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Top 6 FREE Russian Audio Lessons (Play & Download)


Hi Junkies!

Looking for Russian Audio Lessons? Good! Here you’ll find a nice, growing collection of MP3 Audio Lessons that language learners will love. These are perfect for brand new learners and beginners.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Press the play button on the player to listen.
  • Listen & repeat out loud to practice speaking.
  • Email this page with friends that want to learn Russian.
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Top 6 FREE Russian Audio Lessons for Beginners

1. 3-Minute Russian – #1 How to Introduce Yourself in Russian

russian audio lessons

What’s great about the 3-Minute Series is that ALL lessons are 3 minutes long. In each one, you learn some crucial phrases super fast. In this first lesson, you learn how to introduce yourself casually and formally. Below is an example of the formal way.

  • Hello, my name is ____.
  • Здравствуйте, меня зовут ____.
  • Zdrastvuyte, menya zavut ____.

2. All About – #1 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Russian

russian audio lessons

This is an intro-level lesson. No Russian required. The goal here is to get you acquainted with the Russian language and find out why most people start learning. What’s your reason? Feel free to leave a comment!

3. Survival Phrases – #1 How to Say Thank You in Russian

russian audio lessons

Survival Phrases has over 50 lessons. Don’t worry, they’re mostly between 3 and 7 minutes long. Great for picking up must-know phrases without dealing with grammar.  Here, you learn how to say thank you! This is a good phrase to know if you want to be polite. Below is the casual way, but you will also learn the formal way in the audio above.

  • Thank you
  • Спасибо
  • Spasiba

4. Survival Phrases – #2 You’re Welcome in Russian

russian audio lessons

Okay, if you learned “thank you,” then you should learn “you’re welcome” as well. This is the next RussianPod101 Survival Phrase in line.

  • You’re welcome
  • Pozhalusta
  • Пожалуйста

5. Top 25 Questions – #1 What’s your name? in Russian

russian audio lessons

The Top 25 Questions is my favorite course/lesson series. You learn the 25 most common phrases, questions and answers that are used in daily conversations. Think about it. How often do you say “Hello/How are you?” or “What are you doing?” in a day? A LOT. So, knowing these in Russian is important. In the first lesson, you learn how to ask for someone’s name and how to answer.

  • What’s your name?
  • Как тебя зовут?
  • Kak tebya zavoot?

6. Culture Class – #1 Russian National Holidays

russian audio lessons

Here, you learn culture and language at the same time. The Culture Class introduces you to all kinds of topics (Holidays in this lesson), the cultural insights and related vocabulary to the topic. This is not an “intense” course but a SUPER interesting one. Actually, if you can talk about such insights, you’ll be a much better speaker than someone who just knows basic phrases.

Why should you use Russian Audio Lessons as one way learn?

You might be asking yourself this. For beginners and experienced learners alike, audio ls very powerful because…

  • you can listen as many times as you want to immerse yourself
  • you can learn anywhere, on your phone – just play the audio
  • you learn on your computer without buying complicated computer programs
  • you can passively take it in… and do nothing… kind of like listening to songs
  • you can hear real Russian pronunciation

Did you like any these Russian Audio Lessons? Want to see something else? What helped you the most? Give me your feedback.

Leave a comment below!

– written by the Main Junkie

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