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Hebrew Survival Phrases: 15 Phrases You MUST Know. Pt.3

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Hey Junkies!

It’s part 3 – Survival Phrases in Hebrew – time!

How would you survive in Israel? You’d need the MUST-KNOW Hebrew phrases of course. From common greetings to looking for the toilet and more. You’ll need these for real life.

Here is the Top 15 Survival Phrases List! If you’re interested in learning more Hebrew, rather than reading phrases online – be sure to visit HebrewPod101 (click here) & learn how to speak and understand Hebrew.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Thank You in Hebrew

This is the first and most important phrase. Saying thank you is important anywhere you go. Politeness gets you treated with respect!

  • Toda
    • Thank you.
  • Toda raba
    • Thank you very much.

2. You’re Welcome in Hebrew

Several ways to say you’re welcome in Hebrew. However, bevakasha also means please and you’ll see it multiple times in this article.

  • Bevakasha
    • You’re welcome
  • Ein bead ma
    • It’s nothing
  • Ze beseder
    • It’s okay

3. Please or “This Please.”

As said above, bevakasha is please. “This please” is a great phrase to use when shopping or at restaurants. You don’t need to know more Hebrew than that. Just point and say “Haze bevakasha.”

  • Bevakasha
    • Please
  • Haze bevakasha
    • This please
  • Hahu bevakasha
    • That please

4. Basic Hebrew Greetings

Of course, one cannot know Hebrew without first knowing how to say “hi” and “hello.” There are multiple ways but “shalom” is the most common one.

  • Shalom
    • Hello
    • Goodbye
  • Boker tov
    • Good morning
  • Tzooraim tovim
    • Good afternoon
  • Erev tov
    • Good evening

5. Parting Greetings or Saying Bye in Hebrew

Remember, shalom can also mean bye – but that’s casual. Here are some other parting greetings that you can use.

  • Leitraot
    • Goodbye
  • Erev tov
    • Good evening

6. Where Is The Bathroom in Israel?

This is a serious survival phrase. You’ll definitely need the bathroom – I guarantee you that. Because you use it every day! Just need to know how to say it in Hebrew.

  • Eifo Hanuchiyut?
    • Wheres is the bathroom?
  • Efshar leishtamesh basherutim?
    • May I use the bathroom?

7. Can You Speak English?

At some point, English is best. Whether you’re dealing with a doctor, at a hotel, or just want to give up and hear a language you actually know, this is important.

Remember, your phrase will change slightly depending if you’re male or female.

  • Haim ata medaber anglit?
    • Do you speak English? (male speaker)
  • Haim at medaberet anglit?
    • Do you speak English? (female speaker)

8. I Don’t Understand in Hebrew

Similar to above. Sometimes, you just wont understand and it’s totally okay to admit that. Be sure to let people know you’re not completely fluent.

Again, your phrase will change depending on your gender.

  • Ani lo mevin.
    • I don’t understand.(male speaker)
  • Ani lo mevina.
    • I don’t understand.(female speaker)

9. Can You Repeat That in Hebrew?

This is a great question for learners to use. Ask someone to repeat what they said! Maybe you’ll understand it, maybe you won’t – but it will definitely train your ear.

  • Ata yachol lehagid et ze yoter leat bevakasha.
    • Can you repeat slowly please? (male  listener)
  • At yechola lehagid et ze yoter leat bevakasha.
    • Can you repeat slowly please? (female listener)

10. Apologies in Hebrew

This is as necessary as knowing “thank you.” Knowing to say “sorry” or “excuse me” is just good manners. Be sure to learn this. Be mindful of the gender.

  • Ani mitztaer.
    • I’m sorry/Excuse me. (male speaker)
  • Ani mitztaeret.
    • I’m sorry/Excuse me. (female speaker)
  • Slicha.
    • I’m sorry/Excuse me.

11. How Much in Hebrew?

Going shopping? You may need this.

  • Kama ze ole?
    • How much does this cost?

12. Can You Take My/Our Picture in Israel?

Another common phrase – especially useful for tourists in Israel. Here, we cover 2 ways – asking for “my picture” or “our picture” if you’re with a group. Not necessary for “survival” but, hey, you want to upload your pictures to Facebook, right? Get someone to snap ’em!

  • Ata yachol letzalem otanu?
    • Can you take our picture?(for a male listener)
  • At yechola letzalem otanu?
    • Can you take our picture?(for a female listener)
  • Ata yachol letzalem oti?
    • Can you take my picture?(for a male listener)
  • At yechola letzalem oti?
    • Can you take my picture?(for a female listener)

13 How Do You Say This In Hebrew?

Another great question for any Hebrew learner. Point and ask “How do you say this in Hebrew?” They’ll tell you. It’s how children learn and it’s definitely a good way of picking up new words.

  • Hech korim leze beivrit?
    • How do you call this/that in Hebrew?

14. Asking for the Check in a Restaurant

Great for tourists. Remember, you can just use “this please” as taught above to order whatever you want from the menu. Then, when you’re ready for the check… here’s your phrase.

  • Heshbon bevakasha.
    • Check please

15. Medical Assistance in Israel

Hopefully you won’t need this. But, this is indeed a Survival Phrases article, so I’m covering it. If you need help, remember these phrases – write them down – or print this entire article out. Added in here just to be on the safe side.

  • Bevakasha, kchu oti lebeit cholim.
    • Please take me to the hospital.
  • Bevakasha, kchu oti larofe.
    • Please take me to the doctor.
  • Hatzilu!
    • Help!
  • Izru li!
    • Help me!

And we’re done! What did you think?
Any phrases missed that you’d TRULY need in Israel? What else should I add?

Be sure to leave me a comment (I read ’em all!) or share this article! Some of these phrases are taken from HebrewPod101 (click here) lessons so visit if you’re interested in learning, speaking and understanding actual Hebrew.

The Main Junkie

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learn hebrew online with hebrewpod101

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