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Part 6: Learn the Top 30 Angry Korean Phrases. Audio Inside.

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Rawr. Welcome to part 6 of Korean Phrases lessons (part 5 here). These are the must-know phrases for conversations of ALL kinds. Today, you learn the Top 30 ANGRY Korean Phrases. Here’s how you can learn EFFECTIVELY with this…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
  • Save images for your personal use (as flashcards)
  • Get the FREE Korean Audio lesson below

You get angry. Everyone gets angry. People want to express themselves. So, it’s great to know these in general. Just be careful not to insult people.

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The Top 30 Angry Korean Phrases

Now, before you read on, you can also listen to this Korean Audio lesson by It’s about angry phrases and you will hear native Korean pronunciation.

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1. Wow… This is really annoying. 우와…. 진짜 짜증난다

  • uwa…. jinjja jjajeungnanda

A good word here to know is annoying — jjajeungnanda. You will see this a few more times in this lesson.

angry korean phrases

2. Stop nagging me! 잔소리 하지마!

  • jansoli hajima!

Literally, this is “do not nag” because jansoli is nag and hajima is do not. This is one of my favorite Korean phrases.

Angry Korean Phrases

3. Are you crazy? 너 미쳤어?

  • neo michyeoss-eo?

Another nice angry Korean phrase or actually, a question.

angry korean phrases

4. Why are you being like this? 왜그래?

  • waegeulae?

angry korean phrases

5. Do you wanna die? 죽을래?

  • jug-eullae?

Do you want to die in Korean is a pretty popular phrase because of Korean dramas. However, nowadays it’s not used too much. Girlfriends would use it on their boyfriends.

For example, if you called them fat.

angry korean phrases

6. I don’t want to talk to you. 너랑 말 하고 싶지 않아.

  • neolang mal hago sipji anh-a.

Okay, the last phrase was a bit too much. When you’re peeved in Korean and don’t want to talk anymore, use this.

angry korean phrases

7. I hate you! 난 너가 싫어!

  • nan neoga silh-eo

Knowing how to say I hate you in Korean is important. That’s why you’re learning it!

i hate you in korean

8. Go away! 저리 가!

  • jeoli ga!

angry korean phrases

9.  I’m annoyed/irritated 짜증나!

  • jjajeungna!

You learned this word in part one – annoyed. So, here, this is a shorter way to say I’m annoyed in Korean.

angry korean phrases

10. Stop it! 그만해!

  • geumanhae!

angry korean phrases

11. I’m angry with you! 난 너에게 화났어!

  • nan neoege hwanass-eo!

This lesson is all about angry Korean phrases so you may as well learn how to say you’re angry.

angry korean phrases

12.  I’m pissed off. 나 열받았어.

  • na yeolbad-ass-eo.

angry korean phrases

13. Whatever. 뭐래.

  • Mwolae.

angry korean phrases

14. It’s none of your business. 상관하지 마.

  • Sanggwanhaji ma.

angry korean phrases

15. I’m upset. 속상해.

  • Soksanghae.

angry korean phrases

16. You’re not listening to me. 내 말 안 듣고 있잖아.

  • Nae mal an deutkko itjjana.

angry korean phrases

17. Watch your mouth. 입 조심해.

  • Ip josimhae.

This is a nicer way of saying shut up in Korean. Another one of my favorite angry Korean phrases. It does not sound too bad but definitely delivers a warning.

angry korean phrases

18. That’s enough. 적당히 해.

  • Jeokdanghi hae.

angry korean phrases

19. Stop it. 그만해.

  • Geumanhae.

angry korean phrases

20. Cut it out. 집어치워.

  • Jibeochiwo.

This is another variation of asking someone to STOP! Remember, the more variations you know, the more fluent you sound and the better you can express yourself. So, it’s good to know!

angry korean phrases

21. What the **** are you doing? 너 뭐하냐?

  • Neo mwohanya?

angry korean phrases

22. Who do you think you are? 네가 뭔데?

  • Nega mwonde?

angry korean phrases

This is a great, angry response for a person that’s talking at you and you don’t think much of them. Korean has a lot of angry phrases, eh?

23. What?! 뭐?!

  • Mwo?!

Use this the same way you would in English. Especially when you’re shocked or surprised.

angry korean phrases

24. I don’t want to talk to you. 너랑 얘기하고 싶지 않아.

  • Neorang yaegihago sipji ana.

angry korean phrases

25. Are you kidding me? 장난해?

  • Jangnanhae?

angry korean phrases

26. This is so frustrating. 정말 짜증난다.

  • Jeongmal jjajeungnanda.

Literally, this means really frustrating. The word Jeongmal means “really.” And the frustrating part; you learned that already several times in this article!

angry korean phrases

27. Shut up. 닥쳐.

  • dakcheo

Are you getting tired of listening to someone? Here’s how you say shut up in Korean. A very useful thing to know and one of my favorite angry Korean phrases.

angry korean phrases

28. So what? 그래서 뭐?

  • Geuraeseo mwo?

You’ve already learned that mwo means what. Now, geuraeseo means so. And there you go!

angry korean phrases

29. D’oh! 아이씨!

  • aissi

angry korean phrases

This is like Homer Simpsons D’oh or the Cantonese “Aiyahhh.” Basically, a sound used to express anger or frustration. You can use it when something goes wrong.

30. This is driving me crazy! 미치겠다

  • michigessda!

Now you can sound all angry and frustrated in Korean! Textbooks and classes won’t teach you this and YOU know it. Be sure to print out this lesson for your personal reference.

Now, what about you?

Do you have any favorite angry Korean phrases? Any phrases that I missed or that you want me to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

– The Main Junkie

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