Top 50 Korean Conversational Phrases (Questions & Answers) You Need to Know Part 5

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And we’re back! Part 5!

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More Korean conversation, more simple Korean phrases and questions you’ll need. Actually here, we’re going to focus on asking questions in Korean. Why questions? Because questions get answers. More importantly, these are exactly the type of questions and responses that dominate conversations for Korean beginners.

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Here are the next top 10 Korean conversational questions and phrases you might want to brush up on.

Tip: Memorize these and practice saying them quickly. Once they’re solidly stuck in your head, just blurt them out at the next opportune occasion without stopping to think.

1. Question: “What’s Your Name?” in Korean

This is the fastest way to make Korean friends and the second most important phrase you’ll need after “Annyeong Haseyo/안녕하세요.

  • What is your name? – Ireumi Mueosimnikka? – 이름이 무엇입니까?

2. Answer: How to say “My name is…” in Korean

Now it’s your turn to return the favor.

  • My name is (Bob or I don’t know.) – Je Ireumeun Bob imnida. – 제 이름은 Bob 니다.

3. Question: “Where are you from?” in Korean

You don’t really need to ask a Korean where they’re from. Korea, dummy! However, this is a question YOU will get, as a wide-eyed innocent looking foreigner that’s found his or her way to their side of the world. America? Canada? Poland? Learn this question so you’ll know it when you hear it.

  • Where are you from? – Eodieseo Wasseumnikka? – 어디에서 왔습니까?

4. Answer: How to say “I am from…” in Korean

So, where are you from?

  • I am from America – Migug eseo Wasseumnida – 미국 에서 왔습니다.
    • FYI, America in Korean is Migug. But of course, you can add your country in too where it’s underlined.

5. Question: “Where do you live?” in Korean

Oh, and what’s your phone number? Er.. oh wait, wrong to place to ask.

  • Where do you live? Eodieseo Salgo isseumnikka? 어디에 살고 있습니까?

6. Answer: “I live in…” in Korean

So, is similar to #4. Of course, if you’re visiting, feel free to stick your country in when you say “I am from…” in Korean. (Make sure to ask for that phone number too! Should I include that in here?)

  • I live in Seoul. Seoul-e Salgo Isseumnida. 서울에 살고 있습니다.

7. Question: “What do you do?” in Korean

OK, you know their name. Now you got to find out what do they do. Are you a student? Exotic dancer? Soju-specialist? K-Drama critic?

  • What do you do? Eotteon Ileul Hago Itsseumnikka? – 어떤 일을 하고 있습니까?

8. Answer: How to say “I am a student” in Korean

So, what are you doing in Korea? They’ll probably wondering what you’re up to. You’ll need something like “I am a student” or “I am a teacher” in Korean.

  • I’m a student. Haksaeng-imnida. 학생입니다.

9. Question; “Do you speak Korean/English” in Korean

After hearing all these questions you’re asking them, they’ll want to know… Do you really speak Korean? And do you know any other languages? Similarly, this is great for asking if they speak English in the case you run all out of Korean words to say.

  • Do you speak Korean? Hangugeo Hal Su Isseumnikka? 한국어 할 수 있습니까?
  • Do you speak English? Yeongeo Hal Su Isseumnikka? 영어 할 수 있습니까?

10. Answer: “I Speak….” in Korean

Now you can show off. Or claim you speak a little and then blow their minds. These three answers should cover your bases and let your friend know just how much Korean they can expect from you.

  • Yes, I speak a little. Ne, Jogeum Hal Su Isseumnida. 네, 조금 할 수 있습니다.
  • Yes, I speak fluently. Ne, Jal Hal Su Isseumnida. 네, 잘 할 수 있습니다.
  • No, I don’t. Anyo. Mot Hamnida. 아뇨. 못 합니다.

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