10+ Ways to Say Hello in Spanish (Listen to the Audio)

Hi Junkies!

You’re here because you want to say hello in Spanish, right?. Read this. It’ll take you 2 minutes to learn all kinds of Spanish Greetings.

If you don’t, I don’t care – this is ONLY for people that truly want to speak Spanish. Here’s what you do:

  • Read the translations
  • Say the pronunciation out loud
  • Listen to the audio below

Okay, let’s get into it.

1) Hola: Hello

  • Hello
  • “OH-LAH”       

This is simply the easiest way to say hello in Spanish!

  say hello in spanish                               

Note: You should also HEAR how to say Hello in Spanish.

Press play below. Try this Free 2-minute Lesson from SpanishPod101 to hear the common Spanish greetings.

2) Buenos días: Good morning or good day

  • Good morning or good day

Example: If you are watching a morning show in Spanish, the host may begin the show by      saying to the audience:

  • “¡Buenos días a todos!” 
  • “Good morning to all!”

3) Buenas tardes: Good afternoon or good evening

  • Good afternoon or good evening (depending on the time of the day it is said)

say hello in spanish


  • “Buenas tardes, Señor” 
  • “Good afternoon, Sir”

4) Buenas noches: Goodnight

  • “Goodnight”

This can also mean “Good evening”, but is most commonly used when someone is heading to bed and they want to indicate that they will sleep soon.

say hello in spanish


  • “Me voy a dormir. ¡Buenas noches!” 
  • I am going to bed. Goodnight!

The next few phrases will teach you various ways to ask “How are you?” or “What’s up?” in Spanish!

While these are not literal ways to say hello in Spanish, you can use them as greetings.

5) ¿Cómo está Usted?: How are you? (formal)

  • How are you? (formal)

Usted is used in formal situations, when you do not know someone or are talking to someone who is your superior, such as a university professor.

say hello in spanish


  • “Hola Señor. ¿Cómo está Usted?”
  • “Hello Sir. How are you?”

6) ¿Cómo estás?: How are you? (Informal)

  • How are you? (Informal)

This is the simplest, informal way of saying “How are you?”. You would use this to speak to a peer or a member of your family.

say hello in spanish


  • “Hola mamá. ¿Cómo estás?”
  • “Hi Mom. How are you?”

7) ¿Qué pasa?: What’s up? What’s happening?

  • What’s up? What’s happening?
  • “KAY PAH-SAH?”

This is a much more informal way to say hello, very similar to “What’s up?” in American English.

say hello in spanish


  • “¿Qué pasa calabaza? Nada nada limonada.”
  • What’s up, pumpkin? Nothing, nothing, lemonade.”

I know this example sounds funny, but that’s because it’s actually a cute rhyme that children in Latin America use! It’s similar to how we say, “See you later alligator” in English.

8) ¿Qué onda?: What’s up? (Informal) (Mexico)

  •  What’s up? (Informal)
  • “KAY OHN-DAH?”

¿Qué onda? — Literally translates to “What wave?” in Spanish, but this commonly used slang term from Mexico is used as a relaxed way to say, “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?” to a friend. If you’re really close, you can say,


  • “¿Qué onda güey?” 
  • (Pronunciation of güey = “WAY”)
  • “What’s up dude?” 😉

9) ¿Qué tal?: What’s up? (Informal) (Spain)

  • What’s up? (Informal)
  • “KAY TAHL?”

If you’re in Spain, you will commonly hear this phrase amongst friends. It means, “How’s it going?”, but you can include estás to your friend, to ask how they are.


  • “¿Qué tal estás” 
  • How are you doing?

10) ¿Qué hay?: What’s up? (Spain(

  • What’s up? 
  • “KAY EYE?”

This literally translates to “What’s there?”, but is another common informal greeting in Spain meaning, “How’s it going?” or “What’s up?”


  • “Hola Andrea, ¿qué hay?”
  • “Hi Andrea, what’s up?”


Now that we know how to say hello in Spanish, and know how someone is doing, here are a few phrases to describe what you like.

11) Me gustas: I like you

  • I like you

Before getting romantic with someone and saying you love them, you might just want to tell them you enjoy their company. This one is simple: “Me gustas”.

Example: “Penelope… me gustas.” — “Penelope… I like you.”

12) Me gusta… I like…

  • I like…

If you want to describe your taste in movies or chocolate or anything else, simply use the phrase “Me gusta” and add the word that you like.

For example:

  • “Me gusta el chocolate”
  • “I like chocolate”

**NOTE: If you are describing something that you like in the plural, then make sure to add an “N” to the end of “Me gusta” like so:

  • “Me gustan perros”
  • “I like dogs”

13) Estoy…  I am… 

  • I am…
  • “ES-TOY…”

If someone asks you how you are using phrases like those in numbers 5-10, you can respond with describing how you are. You can say, “Estoy bien” meaning “I am good”, or “Estoy mal”, as in “I am feeling poorly”.


  • You: “Hola Shakira, ¿cómo estás?”
  • Shakira: “Buenos días, estoy bien.”


You learned how to say hello in Spanish, right?

Now, let’s learn various ways to say “goodbye” in Spanish.

14) Adiós — Goodbye

  • Goodbye (Literally: “To God”)
  • “AH-DEE-OHS”

The simplest way to say goodbye in Spanish is “adiós”. This can be used formally or informally depending on the context. Literally, it means “to god” because it’s a mix “a” and “dios.” Add them together and you have bye in Spanish.


  • “Adiós, amigos. Ya tengo que irme.”
  • “Goodbye, friends. I have to go.”

15) Hasta luego: Until then

  • Until then

This is another very common “goodbye” greeting that it most similar to “see you later” in English.


  • “Necesito dar de comer a mi perro. ¡Hasta luego!”
  • I need to go feed my dog. See you later!

16) Hasta la próxima:  Until next time 

  • Until next time

This phrase is commonly used as a farewell greeting as well and shows how you can add many different words to “hasta” to indicate the next time you will meet. For example, if you have agreed to meet with a client again on Monday, you could end the conversation with, “Until Monday!”, “¡Hasta lunes!”


  • “Gracias por ayudarme. ¡Hasta la próxima!” 
  • “Thanks for helping for me. Until next time!”

17) Hasta la vista: Until the next sighting; Until we see each other again

  • Until the next sighting; Until we see each other again

Of course this phrase was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 2”, but it actually is a common way to say goodbye in Spanish.


  • “Hasta la vista, baby”
  • “Until next time, baby” 😉

Conclusion – Back to You

Boom! Done!

Now you know how to say HELLO in Spanish.

And, you learned a whole bunch of other phrases in the process.

Are there other phrases i should include here? What’s your favorite? Why are you learning Spanish? Leave a comment!

What’s next?

– The Main Junkie

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