How To Say NO in Russian Fluently – Language Lesson.

Oh, hi.

To say no in Russian, you just say “nyet.

But if you want to learn the Russian language, there are more ways to say NO in Russian. Do you want to sound like a smart, fluent speaker? Yes?

Then read on. You’ll want to know these easy phrases.

You will learn them all in the next 3 minutes.

16 Ways to Say No In Russian – Language Lesson!

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1. No in Russian

  • Нет
  • Pronunciation: N’yet

This is the best say way to say No in Russian. If you come out remembering just one word today, remember this one. The opposite of this word is “Да (da)” or “Yes.” You can use it in any conversation.  


  • Нет. Извините, но у меня нет времени.
  • Nyet. Izvinite, no u menya net vremeni. 
  • No. Sorry, but I do not have time.

say no in russian

By the way, you should also HEAR real Russian pronunciation.

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2. No (super casual)

  • Не 
  • Pronunciation: Ne

Russians often use a shorter form of “Нет (nyet).”

Just drop the T to go casual.

say no in russian

3. Yes, no

  • Да, нет 
  • Pronunciation: da nyet

This is more like a “well…no” rather than a “yes, no.”

You probably are wondering why the word “Да” is used here. It doesn’t mean “Yes” here. It’s just a filler word. It’s a part of speech which expresses emotion.

That being said, it’s VERY similar to the Australian/New Zealand way of saying “yeah… nah.”

say no in russian

4. Well, no

  • Ну нет
  • Pronunciation: nu nyet.

This can be used when you are not 100% sure about the answer at the moment. Or when you need some time to answer. By saying it, you add some informal atmosphere to the conversation. 


  • Да нет, это точно не он. 
  • Da nyet, eto tochno ne on.
  • No, it’s definitely not him. 

say no in russian

5. Not today

  • Не сегодня
  • Pronunciation: Nye sevodnya

This is not a formal phrase. By saying “Не сегодня” you express your final answer. No, not today. Go away!

say no in russian


  • Хочу ли я пойти в театр? Не сегодня!
  • Hochu li ya poyti v teatr? Ne segodnya!
  • Do I want to go to the theater? Not today!

6. Of course no

  • Конечно нет
  • Pronunciation: Koneshno nyet

This is a formal way to disagree with a person. “Конечно” can be translated as “Of course” but since you “нет,” it becomes “of course no.” Ha!

say no in russian


  • Конечно нет! Я не виноват. Меня здесь не было!
  • Koneshno nyet! Ya nye vinovat. Menya zdes’ ne bilo. 
  • Of course not! It’s not my fault. I was not here.

7. I disagree

  • Я не согласен
  • Pronunciation: Ya ne soglasen

“Согласен” means “I agree”. When some person tells you his or her opinion, and you disagree, you can respond this way. If you remember, “не” is a formal way of saying no in Russian. So, by adding it, you make this a negative statement.

say no in russian


  • Я с Вами не согласен!
  • Ya s vami ne soglaszen!
  • I don’t agree with you!

8. I don’t get it

  • Я не понял/ла
  • Pronunciation: Ya ne ponyal(a)

This is an informal phrase to just say “Hey, I dont get it” or “No.” Men should say “ponyal” and women should say “ponyala.”

say no in russian


  • Я не понял. В чем проблема?
  • Ya ne ponyal. V chem problema?
  •  I don’t get it. What is the problem?

9. Unfortunately no

  • К сожалению, нет
  • Pronunciation: K sozhaleniyu, nyet

This is a great and formal way to say No in Russian. You can say this when you want to say no or refuse in a polite way.

say no in russian

10. More likely no than yes

  • Скорее нет, чем да
  • Pronunciation: Skoreye nyet, chem da

This is similar to the English “more likely no than yes.” You can use this phrase when you are unsure about the answer…. but you’re leaning to no.

say no in russian

Literally, it means “faster no, than yes.”

It’s also like the Australian or New Zealand version of “yeah, nah.”


  • Скорее нет, чем да. Мне нужно еще подумать.
  • Skoreye net, chem da. Mne nuzhno yeshche podumat’ 
  • More likely no than yes. I need to think more.

11. Under no circumstances

  • Ни при каких условиях
  • Pronunciation: Ni pri kakih usloviyah

This is really a very serious phrase. Use it when you are shutting down an argument with whomever. Essentially, you’re setting a strict limit.

say no in russian


  • Ни при каких условиях. Мы уважаем закон!
  • Ni pri kakih usloviyah. My uvazhayem zakon. 
  • Under no circumstances. We respect the law.

12. No way

  • Ни за что
  • Pronunciation: Ni za chto

Ever wondered how to say no way in Russian? This is it. Some people say it in a casual, teasing manner, just like we do in English.


  • Ни за что! Я порядочный человек!
  • Ni za chto! Ya poryadochniy chelovek! 
  • No way! I’m a decent person!

Here are some other unique ways to say NO in Russian.

13. Never

  • Никогда
  • Pronunciation: Nikogda

Wondered how to yell NEVER in Russian? Now you know!

say no in russian

14. Sounds so-so

  • Звучит так себе
  • Pronunciation: Zvuchit tak sebe

Obviously this is not a literal way to say no in Russian, but it works. It’s a polite and vague way to disagree.

say no in russian

15. In no case

  • Ни в коем случае
  • Pronunciation: Ni v koyem sluchaye

I heard this a lot from my grandmother. Especially in regards to leaving the house without a scarf.

say no in russian

16. Not in this life

  • Не в этой жизни!
  • Pronunciation: Ne v etoy zhizni

Now this is a clever way to say no in Russian!

say no in russian

Now you know how to say NO in Russian.

So, take this lesson, print it, review it and re-read it as much as possible. That’s the fastest way to learn Russian.

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