Learn Korean with KPop Songs & Special Learning Tricks


What if you could learn Korean with Kpop... enjoy your favorite songs… sing along… and have a lot of fun in the process?

Well, it’s easy — read on.

You’ll get my LinguaJunkie tips and secrets on HOW to learn with K-Pop. This guide is divided into 2 parts

  1. Learning tips to use.
  2. Most popular songs to know for beginners.

Cool? Let’s jump in.

Want to learn how to write in Korean? Download your free Korean Hangul (Alphabet) worksheet here.

Tips on How to Learn Korean with KPop Music

These tips are divided based on your learning level, from Beginner to Advanced.

So, if you’re brand new to Korean, start with the beginner tips and see which work for you. Okay?

And if you have some experience, do try the Beginner ones anyway if the Intermediate tips are too much.

learn korean with kpop

For beginners:

1. Learn at least 1 line or a chorus and sing it out. This will be easy with romanization for the songs that I provide below and will help the words stick.

2. Write down unknown words in Hangul. This is so you get used to Korean words you don’t know. Oh, and if you don’t yet know your Hangul (Korean alphabet), click the link and download the free Alphabet worksheet.

3. Recall words you often hear in songs. Recalling or “trying to remember” — even though it sounds like work is actually one of the best ways to improve your memory. So, try to remember when you’re not listening to the song.

4.. Learn at least 1 line or a chorus and sing it out. This will be easy with romanization provided and will help the words stick.

For intermediate learners

1. Write down new words you learn from songs along with their meanings. This is the same tip as in the beginners section because you will ALWAYS come across new words no matter your level.

2. Memorize a whole song. As an intermediate, this should be possible for you.

3. If you have memorized songs, try writing out the lyrics in Hangul and then see if you wrote it correctly.

4. Write down your favorite lines and choruses from k-pop songs along with their meanings (like the ones below). You can copy out the lyrics that we have here.

For advanced learners

1. Listen to new songs and note down on what you think the song is about. This will test your understanding.

2. Try and repeat (shadow) what you hear after every few lines. This will test your listening and how well you can pick up what you hear. You can also cheat with lyrics.

3.  Write your own k-pop song– at least a small stanza with basic words you know.

Korean Kpop Ebooks
If you want resources for learning Korean with K-Pop – Free Korean worksheets and PDF eBooks.

Learn with KPop Lyrics & Choruses

Now, let’s learn Korean with Kpop songs.

Here are a bunch of verses and choruses from popular songs that all K-pop lovers know.

If you’re a beginner, this will get you started with how to learn Korean with KPop. So, take a look below. Are any of your favorite songs here?

By the way, let me know which format works best for you. Romanization and translation below? Or, side by side in a table? or, side by side for every line in a table?

1. Anti fragile- Le Sserafim

The 2022 bop stuck in everyone’s head is not just addictive but also has empowering lyrics. So, if you want to know some motivational Korean, get a load of this chorus.

더 높이 가줄게
내가 바랐던 세계 젤 위에 (ah-ah)
떨어져도 돼
I’m anti-fragile, anti-fragile (ah-ah)

Deo nopi gajulge
Naega baratdeon segye jel wie (ah-ah)
Tteoreojyeodo dwae
I’m antifragile, antifragile (ah-ah)

I’ll go even higher
To the very top of the world like I hoped (ah-ah)
It’s okay even if I fall
I’m anti-fragile, anti-fragile (ah-ah)

Vocabulary section for the words above:

  • 높이 [Nop-i] – higher (place)
  • 바랐던 [Barat-deon] – (what I) hoped for
  • 세계 [Segye] – the world
  • 떨어지다 [Tteoreo-jida] – to fall

2. Hot sauce – NCT Dream

설탕이 발린 맛엔
이내 질리기 쉬워
뜨거운 나의 feelin’ (나의 feelin’)
지금 느꼈지 넌
너와 내 사이 선명히 보인
커져만 가는 열기
난 오감을 깨워 네 맘을 깨워
터질 것만 같은 ma skill


Seoltangi ballin masen
Inae jilligi shwiweo
Tteugeoun naye feelin’
Jigeum neukkyeotji neon
Neowa nae sai seonmyeonghi boin
Keojyeoman ganeun yeolgi
Nan ogameul kkaeweo ne mameul kkaeweo
Teojil geonman gateun ma skill


