For Beginners: 14 Unique Ways to Say Hello in Korean

say hello in korean

Hi Junkies! Want to say hello in Korean? That’s good. This is the first phrase you should KNOW if you’re learning Korean. And if you’re not learning… leave! So, today, you’ll learn 10 unique ways to say Hello in Korean. Ready? Keep reading. Here’s what you can do with this lesson… Read, review, and read out loud Print it out […]

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Part 5: Learn Top 15 Bad Korean Words, Curses & Insults

bad korean words & korean curses

Hi there! Part 4 here. We’re back! You want to learn korean curses and BAD Korean words, huh? Here’s what I say to you: WELCOME! Why am I so happy you’re learning bad Korean words? Every learner starts with bad words. FACT. In my journeys to learn Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian… I started with… the BAD words! They’re fun. […]

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Learn Korean: 15 Phrases to Say I Agree in Korean

i agree in korean

Hello Junkies! Today, you’ll learn how to agree in Korean! Why? Knowing ways to say I Agree in Korean is a must for beginners. These are super common phrases and you’ll definitely need them for conversations. This is ONLY for learners that truly want to speak better Korean. If you’re not serious, So take this Korean lesson… Read, review, and […]

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