Japanese Phrases Pt 5: Cute Words & Phrases in Japanese

Japanese is a wonderful language.

It as tons of beautiful Japanese words and of course, tons of cute Japanese words… since it’s the origin of “kawaii.”

Now, you don’t really need cute words for conversations but…

Cute Japanese words are great to know. You can use them with your girlfriends or boyfriends. Or you might hear them in anime. You’re going to learn the phrases – in Japanese and in English – and get key words and vocabulary translated.

Now, because you’re interested in learning Japanese….

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Let’s go!

1. Super cute 可愛すぎ

  • Kawai sugi

This is a very casual, shortened way to say “super cute” in Japanese. For the longer variation, you can say…

  • 可愛過ぎる
  • Kawai sugiru

2. Very cute めっちゃ可愛い

  • meccha kawaii

“Meccha” is a very casual and Osaka-dialect to say “very” in Japanese.

3. I’m excited. ドキドキしてる。

  • Doki Doki shiteru.

Doki doki is one of the most important cute Japanese words to know. It means “excited” and is one of the Japanese language’s many onomatopoeia. Shiteru comes from “suru” and means to do – but you can’t translate this literally.

cute Japanese phrases and words

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4. Please stay by my side そばにいてください。

  • Soba ni ite kudasai.

Do you know all of these cute Japanese words? No? Well…

Soba means near and kudasai means please. The word in the middle, ite, means “be” is a conjugation of the verb “iru” in the “te-form.” Pretty simple!

cute Japanese words

5. I won’t forget about you あなたことを忘れない。

  • Anata koto wo wasurenai.

You should know that anata means you. Koto means thing but in this case it refers to you or “about you.” Finally, wasurenai means to not be able to forget. So, don’t forget this Japanese lesson!

cute Japanese words

6. Hold my hand 手を繋いで。

  • Te wo tsunaide.

Let’s break these cute Japanese words down.

Te is hand. Easy to remember. Tsunaide comes from “tsunagu” and means “to hold.” If you’re wondering about the “wo” as you’ve seen earlier, it’s just a particle used to connect a verb and the object that’s affected by the verb.

cute Japanese words

7. Sorry! I forgot! ごめん!忘れちゃった!

  • Gomen! Wasurechatta.

Gomen is a casual way of saying sorry. Wasurechatta means I forgot but it’s said in a very casual way that implies that you were careless. It’s a bit complicated grammar but don’t worry about it. With enough practice, you’ll get it.


8. I’m here for whenever you need me いつだって君には私がいるから。

  • Itsu datte kimi ni wa watashi ga iru kara.

Itsu datte means “any time” and kimi is a very common word – it’s a nicer way of saying you. Watashi, you’d probably already know means “I.”

cute Japanese words

9. Even if you go far away, I’ll be by your side 遠くに行っても私はあなたのそばにいます。

  • Tooku ni ittemo watashi wa anata no soba ni imasu.

Tooku comes from the adjective – tooi – meaning far. Then, ittemo comes from the verb “to go – iku.” Again, we see “soba” “anata” and “watashi” – all of which you know.

cute Japanese words

10. I want to become a good person. いい人になりたい。

  • Ii hito ni naritai.

Ii, pronounced as “ee” means good and hito is person. All’s left is naritai which comes from the verb naru – meaning – to become. However, the “tai” form makes it mean “want to become.”

cute Japanese phrases

11. Let’s always be friends ずっと友達でいよう。

  • Zutto tomodachi de iyou.

Zutto means always. And tomodachi – you’ve definitely heard this before. Just means “friend.”

cute Japanese phrases and words

12. I don’t want to get out of bed ベッドから出たくない。

  • Beddo kara detakunai.

Who does? Beddo is obviously… a bed. And detekunai comes from “deru” meaning to get out of. Except, in this grammar format, it means “don’t want to get out of.”

japanese cute phrases linguajunkie.com

13. I’m glad I waited. 待っていて良かった。

  • Matteite yokatta.

The grammar form -te yokatta means “Im glad that _____.” Matteite comes from the verb – matsu – to wait.

cute Japanese phrases and words

14. I’m so happy, I can’t contain it. 嬉しくてたまらない。

  • Ureshikute tamaranai.