This sugarcoated taste
It’s easy to get sick of it pretty soon.
My hot feelin’ (my feelin’)
You felt it just now
It’s clearly visible between you and me,
the heat that keeps growing
I awaken your five senses, awaken your feelings
Ma skill that’s about to explode

Vocabulary section:

  • 사탕 발림 [Satang ballim] – sweetening, coaxing
    질리다 [Jillida] – get sick of
    선명히 [Seonmyeong-hi] – clearly
    열기 [Yeol-gi] – heat
    오감 [O-gam] – five senses

3. Lilac – IU

우리 둘의 마지막 페이지를 잘 부탁해
어느 작별이 이보다 완벽할까
Love me only till this spring
오 라일락 꽃이 지는 날 goodbye
이런 결말이 어울려
안녕 꽃잎 같은 안녕
하얀 우리 봄날의 climax
아 얼마나 기쁜 일이야


Uri durui majimak peijireul jal butakhae
Eoneu jakbyeori iboda wanbyeokhalkka
Love me only till this spring

O raillak kkocci jineun nal good bye
Ireon gyeolmari eoullyeo
Annyeong kkoccip gateun annyeong
Haiyan uri bomnarui climax
A eolmana gippeun iriya


Take a good care of the page of our story
Could any farewell be more perfect than this?
Love me only till this spring
Oh lilac, goodbye the day when the flowers fall
This ending suits you
Goodbye like the falling petals goodbye
Our white spring day’s climax
Oh what a glad thing!

Vocabulary section

  • 작별 [Jakbyeol] – farewell
    완벽한 [Wanbyeok-han] – perfect
    결말 [Gyeolmal] – conclusion/ending
    어울리다 [Eo-ullida] – to suit
    봄날 [Bom-nal] – spring day

4. Alcohol free – Twice

너와 있을 땐 내게
신기한 변화가 있는데
자꾸 미소 짓게 돼
아무 일도 없는데

자꾸 마법에 걸려
밤을 새워도 안 졸려
다른 생각 지워져
심장 소리는 커져
사랑이 참 쉬워져
그래서 빠지고 빠져 점점 너에게
That’s what you do to me


Neowa isseul ttaen naege
Singihan byeonhwaga issneunde
Jakku miso jisge dwae
Amu ildo eobsneunde

Jakku mabeobe geollyeo
Bameul saewodo an jollyeo
Daleun saenggag jiwojyeo
Simjang solineun keojyeo
Salangi cham swiwojyeo
Geulaeseo ppajigo ppajyeo jeomjeom neoege
That’s what you do to me


When I’m with you, in me
there’s an interesting change
I keep smiling
Though there’s nothing going on

I’m always under a spell
I’m not sleepy even if I stay up all night
All other thoughts get erased
My heart beats louder
Love seems so easy
So I keep falling for you more and more
That’s what you do to me

Vocabulary section

  • 신기한 [Shingi-han] – interesting
  • 변화 [Byeonhwa] – change
  • 마법에 걸리다 [Mabeob-e geollida] – to be under a spell
  • 밤을 새우다 [Bameul sae-uda] – stay up all night
  • 지워지다 [Jiwojida] – get erased
  • 쉬워지다 [Swi-wojida] – become easy

5. Psycho – Red Velvet

우리 진짜 별나대
그냥 내가 너무 좋아해
넌 그걸 너무 잘 알고 날 쥐락펴락해
나도 마찬가지인걸


Uri jinjja byeolladae
Geunyang naega neomu joahae
Neon geugeol neomu jal algo
Nal jwirakpyeorakae
Nado machangajiingeol


They say we’re really weird
But I just like you too much
You know that too well and you perfectly control me
But I bet I’m no different

Vocabulary section

  • 별난 [Byeol-nan] – weird/strange
  • 쥐락펴락 하다 [Jwirak-pyeorak hada] – control/make a puppet of
  • 마찬가지 이다 [Machan-gaji ida] – be the same

