Learn 15 Russian Conversational Phrases: Positive Edition

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Looking to learn some Russian conversational phrases? In this quick lesson, you’ll learn 15+ phrases. The theme is “positive” so you can use these to inspire and encourage others. Sound good?

If you’re interested in MORE Russian conversational phrases, here are other lessons.

Good. Let’s go.

Positive Russian Conversational Phrases

How can you learn these phrases? Easy. Read the pronunciation to get an idea of the sound. Print out this article.

Oh! You can also listen to this free Russian audio lesson to hear REAL pronunciation. This lesson is by RussianPod101.com, a Russian Learning Program and website with tons of lessons.

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Now, onto the phrases.

1. You can do it!

  • Ты сможешь
  • Pronunciation: Ti smozhesh!

This phrase is pretty easy. “Ты” means you. You will see this word all over the place. The second word is a conjugation of the verb “смочь” which means “to be able to.”

russian conversational phrases

2. You are not alone

  • Ты не один
  • Pronunciation: Ti ne odin

“Odin” is not a norse god here. This word means “one” or “alone.” The “ne” means “not.”

3. I’m so proud of you

  • Я тобой горжусь
  • Pronunciation: Ya taboy garzhus’

The other word you should remember forever is “Ya” which means “I” in Russian. The last word is the verb, to be proud. And “taboy” is a conjugated for of you.

russian conversational phrases

4. The sky’s the limit

  • Нет пределов
  • Pronunciation: Net predelov

This phrase literally does not mean “the sky is the limit.” Literally, it means “no limits.” This is just the best English phrase to match it with.

russian conversational phrases

5. You’re number one

  • Ты лучший
  • Pronunciation: Ti lutshiy

Literally, this phrase means “you’re the best.”

russian conversational phrases

6. Stay strong 

  • Будь сильным.
  • Pronunciation: Bud’ sil’nim.

This one literally means “be strong.” How so? Well, the first word is a conjugation of the verb “быть,” which means to be. The second word is the conjugated from of strong which is “сильный.”

russian conversational phrases

7. Believe in yourself

  • Поверь в себя
  • Pronunciation: Pover’ v sebya

Is your friend feeling down? Be sure to tell them this phrase.

russian conversational phrases

8. Go for it! (Do it!)

  • Сделай это!
  • Pronunciation: Sdelay eto!

What if you want to learn some Russian conversational phrases? Or what if you want to speak the language? My answer? Go for it.

russian conversational phrases

Because…. (see next phrase)

9. What do you have to lose?

  • Что тебе терять?
  • Pronunciation: Shto tebe teryat’?

If you’ve learned a bit of Russian, you know that “shto” is “what.” Simple stuff. Then, the word “to lose” is “терять.”

The “tebe” in the middle is a conjugated “you.”

russian conversational phrases

10. It’s worth a shot

  • Оно того стоит
  • Pronunciation: Ano tovo stoit

Learning Russian is worth a shot. Learning Japanese is worth a shot.

When you try, you get results! Here, you can try learning Russian with Russian textbooks.

Now, this phrase literally means “it is worth (of that).” “Ano” is “this,” “tovo” is “that” and “stoit” means to cost or be worth.

russian conversational phrases

11. Keep fighting!

  • Продолжай сражаться!
  • Pronunciation: Prodalzhay srazhatsa!

See, the issue with getting results is that they don’t come quick.

So, people quit. But if you keep fighting or persevere, you get results.

russian conversational phrases

The next phrase is also quote useful.

12. Don’t give up!

  • Не сдавайся!
  • Pronunciation: Ne sdavaysya!

This is one of my favorite Russian conversational phrases. English too.

russian conversational phrases

13. What are you waiting for?

  • Чего ты ждёшь?
  • Pronunciation: Chevo ti zhdyosh?

Christmas? The New Year? Are you waiting for the day you will be too old and tired to try?

If so, you’re wasting time. The sooner you start, the better. Everyone wishes they started sooner.

russian conversational phrases

14. Keep up the good work

  • Продолжай в том же темпе
  • Pronunciation: Prodalzhay f tom zhe tempe

To be honest, I did not plan for these phrases to flow so wonderfully.

So, keep up the good work with learning Russian.

Literally, it means “Keep up the pace” or “keep up the tempo.”

russian conversational phrases

15. There you go

  • Вот так
  • Pronunciation: Vot tak

There you go. This is the last of the Russian conversational phrases.

When would you use this?

Use it when someone finally gets something done or accomplishes something.

russian conversational phrases


Now you know some Russian conversational phrases. Even better, you can use these in all kinds of situations because people love hearing such encouraging phrases. If your friend wants to learn language, tell them “Сделай это!” If someone is worried, tell them “Поверь в себя.”

Which ones are your favorite?

Get more phrases here!

– To your fluency

The Main Junkie

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