For Beginners: Learn Russian Sentence Structure. 10 Ways!

russian sentence pattern

Welcome back, Junkies! You know some Russian vocab. Now you need some Russian sentences. Don’t want to speak like Tarzan right? That’s why today, you’ll learn common Russian Sentence Structure! More, specifically, you’ll learn the top 10 Russian Sentence Patterns. Know these patterns and you can stick words in… and make your own sentences! So take this lesson & learn […]

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Russian Phrases: 14 Ways to Say I Agree in Russian

i agree in russian

Hello Junkies! Want to learn how to say I agree in Russian? Of course! That’s why you’re here. Agreeing is a crucial part of conversation and the more agreement phrases you know, the better you sound. Today, you’ll learn just that. So take this Russian lesson… Read, review, and read out loud Print it out as physical review material (I […]

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For Beginners! Free Lessons for Russian Listening Practice

russian listening practice

Hi there Junkies, So, a TON of you complain that listening to Russian is one of the toughest parts of learning. You’re right. Natives speak fast. New words and grammar come into play. Tons of conjugations – especially on the casual, slang side. And the moment you hear something new… you freeze and get stuck. So… Here’s How You Get […]

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Russian Adjectives List. 50 Adjectives for Personality

Hello Junkies, Today you’ll learn Russian Adjectives – but not ANY adjectives. These are adjectives for your (and others’) personality. This way, you can talk about yourself and the type of person you are. Are you… Moody? Lazy? unny? Let’s find out. Russian Adjectives List: 50 Adjectives for Personality This is a BIG list. Here’s how I suggest you learn […]

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