For Beginners: Learn Top 64 Hebrew Adjectives (PDF Lesson)

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Who’s this lesson for? It’s for Beginner Hebrew learners that need to learn more words. Today, you’ll learn the most common Hebrew Adjectives. Just 64 words but I will update for more.

These are some of the most used Hebrew adjectives in daily life.

learn hebrew adjectives

Take this Hebrew lesson and…

  • Review often because success doesn’t happen from learning things “once”
  • Print this page out to have as physical material
  • Read out loud to practice the pronunciation
  • PDF lesson is at the bottom of this lesson for anyone that wants to keep this.

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How to learn: Now, 64 is a lot of words in one shot, right? Don’t be scared. Look, there are 30 days in a month.

If you just learn 2 Hebrew adjectives a day (multiply 2 times 30…that’s 60), you’ll learn all 64 in a month easily. So learn 2 on one day, learn 3 on another. And that’s IF you’re LAZY and I don’t think you are.

Top 64 Hebrew Adjectives

# English Hebrew Pronunciation Gender
1 angry כועס ko’es M.
2 annoying מעצבן me’ats’ben M.
3 bad רע ra M.
4 beautiful יפיפה yefeyfe M.
5 bored משועמם m’shu’amam M.
6 boring משעמם mesha’amem M.
7 busy עסוק asuk
8 calm רגוע ragu’a M.
9 casual בלתירשמי bil’ti rish’mi M.
10 cheap זול zol M.
11 clean נקי naki M.
12 cold קר kar M.
13 cool קריר karir M.
14 cool מגניב mag’niv M.
15 dark כהה kehe M.
16 deep עמוק amok M.
17 delicious טעים ta’im M.
18 difficult קשה kashe M.
19 dirty מלוכלך meluchlach M.
20 disgusting מגעיל mag’il M.
21 dissatisfied בלתי-מרוצה bilti merutse M.
22 easy קל kal M.
23 embarrassed נבוך navoch M.
24 excited נרגש nirgash M.
25 exciting מרגש meragesh M.
26 expensive יקר yakar M.
27 famous מפורסם mefur’sam M.
28 far רחוק rachok M.
29 funny מצחיק matz’chik M.
30 good טוב tov M.
31 happy שמח same’ach M.
32 hard קשה kasheh M.
33 high גבוה gavoha M.
34 hopeful מלא-תקווה mele tikva M.
35 hot חם cham M.
36 important חשוב chashuv M.
37 insignificant חסר-משמעות chasar mashma’ut
38 interesting מעניין me’anyen M.
39 kind אדיב adiv M.
40 light קל kal M.
41 low נמוך namuch M.
42 mean מרושע merusha M.
43 narrow צר tzar M.
44 near קרוב karov M.
45 nervous לחוץ lachutz
46 painful כואב ko’ev M.
47 poor עני ani M.
48 popular פופולארי populari M.
49 relaxing מרגיע margi’a M.
50 rich עשיר ashir
51 sad עצוב atzuv M.
52 satisfied מרוצה merutzeh M.
53 scary מפחיד maf’chid M.
54 serious רציני retsini M.
55 shallow שטחי shitchi M.
56 shy ביישן bayshan M.
57 small קטן katan M.
58 soft רך rach M.
59 strong חזק chazak M.
60 tired עייף ayef M.
61 ugly מכוער mecho’ar M.
62 warm חמים khamim
63 weak חלש cha’lash M.
64 wide רחב rachav M.

Great, you made it down here. I truly hope you printed this Hebrew vocabulary words list or printed the PDF Copy.

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hebrew adjectives

And that’s it. What’s next?

Do you want more? A top 500 list? Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more lessons with adjectives, nouns, verbs and more.

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Hope you enjoyed this!

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