6. Eleven – Ive


따분한 나의 눈빛이
무표정했던 얼굴이
널 보며 빛나고 있어
널 담은 눈동자는 odd

내 안에 빼곡하게 피어나는 blue
내가 지금 느끼는 이 감정들은 true
내 입술을 간지럽힌 낯선 그 이름
난 몰랐어 내 맘이 이리 다채로운지


Ttabunhan naui nunbichi
Mupyojeonghaetdeon eolguri
Neol bomyeo binnago isseo
Neol dameun nundongjaneun odd

Nae ane ppaegokage pieonaneun blue
Naega jigeum neukkineun i gamjeongdeureun true
Nae ipsureul ganjireopin natseon geu ireum
Nan mollasseo nae mami iri dachaerounji


My eyes are full of boredom
But my expressionless face
shines when I’m looking at you
My eyes that contain you are odd

My insides are densely filled with a blooming blue
These emotions I’m feeling right now are true
The unfamiliar name that tickles my lips
I didn’t know my heart was so colorful

Vocabulary section

  • 따분한 [Ttabunhan] – bored
  • 눈빛 [Nunbich] – eye expression
  • 무표정한 [Mupyojeonghan] – expressionless/stoic
  • 빼곡하게 [Bbaegok-hage] – densely
  • 피어나다 [Pi-eonada] – to bloom
  • 감정 [Gamjeong] – emotions
  • 간지럽히다 [Ganjireob-hida] – to tickle
  • 다채로운 [Dachaero-un] – colourful

7. Dumb dumb – Somi

거울 앞에서 또 연습해Geoul apeseo tto yeonseubhaeI’m practicing in front of the mirror again
두 눈을 크게 떠Du nuneul keuge tteoOpening my eyes wider
이런 표정을 넌 좋아해Ireon pyojeongeul neon joahaeYou like it when I make this face
어떻게 하면 더 연약해 청초해 보일까Eotteoke hamyeon deo yeonyakhae cheongchohae boilkkaHow can I look more vulnerable and elegant?
안 꾸민듯 꾸며보곤 해 (oh)An kkumindeut kkumyeobogon hae (oh)I try to look as if it didn’t try to adorn myself (oh)

Vocabulary section

  • 연습하다 [Yeonseub-hada] – to practice
  • 표정 [Pyojeong] – expression
  • 연약한 [Yeonyakhan] – vulnerable
  • 청초한 [Cheongchohan] – elegant
  • 꾸미다 [Kkumida] – adorn/make up

8. Drunk dazed – Enhypen

Mmm 경계선을 넘어 날 불러 날
모든 것이 바뀌어, 모두 무너져
잠긴 문 너머 손 뻗어 난
고통이 날 반겨, 갈증의 향연
사실 두려워 난
거울 속의 내가 낯설기만 해
이 가면 뒤 초라한 진실
But I never escape


Mmm gyeonggyeseoneul neomeo nal bulleo nal
Modeun geosi bakkwieo modu muneojyeo
Jamgin mun neomeo son ppeodeo nan
Gotongi nal bangyeo galjeungui hyangyeon

Sasil duryeowo nan
Geoul sogui naega naccseolgiman hae
I gamyeon dwi chorahan jinsil
But I never escape


Mm what used to cross the boundaries and call me out
It all changes, it all crumbles
I reach out over the locked door
Pain welcomes me, a feast of unfulfilled desire
Honestly, I’m scared
I’m just unfamiliar with my reflection in the mirror
The miserable truth behind this mask
But I never escape

Vocabulary section

  • 경계선 [Gyeonggye-seon] – boundary
  • 바뀌다 [Bakkwida] – change
  • 무너지다 [Muneojida] – collapse/crumble
  • 잠긴 [Jamgin] – locked
  • 손 뻗다 [Son bbeod-da] – reach out/ extend hand
  • 고통 [Gotong] – pain
  • 갈증의 향연 [Galjeung-ui hyangyeon] – a feast of unfulfilled desire
  • 낯설다 [Nat-seolda] – to be unfamiliar
  • 초라한 [Chorahan] – miserable

Conclusion – Read This Last

Now you know some Korean words..

You learned of some popular K-pop songs…

And you’re ready to sing along, learn, and improve your Korean along the way.

Now that you’re done, tell me which of these is your favorite song?

And which of the tips do you use to learn Korean?

Leave me a comment!

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