50+ Cute Korean Phrases. BIG LIST for Cute Korean Learners

Want to learn some cute Korean Phrases?

Well, here’s a big list of 50+ phrases to get you speaking Korean.

  • Review this list
  • Print it out
  • Re-read as much as possible
  • Read out loud to practice speaking
  • And check out the learning tips at the end of the article.

cute korean phrases

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Now, onto the cute Korean phrases…

1. Are you here alone? 혼자 오셨어요?

  • honja osyeoss-eoyo?

Consider this cute Korean phrase as a way to strike up a conversation with someone.

2. Can I get your telephone number? 전화번호 좀 알려 주시겠어요

  • jeonhwabeonho jom allyeo jusigess-eoyo?

This is another common Korean phrase you’ll need if you’re trying to get to know someone or ask them on a date.

3. Do you have time? 혹시 시간 있으세요?

  • hogsi sigan iss-euseyo?

This is another common phrase to get to know someone.

4. Do you mind if I join you? 잠시 합석해도 될까요?

  • jamsi habseoghaedo doelkkayo?

Good question to ask. Get their permission first.

5. Do you want to date? 사귈래?

  • sagwillae?

One of the best cute Korean phrases to know. Where you’re asking them to go on a date in Korean.

6. Does love change? 사랑이 어떻게 변해요?

  • salang-i eotteohge byeonhaeyo?

Love shouldn’t change. But, if you want to ask someone this, it’s a good phrase to use.

7. Don’t be so cold. 그렇게 쌀쌀맞게 대하지 마세요.

  • geuleohge ssalssalmajge daehaji maseyo.

If your cute Korean phrases or flirting phrases don’t work, try this line. But, do not expect any good results.

8. Don’t cry 울지 마

  • ulji ma

If you want to comfort someone, try this Korean phrase.

9. Don’t go 가지 마

  •  gaji ma

Don’t want someone to go? Want them to say? Say it with me…“gaji ma…” A good K-drama phrase to know as well.

10. Don’t worry 걱정하지 마

  • geogjeonghaji ma

This is another good phrase to use when comforting someone.

11. Give me a hug. 안아 줘.

  • an-a jwo.

Nice and direct phrase to get someone to hug you.

12. Good luck 화이팅

  • hwaiting

A good phrase to tell your friends or partner… whether they’re about to take a test, run a race, or go into space.

13. Hello my love. 안녕 내 사랑!.

  • annyeong nae salang!

Use this if you’re in a relationship already. Otherwise, it’d be a bit creepy.

14. Hold me tight. 꼭 안아 주세요.

  • kkog an-a juseyo.

Another way of saying “hug me” in Korean.

15. I can’t give you up. 당신을 포기할 수 없어요.

  • dangsin-eul pogihal su eobs-eoyo.

A good phrase for when you don’t want to break up or let go of someone. Of course, use your judgement and exercise it with caution. Not everyone will want to hear it.

16. I can’t live without you. 넌 없이는 못 살아.

  • neon eobs-ineun mos sal-a.

A bit of a serious phrase and you’ll likely hear in K-dramas.

17. I like Kpop. Kpop을 좋아해요.

  • Kpop-eul joh-ahaeyo.

Here’s how you say “I like K-pop” in Korean. Not a cute phrase but an important phrase nevertheless.

18. I like you a lot 내가 널 많이 좋아해

  • naega neol manh-i joh-ahae

Do you like someone? How much? A lot? If so, tell them.

19. I like you- 나 너 좋아해

  • na neo joh-ahae

Here’s how you say I like you in Korean. A very common and useful phrase to know.

20. I love you more than words can express. 말로 표현할 수 없을 만큼 사랑해.

  • mallo pyohyeonhal su eobs-eul mankeum salanghae.

21. I love you with all my heart. 진심으로 사랑해요.

  • jinsim-eulo salanghaeyo.

22. I love you. 사랑해.

  • salanghae

You may know this one already. Learning to say I love you in Korean is a must for any and all Korean learners.

23. I miss you. 보고 싶어요.

  • bogo sip-eoyo.

Good cute Korean phrase to know when texting someone. Try it out.

24. I think of you every day. 매일 당신을 생각하고 있어요.

  • maeil dangsin-eul saeng-gaghago iss-eoyo.

Does someone sit on your mind? Well, why not let them know?

25. I want to be with you (together). 같이 있고 싶어요.

  • gat-i issgo sip-eoyo.

This is another variation of asking someone to go out with you in Korean.

26. I want to hug you. 안아주고 싶어.

  • an-ajugo sip-eo.

Want to let the other person know that you want to hug them? Say this.

Now. what about kissing? Use this next phrases.

27. I want to kiss you. 뽀뽀하고/키스하고 싶어요.

  • ppoppohago/kiseuhago sip-eoyo.

Again, make sure to get permission.

28. I’ll see you home. 집까지 바래다줄게요.

  • jibkkaji balaedajulgeyo.

In other words, you’ll walk them home.

29. I’m happy. 행복해.

  • haengboghae

This is another awesome cute Korean phrase to know. It’s good to admit your feelings.

