Top 30 Korean Conversational Phrases You Need To Know Part 3

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It’s Part Three! 

Your classes and textbooks will skip them. Sounds counter-intuitive when you’re out to speak Korean like a natural but that’s why we’re here. Here are the next top 10 Korean conversational phrases you want to brush up on.

Tip: Memorize them and practice saying them quickly. Once they’re solidly stuck in your head, just blurt them out at the next opportune occasion without stopping to think.

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21. Do you speak English? – 영어할 줄 알아?(yeong-eohal jul ara?)/영어할 줄 아세요?(yeong-eohal jul aseyo?)

Bam. You’re lost in the middle of Seoul and need help fast! Well no… not really. Being lost is so 2005; we have Google Maps after all. But lets say you need someone to speak English, maybe you want to switch out of Korean and speak some good old English with your new friend… this phrase will be useful.

22. where are you? – 어디야?(eodiya?)/어디예요?(eodiyeyo?)

This is for when your friend doesn’t have Google Maps and doesn’t know where he is. Or… just too drunk off soju to remember what an app is.

23.  it doesn’t matter – 상관 없어(sanggwan eopsseo)/ 상관 없어요. (sanggwan eopsseoyo)

Because you don’t care! Whether y’all want to see BEAST or PSY in a live concert, it doesn’t matter, it’s all K-POP to you. Use this phrase when you’re open to any option… SOJU or VODKA. sanggwan eopsseo!

24. congratulations! – 축하해(chukahae)/ 축하해요(chukahaeyo)

Because sometimes your friend deserves a “congratulations.” You know, marriage, graduations, new relationship, things like that.

25.  well done! – 잘했어(jaraesseo)/잘했어요(jaraesseoyo)

A good phrase to know if you ever find yourself teaching English in Korea and want to tell someone  “WELL DONE!”

26. never mind! – 신경 쓰지 마(shin-gyeong sseuji ma)/ 신경 쓰지 마세요 (shin-gyeong sseuji maseyo)

Did someone not catch your Korean and you’re embarrassed by it? Say “never mind.” Well… you shouldn’t. Unless you’re angsty and/or angry.

27. happy birthday! – 생일 축하해(saeng-il chukahae)/ 생일 축하해요 ((saeng-il chukahaeyo)

How to say happy birthday in Korean – oh… if you plan on making, and keeping friends, you’ll  need this phrase. Everyone has a birthday and Facebook will let you know when!

28. happy New Year! – 새해 복 많이 받아(saehae bok mani bada)/새해 복 많 이 받으세요(saehae bok mani badeuseyo)

How to say Happy New Year in Korean? You’ll need this too. This New Years thing happens every year… and you can’t avoid it!

29. I’m tired – 피곤해(pigonea)/피곤해요(pigoneayo)

No! No more soju. No more K-POP. No more kimchi! 피곤해(! Wait, just kidding. But yeah, whenever you feel like complaining, this is up your alley.

30. see you tomorrow! – 내일 봐(naeil ba)/내일 봐요(naeil bayo)

This is a great casual phrase that friends use between each other. Forget goodbyes and sayonaras.

There you go! Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Leave a comment!

~ Written by The Main Junkie

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