Learn the Top 20 Korean Slang Words & Phrases. Part 1

3koreanclassNEW2Hello Junkies,

Want to know the must know Korean Slang Words? Oh, you don’t? Leave NOW because that’s what this lesson is all about. And here’s what you SHOULD do with this lesson:

  • Read and review these Korean slang words as MUCH as possible.
    • You’ll never learn this if you only read it once
  • Read out loud to practice your speaking
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
  • Save images for your personal use (as flashcards)

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Learn the Top 20 Korean Slang Words & Phrases.

korean slang words

1. Cool

  • jjang

Let’s start with one of the most obvious Korean Slang words. Cool. You know it in English, right? You should know how to say cool in Korean, too. Cool? Cool.

korean slang words


2. Best face (really pretty face)

  • 얼짱
  • eol-jjang

If you’re wondering what a “best face” is – as mentioned above – it means that someone has a pretty face. It’s about their looks! And this is typically used for girls.

korean slang words

3. Oh my god!

  • 오마이갓
  • o-ma-i-gat

Read the pronunciation. Sound English to you? Yep. This is “Konglish” or Korean that sounds like English.

korean slang words

4. 4D (someone wacky)

  • 사차원
  • sa-cha-won

So, this Korean Slang Word, er, combination of a number and a letter is a way to describe someone’s personality. Someone that’s 4D is unique or weird. Now, this is a compliment and NOT a bad thing. You can also use it for someone that thinks outside the box.

korean slang words

5. You bet/absolutely

  • 당근이지
  • dang-geun-i-ji

korean slang words

6. Sue me!

  • 배째
  • bae-jjae!

korean slang words

7. You’re so cheap

  • 넌 너무 짜
  • neon-neo-mu-jja

korean slang words

8. You are snobby

  • 넌 코가 높다
  • neon-ko-ga-nop-da

korean slang words

9. Yeah, this is fun!

  • 야! 신난다!
  • ya-sin-nan-da

korean slang words

10. I hate you/ I don’t like you

  • 나 너 싫어요
  • na neo sir-eo-yo

Always a popular phrase. You must know how to say I hate you in Korean, no?

korean slang words

11. It’s gross.

  • 닭살이야
  • dalgsal-iyakorean slang words

12. This is the bomb!

  • 짱이야!
  • jjang-iya!

korean slang words

13. Not Funny.

  • 썰렁해.
  • sseolleonghae.

In other words, “that was a bad joke.”

korean slang words

14. Mind your own business.

  • 너나 잘해.
  • neona jalhae.

15. Are you crazy?

  • 제정신이야?/ 미쳤어?
  • jejeongsin-iya?/ michyeoss-eo?

korean slang words

16. Shut up!

  • 즐.
  • jeul.

Want to know how to say shut up in Korean? Well, this is it. One of the must know Korean slang words right here for you.

korean slang words

17. Just joking.

  • 뻥이야.
  • ppeong-iya.

korean slang words

18. You’re kidding me.

  • 웃기지마.
  • usgijima.

korean slang words

19. Childish!

  • 초딩.
  • choding.

korean slang words

20. Good luck.

  • 재수.
  • jaesu.

korean slang words

And that’s it for part 1 of the top Korean slang words!

Which of these Korean slang words and phrases is your favorite? Know of any more? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments! Let’s make it a top 40 or 50 list.

What’s next?


~ Written by the Main Junkie

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