Language Lesson: Top 20+ Beautiful Hebrew Words (Audio)

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Want to learn the top 20 Beautiful Hebrew Words? Good. That’s why you and I are here. I’m here to teach you and you’re about to get some new words inside your brain.

For Learners: 20 Beautiful Hebrew Words

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Let’s move onto the beautiful Hebrew words.

1. Night

  • לילה
  • Pronounced: laila

This is probably one of the most beautiful Hebrew words. There is even a popular female name that has derived from this word. Can you guess? “Layla” which is also written “Leila” or “Laila.”

beautiful hebrew words

2. Charming

  • מקסים
  • Pronounced: maksim

Here is another Hebrew word that has a very pleasant sound.

Say it out loud. Does it sound like a name? That’s right, it sounds like the popular name, “Maxim.”

beautiful hebrew words

3. Spring

  • אביב
  • Pronounced: aviv

אביב” is a short and simple word that is often associated with life, revival, new hope and beauty.

beautiful hebrew words

4. Beauty

  • יופי
  • Pronounced: yofi

The Hebrew word for beauty has a beautiful sounding too.

This word is extremely easy to pronounce for an English speaker.

It consists of sounds that exist in the English language, too.

beautiful hebrew words

5. Love

  • אהבה
  • Pronounced: ahava

This word both describes one of the most beautiful feelings and has a very gentle and pleasant sound.

beautiful hebrew words

5. Stars

  • כוכבים
  • Pronounced: koh’avim

The word “כוכבים” is actually the plural form of the word “כוכב” (koh’av) meaning “a star.”

To pronounce this word correctly you have to practice your “h’ ” sound, which is a harsher and more guttural variant of the English “h” sound. It is quite similar to how “h” sounds in the word “Hotel.”

beautiful hebrew words

6. The World

  • עולם
  • Pronounced: olam

עולם” is another short and easy word for you to learn that also sounds pretty nice as bonus.

beautiful hebrew words

7. Grater

  • פומפיה
  • Pronounced: opumpiya

Unlike the words above, this one doesn’t stand for some amazing phenomena.

But, it has a rather funny sound. Say it. “Opumpiya!”

It is a great example of the Hebrew language’s uniqueness and peculiarity. 

8. Rainbow

  • קשת בענן
  • Pronounced: keshet beanan

The Hebrew variant of Rainbow consists of two words that describe the same phenomena.

The first word, “קשת” (keshet), means “an arch” or “a bow.” The other word, “בענן” (beanan), means “in a cloud”, where “ב” is “in” and “ענן” is “a cloud”.

So, a bow in a cloud!

beautiful hebrew words

9. Diamond

  • יהלום
  • Pronounced: yahalom

The Hebrew word for diamond is “יהלום”.

It has a very deep and lovely sound. Definitely one of my favorite beautiful Hebrew words.

10. The Sky

  • שמים
  • Pronounced: shamaim

The sky is usually associated with something endless and breathtaking but also unsteady and ever-changing. The sound of the Hebrew word for “sky” describes it best with a rather harsh beginning and a very soft and tender ending.

beautiful hebrew words

11. Land / Ground / Soil

  • אדמה
  • Pronounced: adama

In Hebrew, there is one single word that stands for “land”, “ground” and “soil.” Another interesting fact is that the popular male name, “Adam,” is derived from this Hebrew word, because in The Bible it is told that Adam was created from the dust of the earth.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7)”.

beautiful hebrew words

12. Space

  • חלל
  • Pronounced: h’alal

The Hebrew language is very rich of short and catchy words, and this word is not an exception.

חלל” has a very deep sound that despite its shortness conveys the endlessness and greatness of space.

beautiful hebrew words

13. Dew

  • טל
  • Pronounced: tal

This one you can learn in no time!

This word is so short and “quick” that it reminds us of the tiny morning drops, which are called “dew” in English.

beautiful hebrew words

14. Hello / Peace

  • שלום
  • Pronounced: shalom

שלום” is one of the most recognizable Hebrew words in the world. You probably already know it.

You can use it as a greeting when you say Hello. It also means “peace,” which is very important and desired to people in Israel.

beautiful hebrew words

15. Pepper

  • פלפל
  • Pronounced: pilpel

The Hebrew word for pepper is a very catchy word that sounds great, too.

beautiful hebrew words

16. Longing / Nostalgia

  • געגוע
  • Pronounced: ga’agua

This word describes the state when someone is longing for someone or something.

געגוע has a rather pleasant and ‘circular’ sounding.

beautiful hebrew words

17. The Sun

  • שמש
  • Pronounced: shemesh

When people think of the Sun they usually associate it with warmness, life and joy.

This is a very beautiful and easy Hebrew word to learn.

beautiful hebrew words

18. Lion

  • אריה
  • Pronounced: arye

אריה” sounds really powerful and strong, which is definitely correlated with the animal itself

It also is similar to the lion’s roar in a way.

beautiful hebrew words

19. Twice

  • פעמיים
  • Pronounced: paamaim

פעמיים” is actually the Hebrew word for “Twice.”

This word might not possess any special meaning, but it still sounds really good.

beautiful hebrew words

20. Sea

  • ים
  • Pronounced: yam

This one is another beautiful word in the Hebrew language.

It sounds both calm and simple and it also stands for something really magnificent.

beautiful hebrew words

21. Sky

  • שָׁמַיִם
  • Shamaim

Sky in English is a beautiful word, isn’t it? With everything it means and represents, it also makes the beautiful Hebrew words list.

beautiful hebrew words

22. Dream

  • חולם
  • H’alom

beautiful hebrew words


23. Hope

  • תִקוָה
  • Tikva

And the final word.

beautiful hebrew words

Now you know some fun, beautiful Hebrew words.

Do you know of any others?

What are your favorites?

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