For Beginners: Learn Top 64 Hebrew Adjectives (PDF Lesson)

hebrew adjectives

Hello Junkies Who’s this lesson for? It’s for Beginner Hebrew learners that need to learn more words. Today, you’ll learn the most common Hebrew Adjectives. Just 64 words but I will update for more. These are some of the most used Hebrew adjectives in daily life. Take this Hebrew lesson and… Review often because success doesn’t happen from learning things […]

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How to Get Hebrew Word of the Day & Why This Method’s Powerful

hebrew word of the day

Hello Junkies! If you’re here – you want to know how to get Hebrew word of the day lessons, right? So in this quick lesson/tutorial, you’ll quickly learn: How to get the Hebrew Word of the Day Lessons for free 3 Reasons Why Learning 1 Little Word a Day is Powerful And why “Smart” People Make the Mistake Of Ignoring […]

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For Beginners: Top 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases: Quick Lesson

conversational hebrew phrases

Hello Junkies! First, welcome back. Second – you’re going to learn the Top 25 Conversational Hebrew Phrases. This lesson is PERFECT for beginners that need some common words, expressions and phrases under their belt. So take this quick Hebrew Lesson… Read this page to review and learn the phrases Both Hebrew & English translations are provided Print it out to […]

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4 Differences: Biblical Hebrew vs Modern Hebrew

biblical hebrew vs modern hebrew

Hello Lingua Junkies! What’s the difference between Biblical Hebrew vs. Modern Hebrew? Well, hello, hello. Today, we’ll touch the tip of the iceberg and try to answer this question. This is a great way for Hebrew language learners to to get acquainted. In this lesson… You’re going to learn a bit about Biblical Hebrew A bit about Modern Hebrew And […]

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