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Top 20 Angry Japanese Phrases that are Fun to Know

Hello Junkies!

Welcome to part 6 of Japanese Phrases lessons (part 5 here). These are the must-know phrases for conversations of ALL kinds. Today, you’ll learn the Top 20 ANGRY Japanese Phrases. Here’s how you can learn EFFECTIVELY with this…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
  • Save images for your personal use (as flashcards)

Like bad Japanese words, these angry phrases great to know in general. People get angry. People want to express themselves. You might hear them in anime. Just be careful not to insult people.

Let’s look at some angry Japanese phrases.

1. None of your business – 余計なお世話だ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Yokeina osewa da.

Yokei means “too much” and osewa means “looking after” or “care.” So, literally this means, you care too much, and silently implies – so bug off!

angry japanese phrases -

2. Don’t be insulted – 気を悪くしないで。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Ki wo waruku shinai de.

Not really an angry phrase, but definitely something you can use when you insult someone. You can follow up with this if they feel offended.


3. Don’t mess with me – 俺とは関わらない方がいい。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Ore to wa kakawaranai hou ga ii.

A nice phrase of warning. Ore is a rude way of saying “I” that’s generally used by males and superiors.


4. Don’t ask for trouble – ことを荒立てるな。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • koto wo aradateru na

Aradateru means “to aggravate” or “make serious,” so this pretty much means, don’t aggravate things. Or else! So, this in away, is an interpretation rather than a literal translation.

angry japanese phrases -

5. You’re asking for trouble – めんどうなことになるよ。

  • めんどうなことになるよ。
  • Mendouna koto ni naru yo.

Similar to the above, this too, is an interpretation. Mendou means “difficult” or “troubling” and the phrase loosely translates to “it’ll turn into a difficult thing.” Another nice warning phrase.

angry japanese phrases -

6. Watch your mouth – 言葉に気を付けなさい。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Kotoba ni ki wo tsukenasai.

More literally, it means “be careful with your words” as kotoba means “words” and ki wo tsukeru is “to be careful.” So, watch your words, bro!

angry japanese phrases -

7. You got a real attitude problem – お前は本当に態度が悪いな。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Omae wa hontou ni taido ga warui na.

Basically, the phrase somewhat matches the translation. Taido is “attitude” and “warui” is bad. Plus, “omae” is a rude way of saying “you.” Necessary to sound angry and rude. This is one of my favorite angry Japanese phrases!

angry japanese phrases -

8. Don’t cut in on me while I’m speaking – 私が話してるときに割り込まないでくれ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Watashi ga hanashiteru toki ni warikomanaide kure.

Did someone interrupt you? Whip this out on them. To shorten this, we can cut this down to “Don’t interrupt me” or “don’t cut in on me” by JUST using the last 2 words “warikomanaide kure”

This just may be one of the more “politer” angry Japanese phrases here.

angry japanese phrases -

9. Don’t bore me with the details – 細かいことをうるさく言わないでよ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Komakai koto wo urusaku iwanaide yo.

Is someone saying things that you don’t care about? The komakai koto or “minor details?” Let them know.

angry japanese phrases -

10. Cut the crap – 嘘やめて。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Uso yamete.

Cut the crap is an interpretation. Literally, this means “stop lying” however interpretations are necessary to TRY and bring over the emotion that comes with the phrase.

angry japanese phrases -

11. I don’t give a damn/Whatever – 勝手にしてよ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Katte ni shite yo.

Katte ni suru means to “do as you want” but in this case, you’re also adding in your annoyance or angry feelings.

angry japanese phrases -

12. What (the hell) were you thinking? – 頭おかしいんじゃない?

  • Atama okashiin janai?

Literally, this phrase means “Is your head okay?” and it’s a commonly used to ask people about what the hell is wrong with them.

angry japanese phrases -

13. Who do you think you are? – お前何様?

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Omae nanisama?

Nanisama can be translated as “a somebody.” So, it’s like asking, “are you someone?” though implying “clearly you’re no-one of importance.”

angry japanese phrases -

14. I’m gonna lose it – もういい加減によ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Mou ii kagen ni yo.

Another good variation of this phrase is “mou ii yo” as in “that’s enough.”

angry japanese phrases -

15. What! Spit it out! – なになに!言ってよ!

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Nani nani! Itte yo!

When someone just can’t get to the point and you’re frustrated. Get them to say it.

angry japanese phrases -

16. Have you ever been told that you’re disgusting? – 気持ち悪いって言われたことある?

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Kimochi warui tte iwareta koto aru?

Now… this is borderline insulting rather than angry. Well, unless the person is genuinely disgusting, then you’re perfectly fine in using this.

angry japanese phrases -

17. I don’t want to talk to you – お前とは喋りたくない。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Omae to wa shaberitakunai.

Got someone you don’t want to talk to? Good! Use it on them. Omae (a rude variation of “you”) is in there to make it sound extra rude and angry.

angry japanese phrases -

18. You’ve got to be kidding me – マジかよ〜

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Maji ka yo~

Or, it can also mean “seriously…?” but obviously can be used as a reaction. A frustrated or angry reaction. “You’ve got to be kidding me” is just a valid interpretation.

angry japanese phrases -

19. Man, this is so frustrating – あーっもうイライラするっ

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • A, mou ira ira suru

Another great angry phrase for frustration.

angry japanese phrases -

20. Who the hell are you? – いったい全体君は誰なんだ。

  • Romanization/Pronunciation
    • Ittai zentai kimi wa dare nanda.

Great question and similar to お前何様? However, given this context, ittai zentai literally means “who the hell.” One of my favorite angry Japanese phrases to know.

angry japanese phrases -

Now you can sound all angry and frustrated in Japanese!

Textbooks and classes won’t teach you this and YOU know it. Be sure to print out this lesson for your personal reference.

Now, what about you?

Do you have any favorite angry Japanese phrases?

Any phrases that I missed or that you want me to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

– The Main Junkie

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