How to Learn Hebrew in 5 Minutes a Day (STUDY TOOLS inside)

You want to learn Hebrew in 5 minutes, right?

The bad news?

You can’t really learn 2,000+ words and tons of grammar rules in 5 minutes.

The good news? YOU CAN learn Hebrew in just 5 minutes a day.

In fact, looking for such “small” and easy ways to learn is smart. That’s how you build consistency. That’s how you succeed in the long term. That’s how you get FLUENT.

So, how can you learn Hebrew in 5 minutes a day?

Here’s how.

learn hebrew in 5 minutes

1. The Hebrew Word of the Day

  • Time it takes: 1 minute

Imagine this. Every day, a new vocabulary lesson comes to you via email.

You open it. You read it. You learn the meaning. You press a button to hear the pronunciation. Done.

Here’s how it looks like.

learn hebrew in 5 minutes

You can do this with the free HebrewPod101 word of the day service.


hebrew word of the day

How to get it:

  1. Click here
  2. Sign up for a free account with HebrewPod101 (a Hebrew learning program)
  3. And say “Yes” on the second page.
  4. Done.

Note: Hebrewpod101 is a Hebrew learning program and website with tons of lessons, ebooks and study tools. The word of the day is a free, bonus service they offer to all interested people.

2. Learn Hebrew with 5 minute Audio Lessons

  • Time it takes: 3 to 15 minutes

Now, imagine you’re at work, typing away.

Or, you’re walking somewhere.

In both cases, you can easily pop on your headphones and start listening to a Hebrew audio lesson. Audio lessons are my favorite way to learn Hebrew in 5 minutes a day.

Here are some quick and easy Hebrew lessons you can listen to:

  • 3-Minute Hebrew – Self-Introduction (4 minutes, 8 seconds long)

Key words from the lesson:

  • Shalom, ani Dana.
  • Hello, I am Dana.

Try this lesson as well.

  • Top 25 Questions – What’s Your Name? in Hebrew (5 minutes, 46 seconds long)
  • What’s your name? (masculine)
    • eikh kor-eem lekha?
  • What’s your name? (feminine)
    • eikh kor-eem lakh?

How to get the Audio lessons you deserve:

  1. Click HERE to Go to
  2. Sign up for your account.
  3. Visit the lesson library to start learning
  4. Visit the newest lessons section too.

3. Get the Special “Daily Dose of Hebrew” App

  • Time it takes: 1 minute

There’s an app out there called the “Daily Dose of Language.”

It’s a small app.

All it does it send you mini lessons every day and reminders to do them.

Lessons are always new and different. One day, you’ll learn phrases. Another day, you’ll learn culture or grammar or slang.

You can get this App for both, Android and iOS.

It offers 10+ languages and Hebrew is one of them

learn hebrew in 5 minutes

How to get this app:

  1. Click here for both iOS/Android
  2. Choose your platform
  3. Download the app for free

4. Learn Hebrew with PDF Lessons

  • Time it takes: 3 to 5 minutes

Do you know about PDF Files?

If you read books on your computer or mobile device, they’re PDFs. PDFs are “electronic books” or “ebooks.” And even better, if you have Hebrew learning books and lessons, you can pull them out any time and read.

No carrying around real books.

These files are on your device.

So, if you have a PDF on the Top 100 Hebrew Words, you can review them on the phone.

How to get this app:

  1. Click here or the image below
  2. Check out my PDF lessons

hebrew pdf lessons

5. Watch Hebrew Video Lessons

  • Time it takes: 5 – 10 minutes

Video is a great way to 1) SEE the language and 2) HEAR the language.

You can consume it faster than you would by reading a textbook. Don’t get me wrong, I love books because they force you to focus and provide  skills necessary for success.

Do I suggest YouTube?

Ehh… Yes and No.

Yes for entertainment.

No for honest learning.

Look, if you honestly value your attention, your time, your health and honestly want to learn Hebrew, find a learning program. Don’t watch YouTube. You won’t get bombarded with ads, cat videos and prank videos. But, you will spend an honest 5 minutes putting Hebrew into your brain, undistracted.

If you don’t care too much about your brain…

Then go for YouTube.

6. Learn Hebrew with Duolingo

  • Time it takes: 5 minutes

Duolingo is a game-like, flashcard app.

It won’t teach you to speak or read or write.

It’s not a full-on language learning program.

But, it will give you little word matching lessons and quizzes.

learn hebrew in 5 minutes

If you enjoy this app, then that’s good. Any start to Hebrew is a good start as long as it keeps you going.

How to get the app:

7. Learn Hebrew with Word Lists & Slideshows

  • Time it takes: 2 – 5 minutes

Now, what if you had a lesson archive with…

..tons of word and phrase lessons and audio pronunciation?

These lessons are based on common topics like hobbies, holidays, seasons, numbers, conversational phrases and anything else you could think of.

Well, you can only find these special lessons here.

This is another one of my favorite ways to learn Hebrew in 5 minutes a day.

But, the reason why I like this study tool is because of the “Slideshow” feature.

Just take a look below.

learn hebrew in 5 minutes

You can literally turn it on, and watch and hear the words again and again, until you remember them.

How to get these word lists & slideshows:

  1. Click here
  2. Browse around for lessons you like
  3. Open the lessons up and learn

That’s it!

What are your favorite ways to learn Hebrew in 5 minutes a day?

In other words, what are some “easy” Hebrew learning methods do you like?

Remember, starting easy is smart.

If it’s easy to accomplish, you will continue with it. If you continue, you get better. That’s how you reach fluency!

Want some extra Hebrew learning resources? Of course you do! Check the links below:

To your Hebrew fluency,

– The Main Junkie

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