Part 5: Learn Top 15 Bad Korean Words, Curses & Insults

Hi there!

We’re back! You want to learn korean curses and BAD Korean words, huh? Here’s what I say to you: WELCOME! Why am I so happy you’re learning bad Korean words?

Every learner starts with bad words. FACT. In my journeys to learn Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian… I started with… the BAD words! They’re fun. So take this Korean lesson and…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
  • Save images for your personal use (as flashcards)
  • NONE of these are casual language. Proceed at your own discretion.
  • Again, I Warn You: This post contains bad words. Last chance to leave.

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Top 15 Bad Korean Words, Curses & Insults

bad korean words & korean curses

1) Go away/leave me alone

  • 꺼저
  • gguh-juh

Literally this means “off” but it’s not a nice way of telling someone to stop bothering you. Total opposite of “Please go away” in Korean.

bad korean words & korean curses

2) You’re full of shit/that’s bullshit

  • 개똥 같은 소리
  • gaettong gat-eun soli

Ooh, this is strong language and some bad Korean words in there. Is someone lying to you? This is the perfect phrase to use when you hear someone talking too much!

bad korean words & korean curses

3) You’re such a jerk

  • 진짜 재수 없어
  • jinjja jaesu eobs-eo

Now, I know you want to be mean in Korean. But some people will be meant to you as well – so, call them a jerk.

bad korean words & korean curses

4) What is wrong with you?

  • 제정신이야?
  • jejeongsin-iya?

We all have something wrong with us! I’m addicted to languages for one. Personally, I think this is a good Korean conversational phrase to know overall. So, what’s wrong with you?


5) Have you lost your mind?

  • 뿅 갔나?
  • ppyong gassna?

Another good phrase to know… when your friend has drank too much Soju and is bouncing off the walls. Yes, they probably lost their mind.


6) I’m gonna murder you

  • 쏴 죽여 버릴 거야
  • sswa jug-yeo beolil geoya

Ehm. Definitely not a good thing to say… unless you’re an over-dramatic actor/actress in a Korean drama. Please don’t use this unless you want problems. Bad problems.

bad korean words & korean curses

7) You’re a loser

  • 쪼다 되는 거야
  • jjoda doeneun geoya

Ah, now this is a perfect insult. Great for friends. Great for strangers. And great for the nerdy kids in class.

bad korean words & korean curses

8) You’re putting me to sleep

  • 잠 올라 그런다
  • jam olla geuleonda

Is someone boring you to death? Let them know in Korean!

bad korean words & korean curses

9) That’s disgusting in Korean

  • 구역질 나
  • guyeogjil na

Self explanatory and overall great phrase in any situation.

bad korean words & korean curses

10) You idiot!

  • 이 바보야!
  • ee babuya

Important word to know – 바보야 – babuya – means idiot. This wouldn’t be a “learn bad Korean words” lesson without you learning how to call someone an idiot.

Now you know how to say idiot in Korean! That’s bad Korean words learning progress!

bad korean words & korean curses

11) Are you deaf?

  • 귀 먹었어?
  • gwi meog-eoss-eo?

So, you say something in Korean… And they don’t understand you. No, it can’t be your terrible Korean skills – you’re damn good and you know it. It must be their fault. Maybe they’re deaf. Maybe they didn’t hear you. Ask them this.

bad korean words & korean curses

12) You’re obsessed

  • 집착 쩐다
  • jibchag jjeonda

Perfect phrase for any nutjob that’s obsessed with anything like, oh say, K-drama, Anime, K-Pop… oh wait, no. I take that back. Anyone that’s obsessed with eating healthy and working out at the gym! Yes!

bad korean words & korean curses

13) You’re the worst

  • 네가 꽝이야
  • nega kkwang-iya

Has someone done you wrong? Did they leave a whoopee cushion under your sofa pillow? Or place a banana peel right under your foot? How terrible. Tell them they’re awful in Korean with this.

bad korean words & korean curses

14) You’re messed up

  • 엉망진창이야
  • eongmangjinchang-iya

Now, let’s say your friend did something worse. Maybe they vomited after drinking too much soju. Maybe they overdosed on coffee at Holly’s coffee shop. They’re messed up.

bad korean words & korean curses

15) Look who’s talking

  • 사돈남말하시네
  • sadonnammalhasine

Great sarcastic conversational phrase. If someone’s trying to get smart with you – remind them who they are.

bad korean words & korean curses

Oh, I’ll leave you with one more bonus!

  • Crazy bastard in Korean
  • 미친놈
  • mee-cheen-nom

bad korean words & korean curses

And that’s it for part 1. Whew.

My palms are sweaty from from giving you all these bad Korean words and curses. Stay tuned for part 2.

Now, you know the top 15 bad Korean words, curses and insults. Leave me a comment if you want more.

– The Main Junkie

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