For Beginners: 14 Unique Ways to Say Hello in Korean


Hi Junkies!

Want to say hello in Korean?

That’s good. This is the first phrase you should KNOW if you’re learning Korean. And then you should learn to say bye in Korean, but that’s for later. So, today, you’ll learn 10 unique ways to say Hello in Korean. Ready?

Keep reading. Here’s what you can do with this lesson…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
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1) Hi – annyeong

Annyeong is a SUPER versatile word. First, it’s casual. But, it means “hi, hello, good morning, good evening, good day” and even “bye!” Basically you can use it to say Hello in Korean at any time of day.

  • Hi
    • 안녕
    • annyeong

say hello in korean

Also, you can listen to this easy Korean Lesson by that I mentioned above.

  • 3-Minute Korean: Greetings. You will hear how to say hi in Korean.

Just press the play button on the black player below to listen. This lesson is only 3 minutes long and will teach you quickly.

2) Hello – annyeonghaseyo

Take a look. We took the word from above – annyeong – and added haseyo. This is the POLITE way to say Hello in Korean.

  • Hello
    • 안녕하세요
    • annyeonghaseyo

say hello in korean

Now, if you add a question mark….

3) Hello, how do you do? annyeonghaseyo?

  • 안녕하세요?
  • annyeonghaseyo?

See that? You can use annyeonghaseyo to also ask how someone is. Just make sure to say it as a question. Let’s move on.

say hello in korean
4) Hello, it’s nice to meet you. Annyeonghaseyo. Mannaseo bangapsseumnida.

  • 안녕하세요. 만나서 반갑습니다.
  • Annyeonghaseyo. Mannaseo bangapsseumnida.

This is another perfect Korean greeting. And because we’re using annyeonghaseyo, remember, it’s formal. But now you can also add “nice to meet you.” Just another way to say Hello in Korean!

say hello in korean

5) Hello on the Phone – yeoboseyo

  • Hello? (used on the phone)
    • 여보세요
    • yeoboseyo

So there’s a different hello you’ll need to use if you’re on the phone.

say hello in korean

6) Good morning – jo-eun achimimnida

  • Good morning.
    • 좋은 아침입니다
    • jo-eun achimimnida.

Oh, there IS another way to say good morning in Korean. Here it is. You can use this for everyone, friends and people you don’t know. More casual:

  • 좋은 아침
  • Jo-en-a-chim

say hello in korean

7) What’s up – Museun iriya?

  • What’s up?
    • 무슨 일이야?
    • Museun iriya?

Yes, this is not EXACTLY a way to say hello in Korean, right? But, people use “What’s up?” as a greeting all the time. So, you can definitely use it.

say hello in korean

8) How are you – jal jinaeseyo

  • How are you?
    • 어떻게 지내세요?
    • Eotteoke jinaeseyo?

This is an informal way to say how are you in Korean and to greet someone. What’s the informal?

  • How are you? (formal)
    • 잘 지내세요?
    • jal jinaeseyo

say hello in korean

9) Long time no see. Oraenmanieyo.

Again, not a hello but definitely used as a greeting. Koreans will use this as the first thing when they see someone. If… it has been a long time.

  • Long time no see
    • 오랜만이에요.
    • Oraenmanieyo.


say hello in korean

10) What’s up? Mo hai?

  • 모해?
  • Mo hai?

A super casual way of saying “What’s up” and greeting someone.

say hello in korean

11. Hey – Ya!

  • Hey!
    • 야!
    • Ya!

Super simple greeting but obviously very casual as well. Okay, I will end off this article with a few more greeting phrases that are casual.

say hello in korean

12. How are you doing? jal ji ne nya

  • 잘지네냐
  • jal ji ne nya

say hello in korean

13. Whatcha’ doing? mo ha ni?

  • 뭐하니?
  • mo ha ni?

say hello in korean

14. How have you been? Utduke jinaeshutsuyo?

  • 어떻게 지내셨어요?
  • Utduke jinaeshutsuyo?

say hello in korean


Since you’re a smartie, you know that NOT ALL of these are how to Say Hello in Korean. HOWEVER… every entry here is useful as a greeting, just like hello. It can be the first thing you say to a person when you see them, so it still counts.

But even better, by knowing these and knowing MORE phrases, your Korean is so much better. You have MORE ways of expressing yourself. Building able to express yourself in multiple ways is a sign of fluency. So, it’s good to know varied phrases.

Do you know of other unique ways to say Hello in Korean? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments!


~ Written by the Main Junkie

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