Top 50 Russian Conversational Phrases For Learners


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And we’re back with Part 5 of the Russian conversational phrases.

What are the phrases you need to know as a Russian learner or beginner? You’ll learn them here. Sit back, print this paper out and review the Russian and phrases you’ll need for conversations.

Tip: Memorize them and practice saying them quickly. Feel free to print this page out and refer to it.

41. I’ve been learning Russian for 10 years.
  • Я изучаю русский в течение 10 лет.
  • Ya izuchayu russkiy v techenii desyati let.

How long have you been learning Russian? 1 year? 2 years? If you don’t have your Russian numbers mastered, read this. Be sure to let me know in the comments – how long you’ve been studying for!

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42. I’m learning Russian all by myself.

  •  Я изучаю русский самостоятельно.
  • Ya izuchayu russkiy samastayatel`no.

Nowadays most people learn on their own – why? – it’s easy, cheap, and very doable! So, if you’re a self-learner, this is a good line for you.

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43. Apart from knowing Russian, I can speak a few other languages as well.

  •  Помимо русского, я также могу говорить на нескольких других языках. 
  • Pomimo russkova ya takzhe mogu govorit` na neskol`kih drugih yazakah.

And just in case Russian isn’t the only language you’re learning, you should let them know. Some people are natural polyglots. Others just love languages. Are you learning any other languages?

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44. I can watch Russian movies without subtitles.

  • Я могу смотреть русские фильмы без субтитров.
  • Ya magu smatret’ russkiye fil’mi bez subtitrav.

This is the ultimate goal for most learners. To watch movies and shows without subtitles. If you can say this, then your comprehension skills are near perfect.

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45. I can memorize around 50 new Russian words a day.

  • Я могу запомнить около 50 новых русских слов в день. 
  • Ya magu zapomnit’ okala pyatidesyati novih russkih slov v den’.

This is definitely a good practice to get into. If you learn more Russian words, you’ll speak more Russian. Simple as that. And let us know – how do you study vocab? Leave a comment down below!

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46. Russian is fun and easy to learn!

  • Русский весело и легко учить!
  • Russkiy veselo i legko uchit’!

Now that’s a good attitude to have. Either this one or a neutral, apathetic one. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for miserable failure – unless you’re a language learning masochist.

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47. I’ll speak Russian like a native speaker in 3 years.

  • Я буду говорить по-русски, как носитель языка через 3 года.
  • Ya budu gavarit’ pa-russki, kak nasitel’ yazika cherez tri goda.

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When will you be fluent? It’s good to set goals. Noone can say for sure when you will get fluent . But aiming for something specific will get you far. Definitely  a lot farther than saying – “oh, i don’t know… maybe one day, I’ll finally be man enough to learn…”

48. I completely understood everything you said.

  • Я понял всё, что вы сказали.
  • Ya ponyal vsyo, chto vi skazali.

Every time a native speaker speaks with a non-native, they wonder “did they understand what I said?” Did you? This is a good line to display just how good you are – whether you actually got it or not!

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49. Thank you but I’m not a native speaker actually.

  • Спасибо, но на самом деле я не носитель языка.
  • Spasibo, no na samom dele ya ne nasitel` yazika.

Has a Russian complimented on your speaking skills? Did they tell you that you sound Russian? First of all, that’s a massive compliment – Russian pronunciation is tough. Second of all, this is a good response.

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50. It took me only one year to become fluent.

  • У меня всего заняло один год чтобы говорить свободно. 
  • U menya vsego zanyalo odin god shtoby gavarit` svabodno.


Are you fluent yet in Russian? This might be the line for you. If not, you can always use it as a joke!

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And there you go. Thoughts? Questions?

More phrases are coming soon! Be sure to visit for hundreds of Russian lessons and start learning the language with their learning course.

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