Learn 15+ Positive Hebrew Words for Conversations (Audio)

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Hey Junkies,

Want to learn some positive Hebrew words and phrases? The kind you need you know as a learner? For conversation?

Yep, you’ll learn them now.

So, set aside 3 minutes, turn down the music and read on.

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Top 15 Positive Hebrew Words

Now, as you read these, be sure to listen to this free audio lesson too. Why? You get to hear REAL Hebrew pronunciation. And if you repeat out loud, you’re practicing speaking. So, press the play button below.

1. You can do it!

  • אתה יכול לעשות זאת!
  • ata yachol la’asot zot!

Yes, you can indeed learn Hebrew. All you really need to do is turn a lesson on and start listening. It’s that easy!

positive hebrew words

2. What are you waiting for?

  • למה אתה מחכה?
  • lema ata mechake?

What’s your goal or dream? Learning Hebrew? Skydiving? Earning a ton of money? Well… you should start now. Why? Everyone that’s ever started and made progress always wish the same thing — they wish they started earlier. By now, they’d make a ton more progress.


positive hebrew words

3. You are not alone.

  • אתה לא לבד.
  • ata lo levad.

You’re not. Aside from you, there are millions of others learning Hebrew worldwide for all kinds of reasons. There are also tons of teachers teaching it. So… go find them. You won’t be alone.

positive hebrew words

4. I’m so proud of you!

  • אני כל-כך גאה בך!
  • ani kol-kach ge’e becha!

These are some good, positive Hebrew words to know. And hey, I’m proud of you for reading this. Say it with me: ani kol-kach ge’e becha!

positive hebrew words

5. Keep up the good work.

  • המשך כך.
  • hamshech kach.

Everyone wants to hear “good work” every now and then.

Sadly, no-one tells me this with my website. But, I’ll tell you. And you can tell another Hebrew learner and give them some positivity.

positive hebrew words

6. Don’t give up!

  • אל תוותר!
  • al tevater!

Why can’t you give up? Because learning and mastering Hebrew is all a matter of time. The more time you spend on it, the better you’ll get. It’s all time.

positive hebrew words

7. Keep fighting!

  • תמשיך להילחם!
  • tamshich lehilachem!

So, you have to keep fighting, keep speaking and keep practicing Hebrew.

positive hebrew words

8. It’s worth a shot.

  • שווה לנסות.
  • shave lenasot.

If you’re unsure about something, remember it’s worth a try.

positive hebrew words

9. What do you have to lose?

  • מה יש לך להפסיד?
  • ma yesh lecha lahafsid?

You really don’t have much to lose by learning Hebrew. Time? No. Time passes on anyway, regardless of what you do.

positive hebrew words

10. Go for it!

  • לך על זה!
  • lech al ze!

So, go for it! Play a lesson. Read a word out loud. Spend 5 minutes now. Then, spend another 5 minutes tomorrow. Yes, you can’t get fluent in 3 or 10 days. But just like working out at the gym, in 2 months, you’ll start seeing progress.

Why don’t most people see this progress?

They… don’t… continue….

positive hebrew words

11. Believe in yourself.

  • תאמין בעצמך.
  • ta’amin be’atsmecha.

Another one of my favorite “positive Hebrew words.” If you don’t believe in yourself, well remember, someone else believes in you.

In fact, it’s a fun rule of like. People believe in you MORE when they see that you believe in yourself.

positive hebrew words

12. Stay strong.

  • תהיה חזק.
  • tihye chazak.

Some days, you won’t want to learn Hebrew. You’ll want to watch TV. My advice? “Tihye chazak” — stay strong.

Try to put in 5 minutes of learning anyway. It’s the bad days that count the most, not the good days.

positive hebrew words

13. You’re number one!

  • אתה מספר אחד!
  • ata mispar echad!

Even if you don’t think so. I say so. The Main Junkie of Linguajunkie.com says… “ata mispar echad.”

positive hebrew words

14. The sky’s the limit.

  • השמיים הם הגבול.
  • hashamayim hem hagvul!

It is. You can learn Hebrew. Then, Spanish. Then you can travel. You can do whatever you want if you start taking small steps,

What’s a good small step for learning Hebrew? Well, you’re doing it now. You’re reading the article and learning positive Hebrew words.

positive hebrew words

15. There you go!

  • כל הכבוד!
  • kol hakavod!

There you go! You finished a whole article of positive Hebrew words.

Was that hard? Of course not!

Just don’t “overdo it” or “overwhelm yourself” and you’ll be okay.

positive hebrew words

Now you know a whole bunch of inspirational, positive Hebrew words.

You can easily use these in conversations. Especially when you need to encourage or cheer someone up.

Want to keep this lesson?

Print it out and re-read it every now and them!

– The Main Junkie

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