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Top 15+ Russian Learning Websites for All Learners

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Some people like learning Russian with apps.

Some like learning with Russian textbooks. Some want to learn Russian in 5 minutes!

And you’re here for Russian learning websites. So, here’s a nice, juicy and growing collection of places you can learn Russian. In this guide, I also include extra info like:

  • Type of site – blog, forum, learning program
  • Strengths – What makes the site special
  • And a quick description

So, click on some of these sites and start speaking Russian.

Guide — Russian Learning Websites

russian learning websites

1. RussianPod101.com

  • Typelearning program with audio & video lessons

What makes it good for learning Russian? 

You can learn Russian at your own pace here. From knowing nothing to speaking conversations.

You get 3-15 minute long lessons which are fast and easy to finish. And they cover all levels from Beginner to Advanced. So, if you want to speak your first Russian words and learn to read and write,

I highly recommend them.

Click here to visit RussianPod101 & get your Free Lifetime Account.

russian learning websites

2. Reddit.com/r/Russian

  • Type: forum

What makes it good?

Community and high quality answers.

This is one of my favorite Russian learning websites.

Have questions about the Russian language? Want to connect with other learners? This is a good place. But a bit warning: be sure to look up answers to simple questions first. Redditors are smart and may not have patience for simple questions like “how do you say apple in Russian?”

russian learning websites

3. Fluent in 3 Months – Learn Russian Blog

Type: blog

What makes it good?

Learning advice and motivation.

“Fluent in 3 Months” is run by Benny Lewis, a famous polyglot. He learns and practices languages for a living… which makes him a very strong source on learning advice.

It’s better to learn from people that have tried and learned rather than a random guy that makes an app based on how he THINKS you should learn.

russian learning websites

Definitely one of the best Russian learning websites in terms of advice.

4. http://explorerussian.com/walk-speak-russian-loudly/

Type: blog, video

What makes it good?

The site was created by a non-native Russian speaker who shares his experience on how he learned it. It contains a lot of funny and interesting YouTube videos that are supposed to help you learn the language in an enjoyable while getting to know the Russian culture and its people.

There are 50 cool lessons, like “Shopping in a Russian Supermarket” and some useful information and other tips.

Joining the learning program would cost you $9.97 USD a month.

5. http://annagroup.ru/

Type: video blog

What makes it good?

Here, you can learn Russian using a great variety of methods that are supposed to help you memorize everything faster.

Some of the methods are: expressive dialogues, pictures, video, colors, repetition, cultural elements and more. It also offers helpful tips and Russian grammar rules explanations. 

6. pdf-language-lessons.com

Type: Blog, grammar lessons

What makes it good? If you like reading blogs over video, you might like the Russian articles.

Now, why would you EVEN like reading over watching? Well, studies say you learn faster and spend less time by reading. What takes you a second to read takes 10 seconds to listen and see in a video. As pleasurable as videos are, they are not efficient teachers.

7. https://everydayrussianlanguage.com/en/home/

Typearticle-lessons, audio

What makes it good?

Everyday Russian offers a collection of more than 400 free online audio lessons (recorded by native Russian speakers), tests and other interesting stuff to practice your reading, listening and writing skills, while enriching your vocabulary on the go.

Lessons are available in English as well as in Spanish and French.

Each lesson they take different verbs and show you all its forms conjugated in different tenses, as well as the verb derivatives. Everything is organized in tables to make it easier for you to memorize.

8. http://www.russianlessons.net/

Type: article-lessons

What makes it good?

This one will be there for you from your very first steps. It has everything you need when you just about to start learning the Russian language: helpful tips, clear grammar rule explanations and vocabulary divided into thematically organized groups. It is free of charge and all the audio material is recorded by native Russian speakers.

9. http://www.russianforeveryone.com/

Type: article-lessons

What makes it good?

It’s a course you can finish in a few days.

RussianForEveryone is a Russian learning website that has a self-study course with 35 lessons. All the information is provided in English, so you won’t have any difficulty understanding the Russian grammar.

10. http://www.practicerussian.com/

Type: article-lessons, games

What makes it good?

Here we have a website that offers a lot of fun and entertaining ways to learn the Russian language. You would be able to learn Russian solving crosswords, playing various games, listening to Russian songs and getting to know the Russian street signs.

It has a total of 4 lessons, but each of them has related explanations, exercises, crosswords and more.

11. http://learnrussian.rt.com/speak-russian/learn-russian-online

Type: lessons, audio

What makes it good?

Love grammar?

This Russian learning website has 100 lessons dedicated to grammar and another 100 to vocabulary with a quick test for you to pass to check your Russian skills. There are also some very nice grammar tables that keep everything well organized.

12. http://www.study-languages-online.com/

Type: article-lessons, audio

What makes it good?

Here you can find 15 free online lessons, vocabulary topics, grammar and pronunciation. You can refer to this site whenever you have any questions regarding Russian grammar rules. 

13. https://learnrussianstepbystep.com/en/home/

Type: article-lessons, audio

What makes it good?

This Russian learning website is created so that you spend just a few minutes a day. It has got a lot of practical dialogues related to some special events or occasions, such as “New Year’s dialogues”, “Making friends in Russian” and even “Meeting your in-laws” and all this is in Russian, of course.

There are over 150 online short lessons that are really useful, practical and quick.

14. https://www.russianlessononline.com/

Type: Lectures, quizzes

What makes it good?

Give this one a try if you have troubles memorizing the Russian alphabet. There is a free 24 minutes trial course and you would have to pay $47.00 for the full basic course, which consists of 20 lectures that last 50 hours in total. This is a good course for beginners who don’t know where to start. 

15. https://en.duolingo.com/course/ru/en/Learn-Russian-Online

Type: matching quizzes & games

What makes it good?

Duolingo is a website that has various language learning courses and Russian is one of them. This is a completely free language learning platform that uses a great variety of leaning methods that are designed to help you to learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, pronunciation and to develop your writing skills. It has a “Daily challenges” system that motivates you to learn and practice new skills every day. You might even compare your own scores and achievements with your friends who also use this platform.

Another great plus is that it has a mobile app as well, so you can learn Russian on the go.

* Note: before starting using Duolingo you will need to learn the Cyrillic alphabet first!

They don’t teach you the alphabet at all.

I’ll be updating this list of Russian learning websites.

Which one is your favorite?

Which one have you experienced the most SUCCESS with?

Leave a comment!

– To your fluency

The Main Junkie

P.S. Want to learn the Russian language?

Check out RussianPod101, a complete Russian learning program with audio and video lessons, apps, study tools and PDF lesson notes. I think their lessons can and will help you learn and speak Russian to a certain level.

Click here to visit RussianPod101.com & learn Russian with fast + easy lessons

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