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For Beginners: Top 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases: Quick Lesson

hebrewpod101Hello Junkies!

First, welcome back. Second – you’re going to learn the Top 25 Conversational Hebrew Phrases. This lesson is PERFECT for beginners that need some common words, expressions and phrases under their belt.

So take this quick Hebrew Lesson…

  • Read this page to review and learn the phrases
  • Both Hebrew & English translations are provided
  • Print it out to have physical study material (i do it all the time)

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For Beginners: Top 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases

1) I’m sorry.

  • אני מצטער.
  • Ani mitsta’er.

conversational hebrew phrases

Manners are important and knowing how to say sorry in Hebrew is a must. Maybe you won’t use it TOO much in conversations – but it’s one of these “top” phrases everyone must know.

2) Excuse me.

  • סלח לי.
  • S`lach li.

conversational hebrew phrases

Similar to the above, except this is also good to know for manners. There are tons of reasons to say excuse me in Hebrew. Whether as a light apology, to get someone’s attention and so on.

3) Please.

  • בבקשה.
  • Bevakasha.

conversational hebrew phrases

Another must-know conversational Hebrew phrase – and of course good for manners.

4) Thank you!

  • תודה
  • todah

conversational hebrew phrases

How to say thank you in Hebrew. And of course… if someone says “thank you,” you WILL need the next phrase.

5) You’re welcome.

  • על לא דבר.
  • Al lo davar.

conversational hebrew phrases

Always good to know for manners.

6) Hello.

  • שלום.
  • Shalom.

conversational hebrew phrases

Greetings are important. In fact, if you’re reading this, i expect you to know this conversational Hebrew phrase already. Not from me. Hello is one of those first things you learn.

7) Good morning.

  • בוקר טוב.
  • Boker tov

conversational hebrew phrases

Now, speaking of greetings… here’s how you say good morning. Remember, “tov” means good.

8) Goodbye.

  • שלום.
  • Shalom.

conversational hebrew phrases

9) Good evening.

  • ערב טוב.
  • Erev tov.

conversational hebrew phrases

Another greeting – when you meet your friends (or hot date) at night.

10) No.

  • לא.
  • Lo.

conversational hebrew phrases

11) Yes.

  • כן.
  • Ken.

conversational hebrew phrases

12) Where are you from?

  • מאיפה אתה?
  • Me’eifo atah?

conversational hebrew phrases

13) What’s your name?

  • מה שמך?
  • Mah shim’cha?

hebrew conversational phrases

14) How are you?

  • מה שלומך?
  • Mah shlom’cha?

conversational hebrew phrases

15) Hi.

  • שלום.
  • Shalom.

conversational hebrew phrases

Use it with strangers and friends alike. Just a basic Hebrew greeting. And every conversation starts with greetings.

16) Nice to meet you.

  • נעים מאוד.
  • Na’im meod

conversational hebrew phrases

17) Congratulations!

  • מזל טוב.
  • mazal tov.

conversational hebrew phrases

Got a promotion? A new car? A new book? A new wife? That’s reason for celebration! And that’s where “mazal tov” comes in.

18) May I sit here?

  • אפשר לשבת כאן?
  • efshar la-shevet kan?

conversational hebrew phrases

19) Where is the bathroom?

  • איפה השירותים?
  • eifo ha-sherutim?

conversational hebrew phrases

If you’ve never asked your friends this question – you probably don’t have any friends. Or you don’t ever need the bathroom.

20) Thank you very much.

  • תודה רבה לך.
  • toda raba lekha.

conversational hebrew phrases

When you want to be a little more polite and express your gratitude.

21) I’m fine.

  • אני בסדר.
  • ani beseder.

conversational hebrew phrases


22) Good night.

  • לילה טוב.
  • Layla tov.

conversational hebrew phrases

23) Good afternoon.

  • צהריים טובים.
  • Tsahara’im tovim.

conversational hebrew phrases

24) I’m (name).

  • שמי ____.
  • shmi _____.

conversational hebrew phrases

Basic Hebrew introduction. Just stick your name after “shmi.”

25) I don’t understand.

  • אני לא מבין. אני לא מבין.
  • Ani lo mevin.

conversational hebrew phrases

As a Hebrew learner, you will definitely be confused at some point by the language. This is a necessary phrase to use. Simply when… you… just… don’t understand.

26) Awesome! 

  • גדול!
  • Gadol!

conversational hebrew phrases

Useful phrase – especially when you want to offer reactions. Very common in conversations.

27) I like it. 

  • אני אוהב את זה.
  • Ani ohev et ze.

conversational hebrew phrases

Great to know. Only because we, as humans, typically like stuff and dislike stuff. Let me rephrase – we have preferences. And we like to talk about the stuff we like so… learn this. “Ice cream? Yeah, I like it.”

28) I don’t like it. 

  • אני לא אוהב את זה.
  • Ani lo ohev et ze.

conversational hebrew phrases

Sometimes, you’d just want to express your dislikes. Israelis are very open about their feelings so don’t worry – you can be too. “Oh, this movie? I don’t like it. It sucks!”

29) It’s okay. 

  • זה בסדר.
  • Zeh beseder.

conversational hebrew phrases

Did someone step on your shoes? Is your friend late? Do you want fries with that? Do you want an extra bag for your groceries? Do you like this ice cream? …It’s okay. See how useful phrase is?

30) Really? 

  • באמת?
  • Be-emet? conversational hebrew phrases

You hear “really” all the time in conversations. So, naturally this is a great phrase to know. Use it as a reaction, as a way to learn more information.

– “Hey, I’m learning Hebrew!”


So, now you know the TOP 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases. Re-read as much as you need to because perfection doesn’t happen from reading this article ONCE.

Trust me.

Be sure to print this lesson out for your own review. This lesson was made with the help of HebrewPod101 – an online Hebrew learning course.

Hope you enjoyed this! Leave a comment – tell me what other conversational Hebrew Phrases need to be on here.

– The Main Junkie

P.S. I highly recommend this for Hebrew learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Hebrew with effective lessons by real teachers – Sign up for free at HebrewPod101 (click here) and start learning!


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Ana Maria de Quadros Avellar

I thought Slicha is for “excuse me, not Slach.

Ana Maria de Quadros Avellar

Thanks, very useful but it doesn’t explain when it address to a male or female.

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