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10+ Hebrew Audio Lessons & MP3 for Learners

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Looking for Hebrew Audio Lessons? Good! Here you’ll find a nice, juicy, growing collection of MP3 Audio Lessons that language lovers will love. These are perfect for brand new learners and beginners.

So – here’s what you should do:

  • Press the play button on the black player to listen
  • Listen and repeat out loud to practice speaking
  • Email/Share this page with friends that want to learn Hebrew
  • Lessons are provided by HebrewPod101.com

Also, if you REALLY want to learn Hebrew, I say you should just jump in and start learning.  My quick recommendation is HebrewPod101, the source of these lessons. You get  500+ audio/video courses, lessons by real teachers, PDF ebooks, Apps and study tools to learn Hebrew. – Sign up at HebrewPod101 (click here)

Hebrew Audio Lessons

1. Survival Phrases – #1 Saying Thank You in Hebrew

hebrew audio lessons

Your first and easiest Hebrew Audio Lesson. You learn the must-know phrase – thank you. Actually, you’ll pick up 4 ways to say it but below is just 1 example.

  • Thank you.
  • Toda
  • תּוֹדָה

2. Absolute Beginner – #1 Saying Hello in Hebrew

hebrew audio lessons

This is a 10-minute Hebrew lesson where you learn (1) how to say hello and (2) how are you. So, just the basic greetings that every Beginner must know.

3. Absolute Beginner – #2 How to Introduce Yourself in Hebrew

hebrew audio lessons

In this 2nd lesson of HebrewPod101‘s Absolute Beginner series (25 lessons in total), you’ll learn how to introduce yourself in Hebrew.

4. Basic Bootcamp #2 – Talking Nationality in Hebrew

hebrew audio lessons

Where are you from? What’s your ethnicity? This quick lesson teaches you how to talk about where you’re from. For example:

  • Hello. My name is Amir. I’m Israeli.
  • Shalom. Sh’mi Amir. Ani yisra’eli.
  • אמיר: שלום. שמי אמיר. אני ישראלי.

5. 3-Minute Hebrew – Self-Introduction

hebrew audio lessons

This is another Hebrew Audio Lesson, similar to the above, except focusing on introductions. The best part about this series is that all lessons are about 3-minutes long. That’s it!

6. Top 25 Questions – What’s Your Name? in Hebrew

hebrew audio lessons

HebrewPod101’s Top 25 series is great for learning conversation and amassing phrases that will help you get going. In this lesson, you learn how to ask for someone’s name and how to answer this, in BOTH – the feminine and masculine ways.

  • What’s your name? (masculine)
  • eikh kor-eem lekha?
  • איך קוראים לך?

7. “In the Morning”

In this Hebrew audio lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about your morning routine and activities. Actually, this is one of my favorite Hebrew lessons because you learn practical sentences.

  • I wake up at 7 a.m.
    • ani mit’orer besheva baboker.

8. Top 25 Questions – Where are you from?

  • Me`eifo ata
    • Where are you from? (male)
  • Me`eifo at
    • Where are you from? (female)

Here, you learn how to ask “where are you from?” and answer that question with the proper country.

9. Hebrew Culture Class – New Year’s Day

This Hebrew lesson is a bit different and focuses on the culture more so than the language. If you’re interested in Israeli culture and want to learn some extra words, check it out and get more lessons at HebrewPod101.

10. Why Speaking Hebrew is the #1 Weakness & 5 Ways Improve

This more so language learning advice and one of my more favorite Hebrew audio lessons. I don’t know about you but I also like to learn about “ways to learn language.”

Why you should study with Hebrew Audio Lessons

The best thing about Hebrew Audio Lessons is that you can…

  • listen as many times as you want to master it all
  • learn anywhere, on your phone – just play the audio
  • learn on your computer without downloading/buying complicated computer programs
  • hear the native Hebrew pronunciation

Did you like any these Hebrew Audio Lessons? Want to see something else? What helped you the most? Give me your feedback.

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P.S.  If you want to learn Hebrew with 500+ audio & video courses by real teachers – Just click Here to Visit HebrewPod101 (click here) and start learning!

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