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Top 40 Korean Conversational Phrases You Need To Know Part 4

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Want to learn the top Korean conversational phrases?
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Your classes and textbooks will skip them. Sounds counter-intuitive when you’re out to speak Korean like a natural but that’s why we’re here. Here are the next top 10 Korean conversational phrases you might want to brush up on.


BONUS Phrase: “Do you want to die” in Korean?

  • 죽을래?
  • jugeullae?

For some reason… lots of people find this page for this phrase which I didn’t have until now. So, if someone’s annoying you, you ask them that simple phrase: “do you wanna die?” Mind you, this isn’t as harsh as it sounds. Friends use it with each other. Just don’t use it with people older than you, or those you don’t know.

  • Friend A: Hey, move your fat butt!
  • Friend B: !? 죽을래?


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31. I’m hungry – 배고파(baegopa)/배고파요(baegopayo)

Unless you do actually want to die… eating is necessary! Oh, and of course, eating for pleasure. (Can you believe people do that??) So, saying “I’m  hungry” is a great suggestion and hint to your Korean friends… meaning “HEY LETS GO SOME BIBIMBAP!”

32. I’m thirsty – 목말라(mongmalla)/목말라요(mongmallayo)

Another necessary phrase that will prevent death. Or if you find yourself feeling a little dry after that Karaoke singing. Tell your friends you’re thirsty in Korean! Just make sure to also say that you’re planning on drinking something… and not just announcing your thirst for no reason.

33. of course. – 물론이지(mulloniji)/물론이죠(mullonijyo)

Want to hang out? Of course! Want to drop by Holly’s for some coffee? Of course!! An all around useful phrase to agree to things. Unless you’re a disagreeable person… then this phrase is NOT FOR YOU.

34. let’s go! – 가자(gaja)/갑시다(gapssida)

Well, now that you’ve decided to go to Holly’s for some coffee… It’s time for to lift your legs and GO. Otherwise, you’ll be standing there. Great phrase to do just and start just about anything.

35. hurry up! – 빨리 or 빨리빨리 (ppalli ppalli)/ 빨리요(ppalliyo)

As you know… people from different cultures operate on different clocks. In fact, if you’re a lazy, go-at-your-pace, day-dreaming snowflake, your Korean friends will be telling YOU to hurry up.

36. calm down – 진정해(jinjeonghae)/진정하세요(jinjeonghaseyo)

Whether you want to simmer down some tough guys… or a pack of vicious K-POP loving fan-girls, telling them to “calm down” in Korean is the right way to go. I hope… (I’m not responsible for your injuries, by the way.)

37. long time no see! -오랜만이야(oraenmaniya)/오랜만이예요(oraenmaniyeyo)

In Japanese, it’s hisashiburi.

38. don’t worry – 걱정하지마(geokjeonghajima)/걱정하지 마세요 (geokjeonghaji maseyo)

People love worrying. And they’ll post it on their Facebooks… without saying what they’re worried about. Squash your Korean friends’ relationship k-drama worries with this phrase.

39. I’m worried – 걱정돼(geokjeongdoe)/걱정돼요(geokjeongdoeyo)

And just in case you love worrying, here’s one for you. Tell everyone you’re worried on Facebook, don’t say why, and watch the comments come in – “omg what happened?” Sorry about the Facebook. I’m on it as I write this so it came to mind.

40. It’s boring. – 재미없어(jaemi-eopsseo)/재미없어요(jaemi-eopseoyo)

People also love being bored. And what they love more than this… is telling OTHER people that they’re bored. If you’re one of those people (shouldn’t learning Korean keep you occupied??), put this phrase to use.  But use it sparingly. Wouldn’t want people to feel like they’re making you bored.

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