How to Learn Korean with BTS Songs, Lyrics & Learning Tricks

Want to know how to learn Korean with BTS songs and Kpop?

Well, it’s easy — read on. 

You’ll get my tips and secrets on how to learn with BTS songs. This guide is divided into 2 parts

  1. Learning tips to use.
  2. Most popular BTS songs to know for beginners.

Cool? Let’s jump in.

Want to learn how to write in Korean? Download your free Korean Hangul (Alphabet) worksheet here.

Tips on How to Learn Korean with BTS Songs

These tips are divided based on your learning level, from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate.

So, if you’re brand new to Korean, start with the beginner tips and see which work for you. Okay?

And if you have some experience, do try the Beginner ones anyway if the Intermediate tips are too much.

For absolute beginner learners

1. Learn at least 1 line or a chorus and sing it out. This will be easy with romanization for the songs that I provide below and will help the words stick.

2. Write down unknown words in Hangul. This is so you get used to Korean words you don’t know. Oh, and if you don’t yet know your Hangul (Korean alphabet), click the link and download the free Alphabet worksheet.

3. Recall words you often hear in songs. Recalling or “trying to remember” — even though it sounds like work is actually one of the best ways to improve your memory. So, try to remember when you’re not listening to the song.

4.. Learn at least 1 line or a chorus and sing it out. This will be easy with romanization provided and will help the words stick.

For beginner learners

1. Write down new words you learn from songs along with their meanings. This is the same tip as in the beginners section because you will ALWAYS come across new words no matter your level.

2. Memorize a whole song. As an intermediate, this should be possible for you.

3. If you have memorized songs, try writing out the lyrics in Hangul and then see if you wrote it correctly.

4. Write down your favorite lines and choruses from k-pop songs along with their meanings (like the ones below). You can copy out the lyrics that we have here.

For intermediate learners

1. Listen to new songs and note down on what you think the song is about. This will test your understanding.

2. Try and repeat (shadow) what you hear after every few lines. This will test your listening and how well you can pick up what you hear. You can also cheat with lyrics.

3.  Write your own k-pop song– at least a small stanza with basic words you know.

Korean Kpop Ebooks
If you want resources to learning Korean with BTS PDFs – check this out. Free Korean worksheets and PDF eBooks.

Learn with BTS Lyrics & Choruses

Now, let’s learn Korean with BTS songs.

Here are a bunch of verses and choruses from popular songs that all K-pop lovers know.

If you’re a beginner, this will get you started with how to learn Korean with KPop. So, take a look below. Are any of your favorite songs here?

By the way, let me know which format works best for you. Romanization and translation below? Or, side by side in a table? or, side by side for every line in a table?

Blood, sweat and tears

Bs&t is always an enjoyable song with its reggaeton beat and ‘sweeter than sweet’ lyrics.

아파도 돼 날 묶어줘

내가 도망칠 수 없게

꽉 쥐고 날 흔들어줘

내가 정신 못 차리게


I don’t care if it hurts, tie me up

So I can’t run away

Grab me tightly and shake me up

So I can’t come to my senses

Vocabulary section

  • 묶다 [Mukkda] – to tie 
  • 도망치다 [Domang-chida] – to run away
  • 꽉 쥐다 [Kkwak jwida] – to grasp tightly 
  • 흔들다 [Heundeulda] – to shake
  • 정신 차리다 [Jeongsin charida] – to come to one’s senses

Spring day

This melancholic BTS song captures the most complex emotions in the simplest words.

허공을 떠도는

작은 먼지처럼

작은 먼지처럼

날리는 눈이 나라면

조금 더 빨리 

네게 닿을 수 있을 텐데


Like in a small piece of dust

That floats in the air

A small piece of dust 

If I was the flying snow

I could reach you 

A little sooner

Vocabulary section 

  • 허공 [Heogong] -air/sky
  • 떠돌다 [Tteodolda] – wander/float
  • 먼지 [Meonji] – dust
  • 빨리 [Ppalli] – fast/quickly 
  • 닿다 [Dahda] – reach

Save me

The tranquilizing lyrics of ‘save me’ have impactful words and phrases for you to learn.

왜 이리 깜깜한 건지

니가 없는 이 곳은

위험하잖아 망가진 내 모습

구해줘 날 나도 날 잡을 수 없어

내 심장소릴 들어봐

제멋대로 널 부르잖아

이 까만 어둠 속에서

너는 이렇게 빛나니까


Why is it so dark 

In this place without you 

It’s dangerous, my wrecked self

Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself

Listen to my heartbeat

It calls you whenever it wants to

Because within this pitch black darkness

You are shining so brightly

Vocabulary section 

  • 깜깜한 [Kkamkkamhan] – Dark 
  • 위험하다 [Wiheom-hada] – to be dangerous 
  • 모습 [Moseub] – appearance
  • 구하다 [Guhada] – to save
  • 심장소리 [Shimjang-sori] – heartbeat 
  • 제멋대로 [Je-meot-daero] – according to one’s own will


As you sing along to this energetic bop, it’s even better if you know and understand it too.