Ureshii means happy and tamaranai means unbearable. How happy are you? Can you contain it?

cute Japanese phrases and words

This is one of my favorite cute Japanese words.

15. Let’s meet in our dreams. 夢で会いましょう。

  • Yume de aimashou.

You’ll most likely never hear this. Maybe in anime. But cute phrase nevertheless. Yume means dream and aimashou means let’s meet. The original verb for “to meet” is “au.”

cute Japanese phrases and words

16. I don’t want to wake up yet! まだ起きたくない。

  • Mada okitakunai.

Then, stay in bed! Mada means “still” or “yet.” And “okitakunai” means to not want to get up. Remember, we covered the ~takunai covered earlier.

cute Japanese words and phrases

17. I don’t want to grow up. 大人になりたくないよ。

  • Otona ni naritakunaiyo.

What? You don’t!? But paying bills is so fun! Otona means “adult” and naritakunai means “don’t want to become.” Yo just adds emphasis to the phrase.

cute Japanese words and phrases

18. People like you are rare. あなたみたいな人は珍しい。

  • Anata mitaina hito wa mezurashii.

Japanese learners are pretty rare. So you’re pretty rare! Now, let’s explain these cute Japanese words.

Mezurashii means rare. Anata, as you know, means you. Hito is person. Mitai means “-like” or “similar.”

cute Japanese words and phrases

19. You are special to me. あなたは私にとって特別です。

  • Anata wa watashi ni totte tokubetsu desu.

Anata, watashi – all you know. Ni totte means “to me” or for whomever this phrase is attached to. Tokubetsu means “special.”

cute Japanese words and phrases

20. You’re so cute and perfect to me. 私には、あなたは可愛く完璧です。

  • Watashi ni wa, anata wa kawaiku kanpeki desu.

Not only are you special, but perfect and cute! Everyone knows that “kawaii” means “cute.” Kanpeki means “Perfect.”

cute Japanese words and phrases

21. I will always love you. いつまでも愛します。

  • Itsu made mo aishimasu.

Itsumade means forever or in this case, always. Ai-suru or Ai-shimasu means “to love” and “ai” means “love.”

cute Japanese words and phrases

22. Don’t worry about it. 気にしないで。

  • Ki ni shinaide.

Worrying about learning Japanese? Don’t worry about it!

cute Japanese words and phrases

23. A smile suits you nicely. 笑顔よく似合う.

  • Egao yoku niau.

Now this is a cute phrase to use. Egao means a “smile.” Niau means suits and yoku comes from “ii” which is good/well.

cute Japanese words and phrases

24. These feelings are a secret. この気持ちは秘密。

  • Kono kimochi wa himitsu.

Kono means this. Kimochi (not Kimchi) means feelings and himitsu is secret. But please, don’t keep them a secret. Leave a comment and tell me your feelings!

cute Japanese words and phrases

25. I want to talk with you. あなたと話したい。

  • Anata to hanashitai.

Hanashitai comes from the verb – hanasu – to talk/speak. The -shitai makes it become “want to talk.’

cute Japanese words and phrases

26. Thank you for everything. いつもお世話になりましてありがとうございます。

  • Itsumo osewa ni narimashite arigatou gozaimasu.

This is more of a traditional phrase. It literally means “thank you for always taking care of me.” Itsumo is always. Osewa ni naru means to receive favor or be much obliged. And arigatou… well you should know that!

cute Japanese words and phrases

27. Let’s go together. 一緒に行こう。

  • Issho ni ikou.

Issho ni – means together. And ikou comes from iku – to go.

cute Japanese phrases and words

So, what do you think? 

Are there any other cute Japanese words or phrases you want to know? And if you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with effective lessons – Sign up for free at JapanesePod101 and start learning!

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– The Main Junkie

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Thanks for sharing these easy to learn Japanese phrases.



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This is So Great, its so easy for beginners and very helpful, i love the way how it was translated and also it was so Kawaiiii to listen but more cuter when it has a Voice Tune on speech


Thank you

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Panda BearPro

Really easy for beginners and very informative (and entertaining) in a short time, great guide.


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