30. I’m sorry. 미안해.

  • mianhae

It’s very possible that you’ll make a mistake and say the wrong thing to a crush. Or, to someone you’re in a relationship with. So, it’s always good to be able to say sorry in Korean.

31. Interlocked fingers. 손깍지.

  • sonkkagji

Less so of a phrase to say in conversations and more of one to know in general.

32. Kiss me. 키스해 주세요.

  • kiseuhae juseyo.

A very direct phrase.

33. Let me see you home. 제가 바래다 드릴게요.

  • jega balaeda deulilgeyo.

Want to walk them home? Try this phrase out.

34. Let’s start over again. 처음부터 다시 시작해요.

  • cheoeumbuteo dasi sijaghaeyo.

Did a relationship get rocky? Try this phrase to give it another shot.

35. Let’s date. 사귀자.

  • sagwija

This is another variation of “will you go on a date with me in Korean.

36. Made my heart thump. 심쿵(했다)

  • simkung(haessda)

Does someone make you nervous? Try this phrase?

37. My heart is fluttering (butterflies in my stomach) 설렌다

  • seollenda

Or, you can use this phrase to express how they make you feel.

38. Stay with me. 제 곁에 있어 주세요.

  • je gyeot-e iss-eo juseyo.

A good Korean love phrase for when you don’t want them to go.

39. We held hands- 손을 잡았다.

  • son-eul jab-assda.

You’d use this phrase when talking about your date with friends.

  • A: Hey what did you do?
  • B: son-eul jab-assda!
  • A: Oh!

40 What are you doing on Valentine’s Day? 밸런타인데이에 뭐하세요?

  • baelleontaindeie mwohaseyo?

Want to know someone’s plans for the most romantic day of the year? Then use this Korean Valentine’s phrase.

41. What do you think of me as a boyfriend? 남자 친구로 저 어때요?

  • namja chingulo jeo eottaeyo?

If you’re a guy and want to know what your girlfriend thinks of you, use this.

42. What do you think of me as a girlfriend? 여자 친구로 저 어때요?

  • yeoja chingulo jeo eottaeyo?

If you’re a girl and want to know what your boyfriend thinks of you, use this.

43. Will you go out with me? 나랑 사귈래?

  • nalang sagwillae?

A very good and direct phrase to know.

44. Will you see me again? 또 만나 주시겠어요?

  • tto manna jusigess-eoyo?

A good phrase to say at the end of a date.

45. Would you like to go out with me? 우리 데이트할래요?

  • uli deiteuhallaeyo?

Would you like to ask someone out politely? Try this phrase.

46. You are handsome. 잘 생겼어요!

  • jal saeng-gyeoss-eoyo!

Good Korean compliment to know for males.

47. You give me butterflies. 넌 나를 설레게해

  • neon naleul seollegehae

This is a cute way to confess your feelings. Probably one of the cute Korean phrases that’s worth memorizing.

48. You look pretty! 예쁘네요!

  • yeppeuneyo!

This is a good Korean compliment to know for females.

49. You mean so much to me. 당신은 나에게 무척 소중해요.

  • dangsin-eun na-ege mucheog sojunghaeyo.

This is a pretty deep phrase so use it when you’re already in a relationship. Or, use it on a friendly level – as in, they mean a lot to you as a friend.

50. I’ve got a crush on you. 나는 너에게 반했어.

  • Naneun neoege banhaeseo.

Probably one of the best cute Korean phrases here.

Confessing that you have a crush is a must for when you want to express your feelings.

51. Will you be my Valentine? 나랑 사귈래?

  • Narang saguillae?

Useful Korean valentine’s day phrase to know. Use this if you want to ask someone out.

52. You’re so beautiful. 정말 아름다우세요.

  • Jeongmal areumdauseyo.

Another good Korean compliment to know for females.

53. I think of you as more than a friend. 나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해.

  • Naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saenggakae.

If you want to confess your feelings and take the relationship to a new level, then this is the phrase for you.

Now you know a whole bunch of cute Korean phrases.

Well, some of you may get frustrated and reply, “no, that’s a lot. I’ll forget them. I’ll never remember them!” And you’re right to an extent. You want these phrases in your brain right now but you also know that the brain doesn’t “work” that way. You know that you’ll forget them in a few minutes.

Learning tips:

Well, here’s the secret to learning: don’t rush to memorize everything on day one. Expect that you’ll forget everything on day one. And that’s okay. Why is that okay? Because it’s part of the process and no-one gets anything right immediately.

Get rid of the whole, “I want it now!” attitude. Nothing happens instantly. Trust it it’ll come over time, okay?

Are you still with me? Okay, good.

So, once you’re no longer bothered that you won’t get instant results… you’ll start wondering, “well what gets me results eventually?” Results comes from 1) revisiting this over 2) a period of time. You don’t cram it all today. Instead, you review a few phrases today and say them out loud. You come back later in a few hours to do it again. You come back several times tomorrow for 10 to 15 minutes. You come back again the following day for 10 to 15 minutes. And eventually it will all stick. It takes repetition and time…  and NOT cramming everything for an hour.


Which of these phrases is your favorite? Leave a comment.

What other cute Korean phrases do you think belong on this list? Leave a comment.

– Linguajunkie

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