When I wake up in my room 난 뭣도 없지

해가 지고 난 후 비틀대며 걷지

다 만신창이로 취했어 취했어

막 욕해 길에서 길에서

나 맛이 갔지 미친놈 같지

다 엉망진창, livin’ like 삐-이-


When I wake up in my room, I am nothing

After the sun sets, I sway as I walk

I’m wrecked and drunk, wasted 

I’m out swearing on the streets

I’ve lost it, I’m like a crazy guy

Everything’s a mess, livin’ like Beep

Vocabulary section

  • 해가 지다 [Haega jida] – sun set
  • 비틀대며 [Biteul-daemyeo] – staggeringly
  • 만신창이 [Manshinchang-i] – wrecked (body)
  • 취하다 [Chwihada] – to be drunk
  • 욕하다 [Yokhada] – to swear/curse
  • 맛이 갔다 [Mas-i gat-da] – to lose one’s mind 
  • 엉망진창 [Eongmang-jinchang] – big mess

Silver spoon

‘Baepsae’ is definitely a generational anthem with iconic lyrics. 

알바 가면 열정페이

학교 가면 선생님

상사들은 행패

언론에선 맨날 몇 포 세대


At my part time job, I get a ‘ripoff pay’

At school, there’s the teachers

My superiors use violence

In the media they go on about “the generation that’s given up”

Vocabulary section

  • 알바 [Alba] – part-time job (Areubaiteu)
  • 열정페이 [Yeoljeong-pei] – ripoff pay/passion pay
  • 상사 [Sangsa] – superior 
  • 행패 [Haengpae] – violence 
  • 언론 [Eollon] – media
  • 세대 [Sedae] – generation 


When you just want to run endlessly, overcoming frustrated and frenzied emotions, you must remember this song.

손 뻗어봤자 금세

깨버릴 꿈 꿈 꿈

미칠 듯 달려도

또 제자리일 뿐 뿐 뿐

그냥 날 태워줘 그래 더 밀쳐내줘

이건 사랑에 미친 멍청이의 뜀박질


When I reach out, it immediately 

breaks, this dream dream dream

No matter how crazy I run,

I remain in the same place place place

Just burn me yeah shove me out

This is the running of a fool crazy in love 

Vocabulary section 

  • 금세 [Geumse] – immediately 
  • 깨버릴 [Kkaebeoril] – what will break 
  • 제자리 [Je-jari] – it’s own place 
  • 태우다 [Tae-uda] – to burn
  • 밀쳐내다 [Milchyeo-naeda] – to shove away
  • 뜀박질 [Ttwimbakjil] – running 

Life goes on

Like an echo in the forest, these lyrics breeze past you in a flurry of emotions.

끝이 보이지 않아

출구가 있긴 할까

발이 떼지질 않아 않아 oh

잠시 두 눈을 감아

여기 내 손을 잡아

저 미래로 달아나자


There’s no end in sight

Is there a way out?

My feet refuse to move, oh

Close your eyes for a moment

Hold my hand

To the future, let’s run away

Vocabulary section

  • 출구 [Chulgu] – exit/way out
  • 떼지다 [Ttejida] – come off
  • 눈을 감다 [Nuneul gamda] – close one’s eyes 
  • 미래 [Mirae] – future 
  • 달아나다 [Dar-a nada] – escape/run away

 Magic shop 

With magical vocals and consoling lyrics, this song let’s in rays of hope inside you.

내가 나인 게 싫은 날 영영 사라지고 싶은 날

문을 하나 만들자 너의 맘 속에다

그 문을 열고 들어가면 이 곳이 기다릴 거야

믿어도 괜찮아 널 위로해줄 Magic Shop


For the days when I hate who I am, days when I want to disappear forever

Let’s make a door in your heart

When you open the door and go in, this place will be waiting for you 

You can trust it, the Magic Shop that will comfort you

Vocabulary section 

  • 싫다 [Silh-da/Sirh-da] – to hate/dislike
  • 영영 사라지다 [Yeongyeong sarajida] – to disappear forever 
  • 기다리다 [Gidarida] – to wait
  • 믿다 [Mid-da] – to trust
  • 위로하다 [Wirohada] – to comfort 

Conclusion – Read This Last

Now you know some Korean words..

You learned of some popular BTS K-pop songs…

You’re ready to sing along, learn, and improve your Korean along the way.

And, you learned some learning tips and tricks to practice.

By the way, you can apply these same tips to learn Korean with Kpop in general, any song

Now that you’re done, tell me which of these is your favorite BTS song?

And which of the tips do you use to learn Korean?

Leave me a comment!

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