • Examples of lessons:
  • Food and drink in Russia: tips for foreigners
  • Talking about troubles in Russian
  • How to tell somebody to go to hell and other places in Russian

4. https://realrussianclub.com/slowrussianpodcast/

Slow Russian Podcast is a great way to learn while getting to know literature, music and culture.

russian learning podcasts

The lessons are very short and include Russian texts, audio recorded by a native speaker and English translation.

  • What’s great?
    • Quick and easy lessons
    • Learn about the Russian culture
  • Examples of lessons:
  • Episode 69 – Top-3 Russian writers
  • Episode 39 – Star Wars in Russia
  • Episode 33 – History of Russia

5. http://www.speakingruss-ru.1gb.ru/index.html

If you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics, give this podcast a try.

russian learning podcasts

There are 45 short lessons. All are well structured and cover all kinds of topics. A big plus is that all the information is provided in English, so you won’t have any problem understanding the various tips and grammar notes there.

After you learn the basics, you can move forward to the more substantial reading and grammar lessons.

  • What’s great?
    • Short and interesting lessons
    • Fun tips
    • New episodes are released each Tuesday on a weekly basis
  • Examples of lessons:
  • Лёв or Лев Толстой? Or a few facts about letter Ё
  • Dialects in the Russian Language. Or why МОЛОКO (milk) is pronounced as [malakO]

6. https://www.pimsleur.com/learn-russian

This one is definitely not the cheapest, but it uses the “Pimsleur Method” which is advertised to help you learn the Russian language faster and memorize everything better.

Their courses feature real-world context and flexible vocabulary enabling you to learn Russian in a fluid, natural way.

  • What’s great?
    • Well thought out lessons
    • Learn Russian using the “Pimsleur Method”
    • Their method helps you memorize everything you learn faster

7. http://www.tasteofrussian.com/

A Taste of Russian is another great place to improve your Russian listening and speaking skills, because hearing real spoken Russian is essential in learning a new language.

You won’t find grammar lessons here. It is a real chat on different everyday life topics. There are already over 299 podcasts and they keep adding more every week.

But, to use it, you must have at least intermediate level of Russian, since most of the information is given in Russian.

  • What’s great?
    • Learn real spoken Russian
    • Fun and interesting topics
  • Examples of lessons:
  • A Taste of Russian podcast #296 – Про книги и будущее
  • A Taste of Russian podcast #161 – Законы Мёрфи
  • A Taste of Russian podcast #284 – Во французской стороне, на чужой планете…

8. https://www.lingq.com/learn-russian-online/

LingQ’s podcasts are good for both beginners and advanced learners.

They aim at making the learning process fun by making you choose the themes and topics you are interested in without spending your time on memorizing grammar rules.

They also have an online Russian community where you can communicate with native speakers and other Russian learners, share your experience and ask for tips.

  • What’s great?
    • Learn general terms
    • Learn the language according to your own interests

9. http://speakrussian.blogspot.com/

This Russian learning podcast is actually called “A Spoonful of Russian.”

The podcast (and the blog) started back in 2005. Yes, a long, long time ago! Oh, if only they kept at it.

  • What’s great?
    • Easy little lessons from an interesting person
    • Because it’s limited, it’s also easy to complete

The iTunes page literally only has 54 published items: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spoonful-russian-learn-russian-online-from-russian/id79453758?mt=2

10. Russian Survival Phrases

This is another one of my favorite Russian learning podcasts.

And it’s only 18 or so episodes long. Why is that a good thing?

  • What’s great?
    • Easy to finish
    • You just learn phrases. Nothing else.
  • Examples of lessons:
    • Lesson #1 – Thank You!
    • Lesson #2 – You’re Welcome
    • Lesson #3 – Please

I’ll be updating this list of Russian learning podcasts.

Which one is your favorite?

Leave a comment!

– To your fluency

The Main Junkie

P.S. Want to learn the Russian language?

Check out RussianPod101, a complete Russian learning program with audio and video lessons, apps, study tools and PDF lesson notes. I think their lessons can and will help you learn and speak Russian to a certain level.

Click here to visit RussianPod101.com & learn Russian with fast + easy lessons


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