For Beginners: Top 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases: Quick Lesson

conversational hebrew phrases

Hello Junkies! First, welcome back. Second – you’re going to learn the Top 25 Conversational Hebrew Phrases. This lesson is PERFECT for beginners that need some common words, expressions and phrases under their belt. So take this quick Hebrew Lesson… Read this page to review and learn the phrases Both Hebrew & English translations are provided Print it out to […]

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Top 20 Hebrew Conversational Phrases, Questions You Need Pt 2

Welcome to part 2! Read part 1 here. Top Hebrew questions, phrases and answers you need to know for conversations. Quick, bite-sized phrases that’ll get you speaking basic Hebrew conversations. In this series, you’ll learn: Phrases, Questions, Answers in Hebrew Hebrew Pronunciation in English As well as the Hebrew writing Pay attention as phrases can be different for males and […]

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Japanese Phrases: Top 20 Japanese Questions & Answers Part 2

Welcome to Part 2! Read part 1 here! Knowing Japanese questions (and phrases) is important to speaking and understanding Japanese. Why? You’ll be asked questions. You’ll need answers. You’ll ask questions too. And you’ll be speaking more Japanese. Here’s part 2, the top 20 Japanese questions, really common ones, that you should know. About you. About your family, your preferences […]

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Watch Movies and TV Shows To Learn Korean

Hey guys! This is a guest-post written by Sam at – a popular streaming smart box that offers the best access to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese TV from anywhere in the world. Learning Korean, especially for a native English speaker, can be difficult and even frustrating. It not only requires learning vocabulary, but also an entirely new grammar and […]

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Learning Japanese with Anime? Here’s A Faster Way To Learn Conversation

Hello Junkies, So, I have no problem with using anime as a Japanese learning supplement. Don’t stop using it. However, are you sitting there and translating everything word by word and grammar by grammar? All throughout the 30 minute episode? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. That’ll make you quit learning Japanese fast. Learning Japanese through anime is good for… Most importantly, experienced […]

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